Where are the best burgers in Mérida?

best burgers in Mérida

On a recent Facebook post, someone asked for the “absolute best most delicious #1 juiciest burger in Mérida”. This was quite interesting to me as Mérida is a gastronomic destination known for its delicious Yucatecan cuisine. Therefore it occured to me that, because of the variety of exceptional dishes here, this question had alot of value. So, let’s find out more about the best burgers in Mérida.

Cover image from Flamante on Trip Advisor

This article was updated in August of 2023.

Personal Confessions About Meat

Now, I need to confess…just a little bit. I’ve been a pescatarian since 2013 and have not had a bite of chicken, pork, or red meat since then. However, one evening Angel looked at me with a bit of disappointment. He said, “You know, mi amor, you are missing the best part of  Mérida. It makes me sad that you don’t taste cochinita or pastor or chorizo. These are the foods that bring me the most delight.”

Because I love Angel and food, I decided to give it a try. Starting out slowly, I tried pastor first. WHAT?  This is a taste I’ve never had before. The flavor took me by surprise. No manches! I was so excited that I tried chorizo next. Admittedly, this was a little scary for me due to the fact it was street food chorizo. I started off slowly as I don’t know how my body is going to react to certain foods. But, after just a few bites I didn’t have a reaction so I took a few more and stopped. I definitely didn’t want to overdo it like I had done when I tried a marquesita for the first time and made myself sick.

Next was cochinita. Unfortunately, I did overdo it on this one. For this reason, I became extremely hot after a huge, delicious, juicy meal of cochinita tacos from Hermana Republica. Not quite the meat sweats, but close enough. Then, I began craving a burger. This was quite a surprise to me as I have not had a burger for many, many years. Even so, Mérida is a gastronomic destination so why wouldn’t they have exceptional burgers too?

So, let’s get to it and find the best burgers in Mérida.

Best Burgers in Mérida Facebook Survey

Number ONE is Flamante

Location:  Calle 64 #403 X 47,  Centro 97000

Comments:  good quality of meat, great atmosphere, helpful staff, central location, consistency

best burgers in Mérida

Image from Flamante on Trip Advisor

Number TWO is Mitica Burgers

2 Locations: Av. Andrés García Lavín #219, San Antonio Cucul 97117 OR Calle 11 #304, Santa Gertrudis Copo 97113

Comments: fresh ingredients including soft buns, other menu items (cheese balls & crispy chicken) are tasty

best burgers in Mérida

Cover image from Mitica Burgers on Facebook

Number THREE is Burger’s 66

Location: Calle 41 #284, Francisco de Montejo III 97203

Comments:  family business, friendly service, themed restaurant, personal attention, greata atmosphere

best burgers in Mérida

Image from Burger’s 66 on Facebook

Honorable Mentions:  Best burgers in Mérida

Bryan’s Burger Bar

3 Locations: Paseo 60 OR Santa Lucia Park Calle 60 y 55, Centro 97000 OR Calle 18 (Av. Cámara de Comercio) #116, Montecristo 97133

Da Kitchen by Truck Chef

Location: Calle 37 #170, Montecristo 97133


2 Locations: Paseo 60 OR Plaza San Angelo Calle 23 x 14 y 16, Montes de Amé 97115


Location: The Harbor Mall

Mansion Merida

Location: Park Hidalgo Calle 60 y 59 #498, Centro 97000

Final Thoughts on Best Burgers in Mérida

Want more locations for best burgers in Mérida? Check out Trip Advisor and Google. Always remember to call in advance as some businesses do not update their hours or listing information on these sites. Happy eating!

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