Skincare Tips for Mérida

11 Skincare Tips for Mérida Mexico

Whether you’re planning to move to Mérida, Mexico or are just visiting for a short trip, finding the right skincare routine is extremely important. Mérida

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Can I use Amazon Prime in Mérida?

I use Amazon on a frequent basis because of the convenience. Actually, when I put my list of must-haves together for my upcoming move to

What is the Nearest Airport to Merida Mexico?

What is the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico?

Mérida is a cultural destination of contrasts:  from Maya ruins to European-influenced architecture to exquisite gastronomic heritage, Mérida is a quiet and unique paradise. You

Gulf gas station

How do I pump gas in Mérida?

Self-serve gas stations in Mérida and, for that matter Mexico are not common occurrences. As a matter of fact, I’ve yet to see a self-serve

summer allergies in Mérida Mexico

Summer Allergies in Mérida Mexico?

Growing up in West Texas, dust storms were common. Every spring the dust would roll in turning the sky orange, sticking to my lipstick and