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Along with my husband, Angel Rodriguez, who has lived in Mérida since 1995, I offer solutions, resources, and information to remove confusion, uncertainty, and fear of moving to a foreign country. Now, it’s our turn to help you start your new life in Mérida. It’s our passion to show you all of the wonderful aspects of our beautiful city.

A trusted resource for visitors and residents of the beautiful city of Mérida, Mexico. Inspiration, insight, and answers to all things Mérida!

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Due to our commitment to clients and schedule, I can no longer provide complimentary answers, advice, or recommendations. ANY AND ALL information needed must be in the form of a consultation. Remember, there’s a plethora of information on the website – remember to use the pink magnifying glass to search for something specific! 

If you don’t receive a response within 48 hours, please send an email to:

I’ll send you availability once I receive your payment. All payments must be made in advance to confirm your appointment.

Retirement Tours

Mérida Retirement Tours are uniquely curated for up to 4 guests to provide resources and insights for people who want to move to Mérida.

You’ll receive detailed information based on your specific needs including:  neighborhoods, city layout, professional recommendations, residency, language, culture, cultural sensitivity, gastronomy, school information and activities for kids and teens, and much, much more. 

Helping you with the everyday necessities is essential to live comfortably with less stress from the unknown. Angel and I serve as your point of expert contact:  from a local’s perspective and a foreigner’s perspective. This is important to help bridge the gap when relocating to a foreign country. 

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