A General Overview of Mérida Mexico

San Juan arch in Merida Mexico

I recently wrote a white paper for an American company. They are considering a construction project in Mérida. Part of the assignment was to provide an overview of Mérida. I found information about the economy, political system, demographics, and more. It was an exiting process for me. Not suprisingly, as I love learning new things about this magical city I call home. Therefore, I want to share a general overview of Mérida Mexico. Find related articles in the Related Articles section at the bottom of the article.

This article was updated in June of 2023.

Quick Facts About Mérida Mexico

  1. Considered one of the most conservative cities in Mexico, Mérida is the biggest city in the state of Yucatan in Mexico.
  2. The Yucatan Peninsula consists of three different states: Yucatan, Campeche, and Quintana Roo as well as parts of Belize and Guatemala.
  3. The Yucatan Peninsula separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea. Out of the 3 states found in the Peninsula, Quintana Roo is probably the most popular.
  4. 3 hours west of Quintana Roo, you arrive in the capital of Mérida.
  5. Culture in Mérida attracts a wide variety of socio-economic levels. As an overview of Mérida, it’s been a well-kept secret for many years.
  6. Due to its reputation for safety, enormous cultural value, and regional and international cuisine, it is rapidly becoming a favorite destination for travelers from around the globe.
  7. Snowbirds: Approximately 50% of expats live in Mérida between November and March only.

foreign immigration to mexico graphic

Demographics of Mérida

  • 2020 population of Mérida was just under 1,000,000 inhabitants
  • 51.8% women and 48.2% men
  • Estimated 10,000 expats from the U.S. and Canada
  • Largest number of migrants in the last 5 years came from:
    • 1) United States (2.38k people)
    • 2) Panama (721 people)
    • 3) Cuba (670 people)
  • Main causes of migration were:
    • 1) family (3k people)
    • 2) living place (1.14k people)
    • 3) economic (820 people)
  • 80k inhabitants speak at least one Indigenous language
  • Most widely spoken indigenous dialect is Maya (75,487 inhabitants)
  • Average income per household $156k mx ($7,665 U.S.)
  • Women head of household: 35.4%
  • Men head of household: 64.6%
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 28% of population
  • High School or General Baccalaureate: 21.5% of population
  • Middle School: 21.5% of populationSource: https://datamexico.org/en/profile/geo/merida#population

Mérida in the News

  1. Booming Economy: “Mérida is booming right now, and 10 more years of steady growth and a rising trend are forecasted for the region,” stated Aquiles González Chacón of AMPI, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.
  2. International Living: The Best Places to Live in Mexico as a U.S. Expat – Puerto Vallarta, Mérida, Lake Chapala, & Tulum.
  3. International Living: Mérida has long been a favorite of expats with 1.1% of all U.S. citizens over the age of 50 having established permanent residency.
  4. CNN Money: Mérida is one of the top retirement destinations.


The city of Mérida is very flat with a maximum elevation of 9 meters above sea level. The main type of vegetation in the area is tropical plants, shrubs, and ground cover as well as henequen fields. While there is little to no surface water in the city, underground rivers and springs run throughout the region. With a humid and tropical climate, Mérida also falls within the trade wind zone of the tropic of Cancer.

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