Do you need to know Spanish in Mérida?

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VIDEO – While you don’t need to know Spanish in Mérida, it is helpful to know and understand a few key phrases. There are always people willing to help you. However, it shows respect for the community and location to attempt to speak a bit of Spanish.


Do you need to know Spanish in Mérida?

Many visitors and future residents alike ask this important question. Technically, the answer is no BUT it is respectful to learn at least a few words and phrases in Spanish. Don’t worry! Learning a new language may seem challenging. One of the greatest things about Mérida is there are so many people here who want to help you. From learning about the neighborhoods to finding the best restaurants, you’ll find help around every corner.

Additionally, I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s easier to learn a language when you are in the country. From my perspective, this is definitely true. When people are all around you speaking a foreign language, listen to them. Over time, the intonation, inflection, and flow of words helps you understand better.

Notably, there are also people who have lived here for some time that don’t know Spanish in Mérida. It is a personal choice when deciding to learn the language or not. At times, there’s a sharp learning curve or some just can’t get the grasp of a new language. And you know what? That’s okay too!  People don’t judge others for their mastery or lack of knowledge of the language.

Keep in mind, just about everyone you come into contact with wants to help you. That’s one of the beautiful things about this amazing city.

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I answer all your FAQ’s about Mérida Mexico on these series of short videos from beautiful locations in and around Mérida Mexico!
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Hola, I’m Amy!

My love affair with Mexico began when I worked in the Riviera Maya in 2006. The culture, sense of community, and slower pace was magic. It’s also where I learned about Mérida. When people talk about Mérida, their faces light up like it’s Christmas… it has THAT kind of effect.

After visiting Mérida for the first time in September of 2019, it had the same effect on me. Within 3 months, I sold everything and took a leap of faith to start a new life. The magic of Mérida continues to feed my soul. I finally know what true happiness feels like. Now, I’m intent on sharing what I’ve learned so that you know what it takes to start a new life in Mérida.

I hope this site gives you inspiration, insight and answers to all things Mérida!

We offer a variety of services to help you with your life in Merida including tours, advice, translation services, private driving, guides, and more. We specialize in helping you navigate the ins and outs of adjusting to a new city as a tourist or an expat!

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