Life in Mérida

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Hola, I’m Amy!

My love affair with Mexico began when I worked in the Riviera Maya in 2006. The slower pace, simpler lifestyle and the way people intentionally connected was my magic formula.

It was also the beginning of my introduction to Mérida. You say Mérida and people’s faces light up like it’s Christmas. It has THAT kind of effect on people. 

After visiting Mérida for the first time in September of 2019, it had the same effect on me. When I discovered this amazing city, I found the peace and tranquility I sought for many years.

Within 3 months, I sold everything: my house, my furniture, my art, my car and took the leap to start a new life in Mérida, Mexico. I realized I could not wait any longer to live my life…what was I waiting for?

The magic of Mérida feeds my soul, soothes my spirit and creates a more joyful experience of life.

Now, I’m intent on capturing the essence of this incredible destination so I can share it with YOU! I hope this site gives you inspiration, insight and answers to all things Mérida. 

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Life in Merida
Life in Merida
Life in Merida