How to Get Mail in Mérida Mexico

Mail in Mérida

One of the questions I’m frequently asked during consultation calls is “How do I get Mail in Mérida Mexico?” The unfortunate answer is that the mail system is non-existent here. Yes there are the occassional times when, completely by accident, you may receive a piece of mail. However, the delay can be substantial. Over the last three years, I’ve been sent about a dozen “test” items from various places in the U.S. I’ve yet to receive any of it.

Therefore, the question remains of what to do with your mail when you move to Mérida. This article covers how information is delived to you such as bills, etc. as well as resources for mail alternatives once you make your move to Mérida.

Does Mérida Mexico have a postal service?

Before I left Dallas to move to Mérida, I attempted to research this online. Unfortunately in 2019, the information was lacking. Fast forward to present day and, once again, the information is incredibly lacking. So, I knew this was one of those things I would have to investigate once I arrived. You may have found similar frustration when researching certain things prior to your move to Mérida. Thus, the reason for this blog, website, and resources.

While Mérida does have a postal service per se, it is not widely used due to the inconsistent, non-existent delivery service. Why? That question remains to be answered. Interestingly enough, the answer like so many others is, “It’s Mexico.”

The Spanish word for mail is correo.

Mail in Mérida

Can I send mail from Mérida Mexico to the U.S.?

Just like the answer above, the postal service works (or not) both ways. Even when asking local neighbors, I haven’t been able to find one single one who uses the postal system. No one sends or receives mail here via the postal service. Surprisingly, you’ll see maiboxes scattered throughout the city. Most houses even have mailboxes. Despite this, city mailboxes contain trash and local mailboxes receive bills or flyers from neighborhood businesses.

How do I receive bills such as electricity, water, or internet in Mérida?

CFE, the electric company, bills every two months. Delivery service is directly from the company to your house. In the event no mailbox is present, they are stuck in your gate. At times, the bill is blown off of the gate by the wind. Therefore, you’ll need to check online or on the CFE app in order to pay your electric bill.

The water company, internet provider, trash, and other services can all be paid in each individual office or at Oxxo vs. receiving them by mail in Mérida Mexico

Oxxo is a great resource for paying multiple items such as:

  • Cell phone service
  • Internet
  • Trash
  • Water
  • Amazon
  • Predial (your property taxes)
  • Volaris Tickets (Mexican airline – subject to availability)
  • ADO Tickets (Mexican bus service – subject to availability)
  • Gift cards such as Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, Spotify, etc. (subject to availability)
  • Mercado Libre (a type of Mexican Amazon)
  • Transfer money to service provides such pool cleaner, gardener, handyman, etc.
  • Send money to other local businesses or to another person
  • Bancomer, CitiBanamex, ScotiaBank, Bancoppel, Banco Azteca*, Banco del Bienstar also allow withdrawal of cash

*As a side note, when Angel and I were in Guatamala, we were not able to use either my Mexican or my American debit card at an ATM. Fortunately, I had pesos and dollars that we could exchange at Banco Azteca.

Mail in Mérida

What other delivery services are available in Mérida?

The most reliable couriers I’ve found are:

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • Estafeta

Of course, these may be pricey. But, it’s worth the cost especially when you need to send important documents. Recently, I had to send an original Power of Attorney to my dad in Texas. Through DHL, it was $40 U.S. and took about 3 days. There are other couriers available. However, I choose to stay with the ones that are familiar. My top choice is DHL.

Additionally, there are local couriers available. I use Rappi quite a bit with great success sending documents to my notario. Other business use private delivery services, in-house messengers, and even Uber.

What resources are there to send or receive mail in Mérida?

I would venture a guess that you’ve moved at least once in your life and have had your mail forwarded to your new address. As you can see, this is not an option in Mérida. Don’t worry! There are resources for you in the form of virtual mailboxes for mail in Mérida Mexico.

The company/service you chose depends upon a few things:

  1. Do you need a physical address? (There are times when you MUST keep a physical address in the U.S. or your home country.)
  2. Will you need package forwarding?
  3. Are there items such as credit cards that you receive?

I use virtual card service to send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Here are a few I’ve tried and recommend:


Final Thoughts on How to Get Mail in Mérida Mexico

Yes, it’s true. I’ve never had any mail delivered or even seen a postman in my three years in Mérida. Utility bills are delivered directly to my door, most of the time. I use Traveling Mailbox so I have a physical address for things such as my income tax return. Additionally, I use Jacquie Lawson virtual card services to keep in touch for important days of celebration. Amazon is another great resource for gift giving as well as countless other online services when it comes to that special day that needs a unique gift.

While moving to a different country brings its own set of challenges, mail service doesn’t have to be one of them!