Museum Casa Montejo in Mérida Mexico

Top 20 Questions About Living in Mérida

So much to learn and so little time! Personal opinions, conflicting information, or lack thereof causes confusion and frustration. Do you feel like that when researching

map of yucatan mexico between merida and cancun

How far is it from Mérida to Cancun?

Many tourists, visitors and residents arrive in Mérida via Cancun. Transportation options are numerous between these two cities and can range from cost-effective to cost-prohibitive.

Uber in Mérida

Is there Uber in Mérida?

If you follow the news in Mérida, Mexico, you may have seen an article about Uber drivers at the airport. So yes, there is Uber

What is the meaning of mañana?

VIDEO – What is the meaning of mañana? Today? Tomorrow? Morning? Never? Find out why you should know ALL the meanings of this widely used

When is hurricane season in Mérida Mexico?

Are there hurricanes in Mérida Mexico?

A frequent question of travelers and potential residents is “Are there hurricanes in Mérida Mexico?” While the answer is yes, they occur infrequently. Actually, the

Can I drink the water in Mérida?

VIDEO – Probably one of the most asked questions from visitors and potential residents is, “Can I drink the water in Mérida?” Yes, you’ll hear