Our Favorite Local Markets in Mérida

There’s no doubt about it. Local markets are part of the heartbeat of Mérida. Notably, they offer a unique perspective and an authentic experience of this charming city. From tianguis (open-air markets) to handmade items to food to artisanal products, local markets in Mérida are a place to socialize, integrate, and experience culture.

Most fruit and vegetable markets have a variety of cocina economicas (small, kitchen-style restaurants) serving delicious Yucatecan flavors. Other markets such as bazaars offer a variety of items such as clothing, food, jewelry, decorations, and more. Markets in Mérida are so popular that many people request to be within walking distance. However, I have a word of caution. The heat here can be incredibly intense. So please use your best judgment before setting out in the hot summer and getting dehydrated or exhausted from the heat.

Favorite Local Markets in Mérida

Garcia Rejon

Location: Calle 60 #501A y 65, Centro 97000
This is our favorite market that not many people visit. Punto y Coma is our favorite cocina economica (try the relleno negro). We also love the local products from guayaberas to hipils to jipijapa hats to shoes. There’s something for everyone in this small market right in the center of Mérida.

Santiago Market

Location: Calle 59 x 70, Centro 97000
Known for fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and eggs, you’ll find beautiful flowers and freshly prepared juices.

waiter waiting tables in santiago market restaurant

Miguel Hidalgo

Location: Calle 20A x 19 y 21A, Chuburná de Hidalgo 97205
Recently remodeled, the flavor of the Yucatan is everywhere. Go on a Sunday to get honest to goodness local feeling. Try polcanes, panuchos, salbutes, and tortas.

Chen Bech Market

Location: Calle 57 x 42
Chen Bech means “bird’s nest”. Discover all kinds of typical Yucatecan food and local products at this cozy market.

Slow Food Market

Centro Location: Calle 33d #498, Reparto Dolores Patrón 97070
North Location: Parque Pista Roja, Calle 46 x 71 y 75, Cordemex 97115
This Saturday market offers organic products such as produce, eggs, coffee, artisanal cheeses, baked goods, homemade sauces, dips, honey, and more.

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San Benito Market

Location: Calle 54 x 67 y 69, Centro 97000
Feel ambiance, music, and wonderful smells in this large market located a few steps from Lucas de Galvez.

Alemán Market

Locatioin: Calle 24 x 31a y 3, Miguel Alemán 97148
The German influence is prevalent in this neighborhood and market offering a huge variety of breakfast food Mexican style. Kibi is a popular dish in this market.

Santa Ana Market

Location: Calle 47 x 58 y 60, Centro 97000
Arrive early because this is one of the busiest markets in Mérida with vendors offering a variety of products in front of the Mercado.

Lucas de Galvez Market

Location: Calle 56A x 67 y 69
In the maze of stalls, you’ll find just about anything and everything you need as well as things you didn’t even know existed.

lucas de galvez market in merida mexico