Can I use Amazon Prime in Mérida?

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I use Amazon on a frequent basis because of the convenience. Actually, when I put my list of must-haves together for my upcoming move to Mérida, Amazon was on it. I wanted to be in a city where Amazon shipped directly to my home.  Coming to Mérida and want to know Can I use Amazon Prime in Mérida? The answer is yes. Most definitely.

However, you will have to establish a new account under Your U.S. prime account does not transfer to your Mexico account. But know this, there’s a bit more to using Amazon Prime in Mérida. First, a brief history of how Amazon launched in Mexico.

This article was updated in January of 2023.

When did Amazon launch in Mexico?

In the summer of 2015, Amazon launched its online shopping platform to sell physical goods in Mexico. At its launch in Mexico, it offered more categories than any other international Amazon website ever. Amazon Mexico began in 2013 selling ebooks via its Kindle store to test the market. A very smart move in a population that is increasingly becoming internet literate.

The launch included a wide variety of products from standard electronics and home goods to books and sporting equipment. Amazon had competitors currently in the marketplace with MercadoLibre and Walmart Latin America. But, the existing platforms may have paved the way for Amazon Mexico which had brand recognition in other countries. With the increasing number of expats in Merida today, Amazon is rapidly becoming a top choice for online shopping and e-commerce.

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Is Amazon Prime in Mexico?

In 2017, Amazon announced the launch of Prime. Similar to the U.S., Prime has perks such as free shipping. The Spanish-language version offers millions of items in multiple categories such as electronics, items for the kitchen and home, sports equipment, and the list goes on. If you’re a fan of Amazon, you know the plethora of products they offer.

If you’ve used Amazon Prime in the U.S., you’ll find that Amazon Prime in Mexico is not quite as robust. Just like in the U.S., certain products can be shipped the same or the next day while others require more time.

Not surprisingly –  

Amazon Prime also offers international shipping for some items which are not available in Mexico. Not only that, but Amazon Prime in Mexico also has thousands of Spanish, American, and International movies. I have both an Amazon Prime Mexico account as well as a Netflix account.

Does Amazon delivery food and drink in Mexico?

In keeping with its exponential growth, Amazon also delivers food and alcohol in Mexico. Items include snacks, sweets, beer, and wine. While online shopping still only represents a fraction of retail sales in Mexico, this bold move is helping Amazon grow swiftly. Find non-perishable products such as coffees, teas, and cooking ingredients as Amazon offers online grocery products as well.

But a word of caution –

Please, please remember how important it is to support the local economy by buying from local vendors and grocery stores.

How does Amazon shipping in Mexico work?

This is something to pay special attention to. You’ll find some items available in Mexico while others are imports. I’ve noticed I can get a better price on some things that are imported even with the higher shipping fee. For example, I needed a new iPhone (new to me). The cost of the phone in Mexico was $175. If I bought it as an import from the U.S., it was only $125 which included shipping costs. I can’t stress enough to compare, pay attention, and make the best decision for you.

Sometimes, if the product or seller has a higher rating, I will pay a little extra. It’s worth a few extra dollars or pesos, for that matter. If I’m getting a product from a seller in the U.S. that has a higher rating than one in Mexico, that’s the product for me.

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Will Amazon ship to my address in Mérida?

Pay attention because this is some really important information that I found out the hard way (please, please learn from my mistakes). The shipping address needs to be perfect. Absolutely, positively perfect. This means you’ll have to include your street, the house number, the streets that your house is in between, and any other relevant information such as, “It’s a blue house with a black gate next to the green house with white trim.”

Yes, that’s right –

The more information you provide, the likelier to receive your package. I’ve even had a suggested address pop up after I entered my actual address.

The moral of the story? Pay attention, pay careful and close attention to how you enter the address.
It could be the difference between receiving your package or not.

If you want Amazon delivered straight to your home or Airbnb in Mérida, you will have to be at home to receive the delivery. This is probably the biggest difference between Amazon U.S. and Mexico. You’ll have to wait for the Amazon delivery driver to come to your home. The best part of this is that no one is tempted to steal your package. Additionally, you’re not frustrated when Amazon says they’ve delivered and your package is nowhere to be found.

In keeping with Amazon’s amazing service, notifications will be sent to you on a regular basis. You’ll be notified when your package has been picked up and when it is on the way. You can see where the driver is and an approximate delivery window.

Be sure to check this delivery information frequently!

It can change throughout the day. I’ve had a delivery arrive as late as 9:00 pm when the original window was between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

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FAQs for Amazon Prime in Mérida

Can I use my U.S. Amazon Prime account in Mérida?

  • Unfortunately, the answer is no. You will have to open a new account under At this time, your U.S. account will not transfer to Amazon in Mexico. Additionally, you may find that the is all in Spanish. To fix this, you can download Google Translate and translate the pages when they come up. It’s what I do and I’ve found it is the easiest and quickest fix.

Can I buy from Amazon and ship to my address in Mérida?

  • Possibly. However, it may not be available to ship to your specific location. Be sure you are signed in to your account so that Amazon can find you. You may also need to refine your search to “products that ship to Mexico” or expand your search to other sellers. This applies if you are on your U.S. account. Don’t worry. There are also Amazon lockers you can ship to. Pay close attention to the number of days you have to pick up your package.

Does Amazon ship to Mexico from the U.S.?

  • It depends on what you are looking for. Some items are only available in Mexico, others are only available in the U.S. Each site has different items so I kept both of my accounts to compare. You may find it’s cheaper to ship the item from your U.S. account to Mexico. Be sure to look at the shipping costs and possible delays for customs clearance, if applicable.

What happens if you miss your Amazon delivery in Mérida?

  • Yes, this can happen. It happened to me and can happen to you too. Don’t worry. Your delivery is safe.  More than likely, the driver will contact you directly to reschedule. One time, the driver came back the same day. While the driver does not expect a tip, I did give the driver a few pesos when he came back the same day.

Do I have an option to pick up my Amazon delivery at another location?

  • If you know you are not going to be home, you may have the option to pick up your package at another location such as an Amazon locker. This will depend upon your product, delivery date, and other factors which you can verify during the shipping method.

What kind of vehicle will my driver be in?

  • Your delivery driver may have a white van or a car or other form of transportation. It will depend upon many factors including how large your item is and where it has shipped from, among other things. If you are unsure of the driver or need help, contact Amazon directly with any questions. Out of all the deliveries I’ve received, I’ve never seen the Amazon logo on the delivery vehicle.

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Final Thoughts on Can I use Amazon Prime in Mérida

While you still have the convenience and brand recognition of Amazon, there are a few differences for Amazon in Mexico. However, this shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s quite common that other countries have different rules from shipping to importing to delivering. Amazon provides a great service and Amazon Prime in Merida Mexico is in keeping with this great service.

Learning, discovering, and finding out how things work in Mérida is part of the adventure. An adventure I have every single day living here, working here and providing valuable information on all things Mérida. I invite you to join the Facebook group to connect and chat with other locals, expats and visitors to Mérida. You’ll soon discover the magic of this beautiful city.