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“Only 10% of the people who offer real estate services in Yucatan have the capacity, training, professionalism, certification, and recognition to advise the public on real estate investment, said Enrique Trava Griffin, 2023/2024 local president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI). According to Trava Griffin, 174 AMPI-certified real estate companies have about 550 professionals practicing in the real estate sector. In contrast, over 5,000 people offer various real estate services without fiscal accreditation.

Real estate transactions in Mexico are carried out very differently than in other countries. It’s important to know there is no oversight or regulatory committee to oversee real estate transactions. This means anyone and everyone can sell real estate. Real estate agents are not required to have any type of licensing. While the government agency PROFECO protects consumer rights, you might find the process of reporting incidents where you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of time-consuming and frustrating.

Patience is the name of the game, especially when it comes to real estate. There is no centralized system for making appointments. Owners and agents have to be called individually. At times, it can take several days to schedule showings. We will keep you updated during the process. Exclusive listings are not common. What is common is that the same house can be listed by numerous agents. We take client representation very seriously – investing our time, energy, and effort to find the best options for you. Because we invest time and money on your behalf upfront, we respectfully request you work with us exclusively for a period of time – listed below. We also want to ensure you get the best service and follow-up possible and that there aren’t any conflicts of interest between agents.


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Casa Reforma – Centro – Santiago – $509,000 U.S.

In real estate, the most important consideration is LOCATION. Santiago is an outstanding location for investment and one highly sought after in Mérida. This modern house was designed by Henry Ponce, one of the most prestigious and recognized architects in Mérida. Completely updated, you will find everything you need for luxury, comfort, and staying cool! Just steps from Mercado Santiago, minutes from Santa Lucia Park, and within walking distance to the Paseo de Montejo and the new Gastronomic Corridor on Calle 47.

Real Estate Services

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Renter Representation

If you decide to work with us as a renter, we recommend looking no more than 2 weeks in advance. Rentals move quickly. If you’re not ready to move within a 2-week period of time, 98% of the time what you like won’t be available. We ask that you work with us exclusively for 2 weeks to find the best options – the time frame begins at the first showing.

Buyer Representation

Purchases are typically cash only. We do not recommend pre-sales or land/development investments. If you are ready and see something, making a decision is recommended. Waiting too long or continuing to look can cause you to lose out on “the one.” As a buyer, we ask that you work with us exclusively for 30 days to find the best options – the time frame begins at the first showing. 

Seller Representation

We have a complete marketing package for sellers, including professional photos, open house schedule (if requested), videos, and more.  We also have a list of professional recommendations such as appraisers, attorneys, notarios, etc. As a seller, we ask you to allow us an exclusive listing for the first four months.

Research Consultation

You may want to see what’s out there and are not ready to commit yet. This is most of our clientele and why we offer this particular service. We also recognize we may not be a match for you, so we offer a no-commitment consultation. If you’d like references for other agents, we are happy to provide them. Additionally, if you choose to work with another agent, we do not accept a commission from them. We are here to ensure you are comfortable with the process and who you choose to represent you. The questionnaire will be shared with your agent of choice IF they are part of our referral network. Many agents are not reputable or legitimate. We take this business and your information seriously.

  • $100 U.S. for 3 hours or $175 U.S. for 6 hours (click for more info & to make your payment)
  • Viewing various parts of the city to determine your areas of interest.
  • Locating grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, and other important services in your areas of interest.
  • Property showings (must be booked in advance and each takes approx. one hour for transportation time and showing time).


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I was born in Tabasco and my family moved to Mérida in 1993 when I was two. I have made it my priority to learn about culture, history, and especially the gastronomy of Mérida. Once we meet, you’ll understand my love of Yucatecan food. It’s one of the reasons I’ve spent most of my years in the food and customer service industry.

Attending clients, providing helpful information, interesting facts, and a quick Spanish lesson is always a joy. I have built valuable relationships with many service providers that you will need for your real estate transaction. I’ll show you the nearest grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations, and restaurants so you can learn all you need to know about the area. It’s my pleasure to help you find the next place you’ll call home! Ask me for details and how to apply for a mortgage loan through the Intercam Dream Loan Program.