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Hola, I’m Amy!

My love affair with Mexico  began when I worked in the Riviera Maya in 2006. The slower pace, simpler lifestyle and the way people intentionally connected was my magic formula.

It was also the beginning of my introduction to Mérida. You say Mérida and people’s faces light up like it’s Christmas. It has THAT kind of effect on people. 

After visiting Mérida for the first time in September of 2019, it had the same effect on me. When I discovered this amazing city, I found the peace and tranquility I sought for many years.

Within 3 months, I sold everything: my house, my furniture, my art, my car and took the leap to start a new life in Mérida, Mexico. I realized I could not wait any longer to live my life…what was I waiting for?

The magic of Mérida feeds my soul, soothes my spirit and creates a more joyful experience of life.

Now, I’m intent on capturing the essence of this incredible destination so I can share it with YOU! I hope this site gives you inspiration, insight and answers to all things Mérida. 

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We spent an entire day with Amy and Angel of Mérida Retirement Tours. It was not only extremely pleasurable as Amy and Angel are wonderful and thoughtful hosts, but it was also very informative to assist in our decision to move to Mérida. We highly recommend doing a Zoom consultation with Amy (as we did) , followed by an actual tour shortly after arriving in Mérida. The cost of both the consultation and tour was very affordable and well worth it given the information we gleaned. - Eric Qualkenbush
Amy spent the afternoon showing me around Mérida. She showed me neighborhoods I might like and markets to check out. Amy's knowledge of history, archeology, anthropology of the area is massive. I told her I had wanted to see a cenote while in Mexico. She said, well, let's do that and took me to Costco! There's a cenote in the parking lot! I highly recommend touring Mérida with Amy to get the complete scoop on living there! - Joan Johnson
Mérida Retirement Tours cannot be missed. I wish there were 10 stars as a rating and that's even not enough. Meeting Amy and being lucky enough to learn from her experiences are worth their weight in gold! Anyone looking or even thinking about living either full time or part time in Mérida will benefit from her guidance, referrals, and all around fabulous personality. I truly felt like I have gained not only knowledge about an incredible city but I made a lifelong friend as well! - Kathy White
Mérida Retirement Tours blew away our expectations of a guided city tour . Before the tour, Amy provided a phone consultation to identify our wishes and desires to customize our experience. She also made available digital resources to help us in preparing for the tour and moving to the area in addition to answering our many questions. She supplied us with points of contacts for a real estate agent and an attorney to help us with a smooth transition into the area. - Chris Samples
We visited neighborhoods, shopping, pharmacies and a new and modern hospital. In fact, the one hour tour of the hospital led by a member of the staff was one of the highlights of our retirement tour. It gave us a view of the high level of medical care available to expatriates living in Mexico. We have lived in six countries around the world and we've never been as prepared as we are now with information about the city to which we are considering moving. - Eric Qualkenbush
What a wealth of knowledge and help Amy and the team at Mérida Retirement tours are! My Husband & I spent a several days with Amy and Angel in April & May 2022 and we got to see, smell, taste and learn all about living and moving to magical Mérida! A thoroughly enjoyable and informative time which played an invaluable part in our decision -making. I absolutely recommend Mérida Retirement Tours to anyone wishing to check Mérida out for relocating to or just a great time discovering the true cultural heart of the city. Thanks Amy and Angel! - Ellie Olliff
Mérida Retirement Tours afforded me the knowledge to make an informed decision about retiring to Mérida. Every aspect of the tour was well planned, my questions answered and the details were amazing. I really appreciated Amy's communication with me during the trip and her follow up after. I had an absolutely fabulous time. I was traveling alone but never felt alone. You’ll feel as if you’re on vacation with a friend. I HIGHLY recommend Mérida Retirement Tours. The BEST tour in Mérida. - Kristen Valente
We are so fortunate to have discovered Life in Mérida Retirement Tours! Amy and Angel are a wealth of information about Mérida, especially for expats or people considering a move there. They provide clear, concise, and practical information about Mérida neighborhoods, culture, gastronomy, and the sometimes complicated process and qualifications for residency/work/citizenship. Amy has an extremely helpful list of valuable resources, and is always happy to help! Can’t wait to return to Mérida. - Danny Holloman
Mérida Tours hit all the highlights and beyond of what we had asked to recieve when considering Mérida. Well thought out planning of time spent daily to ensure all our questions were answered and our needs were met. Super professional with the most generous hospitality to make the city a very exciting and vibrant retirement community. Would and do recommend them highly to anyone interested in discovering Mérida for retirement or to vist for Mérida's history, charm and hospitality! - William Duerr
Life in Merida
Life in Merida
Life in Merida


Life in Merida
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