What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?

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Mérida and food. Those two words go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love to eat and I love to go to the grocery store. It is therapeutic to visit the local markets, tiendas, fruterias, and tortillerias. Local markets are great but what about actual grocery stores? What grocery stores are in Mérida? 

Main grocery stores include:

  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Soriana
  • Aki and Super Aki
  • Chedraui and Chedraui Selecto

 And if you are looking for organic or specialty grocery items, then you shop specialty food markets like the Slow Food Market and local pescador Pablo Monse Ku.  More about these fresh resources at the end of this article. You may also want to stop by the Lucas de Galvez market where you will find not only grocery items but also anything and everything you might need. Yes, ANYTHING! 

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?
Lucas de Galvez market is the largest in Mérida. From household goods to pets to fresh fruits and vegetables to souvenirs and more. It is located on Calle 56A between 65 & 67 in Centro.

Best Grocery Stores in Mérida 

My top three best grocery stores in Mérida are:

1) Chedraui Selecto Norte – just south of Costco on Prolongacion Montejo. It is clean with a great selectin and variety of items both local and imported.  

2) Selecto Super Chedraui – a smaller grocery but they specialize in gourmet and hard to find items, especially if I am looking for something out of the ordinary. WOW! When I found this place, I was in grocery-store heaven. I  spent 2.5 hours perusing the aisles, lingering in the Pan Department (Bakery) and drooling over the cheese selection. 

3) Costcoquality fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood and a wonderful bakery. 


  • Good variety of specialty imported products. 


  • May feel a little “pricey” but you are paying for the clean, modern, imported experience. 
What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?
This Selecto Super Chedraui offers many gourmet items. It is located at Calle 37 #215 Monterreal 97133 – on the corner of Av. Camara de Comercio and Calle 22.

Here’s something to keep in mind . . .

Just because you found it once, doesn’t mean it will be there the next time.


  • Supply and demand.
  • Cost of importation.
  • Inclement weather can prohibit delivery.
  • Seasonal impact affects availability of goods.

My best advice?

Grab the items you love when you see them (and even stock up). 

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?

Small Local Markets are in Every Neighborhood

First, let me tell you every neighborhood will have tiendas, tendejons and a tortilleria. You will also find convenience stores like Oxxo or Six (Mérida’s versions of 7-11).

All these are the little golden gems of the neighborhoods (and I think you’ll just love them!)

When you have that craving for a snack, these little spots will help you hit the spot.

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?
Six or Oxxo is like Mexico’s version of 7-11. Six is smaller tienda-style convenience store that will have limited products while Oxxo will have a larger variety in a bigger store.

There’s no doubt about it . . .

As soon as I arrive in a neighborhood, I search for the tienda, panaderia, and tortilleria.

The difference between a tienda and a tendejon is that you can walk into the tienda while you typically stand outside the tendejon and tell the person inside (the store or house) what you want to order.

Be sure to look outside for a small, handwritten list of the items available for sale. You can always ask the shop owner for availability. 

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?This is a small open-style tendejon. You can see it is small, local and has limited items available.

Neighborhood tortillerias 

My first experience at the tortilleria was quite interesting. 🤦 

Here’s what happened . . .

I ordered “doce” (12) tortillas. The look of confusion on my face was apparent when I was given 30 tortillas.

The young man behind the counter looked at me and laughed. “Here, we order by the peso, not the count of tortillas,” he told me. 

When I ordered 12, I was ordering 12 pesos of tortillas, not 12 tortillas. 

As they say in Mexico, “Provecho!” and I rapidly consumed 9 of them on the 2 minute walk home.  

I justify going there because I tell myself that I am getting exercise and being healthy by walking . . . all the while consuming massive amounts of tortillas on the way home. 😃

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?
One of my favorite tortillerias is on Calle 72 (Reforma) between 37 and 39. It’s on the same street as the police station so I have many things to look at on my walk there and back.

Familiar Grocery Stores in Mérida for Ex-pats & Visitors

Walmart and Superama. Yes! There is a Walmart here too. Notably, you will find familiar products in both of these stores. 

This is really important to note about these stores –  you are NOW in Mexico and the products that are common to us are now considered imports. 

You will find brands like Sargento, Brianna’s, Kikkoman and others but keep in mind that you will pay a premium import price. 


  • It will be familiar and feel like home.
  • One-stop shopping.
  • Finding American and International products.


  • It doesn’t really give you the authentic Mexican grocery store experience. Superama will feel a bit more Mexican than Walmart.
  • May seem a little pricier than the local chains. 
  • I am not a frequent patron of Walmart in the states so I don’t typically shop at Walmart here either.

American Bulk Grocery Stores in Mérida 

Costco and Sam’s Club – bulk shopping at it’s finest. What these stores do GREAT are household items ➡️ bedding, exterior, toys and seasonal specialty items. They also have a great selection of electronics. 

If you have storage, Costco is great for paper towels and toilet paper (individually wrapped rolls). They also have a wonderful selection of gourmet items and fresh salmon. 



  • Wide variety of meats, cheeses, wines, and other imported items.
  • Recommended spot for sheets, towels, and pillows.


  • Be aware your food will spoil quicker here as well as attract bugs and ants.
  • It doesn’t really give you the authentic Mexican experience.

Mexican Grocery Stores in Mérida 

Depending upon the location in the city and the size of the store, the variety of goods will vary in Aki, Super Aki, Soriana and Chedraui.

Some of the larger stores carry household items similar to Wal-Mart with a variety of goods and products offered. Think large appliances, mattresses, electronics, fabric, and clothing. Smaller stores can be more like neighborhood groceries with only the basics. 

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?

Aki grocery stores can be Aki, Super Aki or Super Aki Xtra. I haven’t found two Aki stores that are alike but they carrry great “staple” products and basics (with the larger stores carrying a bigger variety, of course).


  • You will definitely have a local experience here!
  • Prices will vary but are a little cheaper.
  • It helps you get familiar with local products and people. 


  • Be cognizant of product offerings from store to store.
  • Selection and availability can be limited and/or not consistent. 
  • Check expiration dates on all products. 

Each grocery store will have a unique personality. They will not all look the same or be laid out in the same way. Each one will be different with different products (but the same basics).

Fresh Food Resources in Mérida

This article would not be complete unless I told you more about:

Slow Food Market and Pablo Monse Ku

Slow Food Market Offers Locally Sourced Products

Started in 2010, Slow Food is an international grassroots organization with the following mantra, “Envisioning a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and good for the planet.”

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?
Slow Food Market in the Garcia Gineres neighborhood is open every Saturday from 9:00 to 1:00 pm. Get there early for the best selection and bring your own bags for purchases. Calle 33D #498, 97070 – Located in a center just slightly west of Calle 72 (Reforma).

From their Facebook Page

The approach to agriculture, food production, and gastronomy is based on a concept of food quality defined by three interconnected principles:

  • GOOD a fresh and flavorsome seasonal diet that satisfies the senses and is part of our local culture;
  • CLEAN food production and consumption that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health;
  • FAIR accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for small-scale producers.

You can find the Slow Food Market in the Garcia Gineres neighborhood every Saturday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

Pablo Monse Ku Offers Fresh Seafood

By choice and for health reasons, I am a pescetarian and only eat fish. As I began to research buying fish in grocery stores in Mérida, I was not pleased with the quality. So,  I reached out to many groups to ask about seafood.

What Grocery Stores are in Mérida?
One of the wonderful things about ordering from Pablo is he delivers. He can send you a list of what is available along with pricing via Facebook Messenger.

The information I received took me by surprise . . . 

The overwhelming responses came back referring Pablo Monse Ku as THE GUY for seafood. As I began to try the delicious, large shrimp and fresh tuna and the huge scallops, I realized I found a gold mine! Not only was the price great and the quality was amazing, but Pablo also delivers.

Yes, that’s right – he delivers right to my door weekly.

I highly encourage you to reach out to Pablo on Facebook – he is super responsive to messages on messenger. Let him know you found him through Life in Mérida, I love supporting local and he is a MY ONLY resource for fresh seafood. 

Final Thoughts on What Grocery Stores are in Mérida

Mérida has a plethora of grocery stores, markets, mercados, tiendas, tendejons and other places that sell a variety of foods and beverages. I love to wander around the quaint neighborhoods to discover little spots that only locals know about (or wanderers – like me). 

  1. Just because you found a product once, doesn’t mean it will be there the next time. Stock up if you find something special.
  2. Supply and demand, cost of importation, weather, and seasons have a big impact on pricing and availability of goods.
  3. More than likely you will have at least one grocery store close to you.
  4. Frequent local tiendas and tortilleria to support your neighbors.

As an expat, grocery shopping and discovering new grocery stores in Mérida has become a fun adventure. Plus, it helps me stay on budget because cooking at home costs less and there is no one to tip.

You can find me chatting with other visitors and locals on Facebook about grocery stores and other cool stuff. I invite you to come join in on the fun and conversation!



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