Mérida Weather: The Ultimate Guide

Planning on visiting Mérida soon? Planning for the Mérida weather helps to better understand the different environmental conditions of the Yucatan Peninsula. Living in Mérida

How Much is Laundry in Mérida

How Much is Laundry in Mérida?

Taking your laundry to the lavanderia is truly one of the small luxuries in life. The smell and, most importantly, the convenience are little things

Is Mérida Mexico Near the Beach

Is Mérida Mexico Near the Beach?

Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches. Significant differences are found between the Gulf of Mexico beaches and beaches along the Riviera Maya. Now, you’re

Is there Uber in Mérida?

If you follow the news in Mérida, Mexico, you may have seen an article about Uber drivers at the airport. So yes, there is Uber

map of yucatan mexico between merida and cancun

How far is it from Mérida to Cancun?

Many tourists, visitors and residents arrive in Mérida via Cancun. Transportation options are numerous between these two cities and can range from cost-effective to cost-prohibitive.