Life in Mérida

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Hola, I’m Amy!

My love affair with Mexico  began when I worked in the Riviera Maya in 2006. The slower pace, simpler lifestyle and the way people intentionally connected was my magic formula.

It was also the beginning of my introduction to Mérida. You say Mérida and people’s faces light up like it’s Christmas. It has THAT kind of effect on people. 

After visiting Mérida for the first time in September of 2019, it had the same effect on me. When I discovered this amazing city, I found the peace and tranquility I sought for many years.

Within 3 months, I sold everything: my house, my furniture, my art, my car and took the leap to start a new life in Mérida, Mexico. I realized I could not wait any longer to live my life…what was I waiting for?

The magic of Mérida feeds my soul, soothes my spirit and creates a more joyful experience of life.

Now, I’m intent on capturing the essence of this incredible destination so I can share it with YOU! I hope this site gives you inspiration, insight and answers to all things Mérida. 

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“It's been a dream for my wife and I to move to Mexico. The information you provide on your website is showing us how we can do it. I'm learning all about how our dream can come true, soon.” – A.J.
“Your website is very informative and insightful. I am looking for a fresh start in my life.” - C.P.
“I found you on a FB thread researching Mérida. Someone suggested you had excellent knowledge of Mérida and being a great help. And, it's true!” - R.J.
“I love this site of yours Amy Jones! Do what you do best! Recommend away with your trusted and reliable sources!” - J.T.
“Your Airbnb article is SO spot on. My next Airbnb is going to hit all of these points!” - A.M.
“I just bookmarked your Spanish words article so I can refer back to it. Great information!” - M.C.
“I would love to retire there🤩. You made such a good choice!” - T.L.
“Dr. Guillermo spoke with me today. I told him you had recommended him. He thinks highly of you as well.” R.E.
“This is the best Mérida site I have ever seen!” - V.E.
“Amy, I hope to meet you in Mérida soon!” - L.K.
“Gracias Amy! This information is very useful for those people that are not familiar with the local culture, which is very important to be able to blend better among Mexicans.” - Z.C.
“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and always being kind and courteous. Can’t wait to get to Merida soon.” - F.C.
“I am so thankful to have grabbed one of the very last spots in your fabulous private group! Thrilled to have found you.” - R.S.
“A plethora of great information and advice! I'm enjoying the articles Amy.” - N.C.
“I can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful and kind people that Amy has brought together ❤” - P.S.
“Amy thanks for sharing with us all the valuable information about Mérida in your posts. Excelente trabajo!!!” - Z.C.
“I have read almost all your posts, and I have never seen such extensive info on travels. I even found your post about our final exit, something I was concerned about. You answered every question I didn't know I had. Info was a relief. Thank You so much.” - S.B.
“You absolutely smash it!” - N.H.
“A plethora of great information and advice!” - J.T.
“I'm enjoying the articles Amy. Incredible effort!” - A.L.
“Very good info 👏 thank you!!” - E.L.
“Thank you so much!! I will act on your suggestions! Can’t wait to get there!” - L.Z.
“So happy for you, Amy! Everyone should make their version of this happen for themselves. Our earthly life is too short not to live your dream life!” - S.D.
“Our town is such a beautiful place to live. We are close to everything but with a true Mexican flavor.❤️” - B.H.
“Great information on confusing topics of much concern.” - E.P.
“Very informative...I suggest that all who are making Mexico their home now, take note. It is so important to know the norms in the culture you are living in...whether it be here or another country... ” - V.H.
“Congratulations! Many will never understand this reinvention of life. I learned this when I moved from Texas to St John USVI three years ago, but when your heart knows, it knows. I’m so happy for you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️” - S.B.
“You are such an inspiration, Amy. We all deserve such happiness!” - A.A.
Life in Merida
Life in Merida
Life in Merida


Life in Merida
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Life in Merida
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Life in Merida
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Life in Merida
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