What is a pueblo magico?

VIDEO – There are 132 pueblos mágicos or magical towns found all over Mexico. These towns were selected due to their unforgettable place in Mexican

How to Get Mail in Mérida Mexico

One of the questions I’m frequently asked during consultation calls is “How do I get Mail in Mérida Mexico?” The unfortunate answer is that the

How do you pronounce Mérida?

VIDEO – Unfortunately, about 2/3 of people misprounouce Mérida. Want to feel like a local and say the name of the city correctly? It’s pretty

Can I drink the water in Mérida?

VIDEO – Probably one of the most asked questions from visitors and potential residents is, “Can I drink the water in Mérida?” Yes, you’ll hear

How hot is it in Mérida?

VIDEO – Even though the temperature and humidity are the same as locations such as Dallas, Houston, Missippi, and New Orleans, the sun feels much

Museum Casa Montejo in Mérida Mexico

Top 20 Questions About Living in Mérida

So much to learn and so little time! Personal opinions, conflicting information, or lack thereof causes confusion and frustration. Do you feel like that when researching

Best Budget Tips for Mérida

Before you get really excited about your potential move to Mérida, I recommend making a list of needs and wants, like to haves and must-haves.

Neighborhoods in Mérida Centro

Part of the charm of Mérida are the charming neighborhoods, especially in Centro. The Neighborhoods in Mérida Centro are listed in this article with a

21 Reasons to Retire in Mérida

Thinking about retiring in Mérida? This article, 21 Reasons to Retire in Mérida, will help start the process for you and give you some important

Trova Culture in Mérida

What is the culture in Mérida like?

The culture in Mérida is the fusion of Latin America, European, Lebanese, Asian, African, and Indigenous cultures, all mixing during the colonial period. This mixing

best burgers in Mérida

Where are the best burgers in Mérida?

On a recent Facebook post, someone asked for the “absolute best most delicious #1 juiciest burger in Mérida”. This was quite interesting to me as

San Juan arch in Merida Mexico

A General Overview of Mérida Mexico

I recently wrote a white paper for an American company. They are considering a construction project in Mérida. Part of the assignment was to provide