Need to Go to the Mérida Mexico Hospital? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Christus Muguerza Hospital Faro del Mayab in Mérida Mexico

Mérida offers world-class medical services because of its superior infrastructure of facilities and professionals. Need to go to the Mérida Mexico hospital? Hospitals and clinics in Mérida provide a range of specialties comparable to Europe and North America. Doctors, consultants, highly-trained staff, surgery facilities, recovery rooms, clinical analysis laboratories, and additional dedicated treatment facilities are generally quite affordable compared to many other countries.

Mérida Mexico Hospital: Everything You Need to Know

Nationals from the surrounding states of Tabasco, Campeche, and Quintana Roo arrive in Mérida for highly specialized services. Notably, services such as treatment for diabetes and cancer. Of course, patients who need the attention of hematologists, allergists, nephrologists, oncologists, and rheumatologists come to Mérida from Quintana Roo, too.

Big News . . . Medical treatment in Mérida Mexico is just as important for foreigners and expats as it is for Mexican nationals.

This article was updated in February of 2023.

Three levels of Mérida Mexico hospitals

In Mexico and other Latin countries, hospitals are assigned levels:

  • First-Level Hospitals:  Hospitales de Primer Nivel
  • Second-Level Hospitals:  Hospitales de Segundo Nivel
  • Third-Level Hospitals:  Hospitales de Tercer Nivel

Subsequently, you will see in the following examples, levels have nothing to do with quality, but rather quantity and breadth of facilities and care.

Hospitales de Primer Nivel

Indeed, first-level hospitals, provides care for patients without serious injury, usually has testing equipment, monitoring equipment and provides First Aid. After being seen at a first-level hospital, you might also be referred to a second- or third-level hospital for further treatment. This hospital is also typically a teaching hospital.

Hospitales de Segundo Nivel

Next, second-level hospitals, are health institutions, with hospitalization in basic services: Medical Clinic, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Guard, and Maternity. It also provides the necessary infrastructure to carry out complementary examinations and basic diagnoses corresponding to this level.

Outpatient care for specialties for more specific health problems such as neurology, trauma, cardiology, etc. is also located in the second-level hospital. For this reason, referrals from first-level hospitals come here when they require specialist consultations or hospitalization for childbirth or simple surgeries. Within this level of care are general hospitals, some regional hospitals, and maternity wards. In this case, characterized by the ability to provide surgical and recovery facilities along with specialist services but without emergency facilities.

Hospitales de Tercer Nivel

Finally, third-level hospitals, include health institutions equipped with high complexity for health problems that also require more technology and more state of the art equipment. Briefly, these institutions have also hospitalization rooms, surgery rooms, medical clinics, and specific surgical specialties including traumatology, neurosurgery, cardiovascular surgery, and others.

The third-level hospital is utilized for carrying out more complex complementary studies such as intensive care and coronary units. Typically, you will also need a referral from a second-level hospital to be eligible for these services.

What is the difference between hospitals and clinics in Mérida?

It should be noted, unlike in the USA, you do not necessarily have to go to a hospital for surgery. At the current time in Mérida, you’ll find close to twenty different clinics that also provide surgical and recovery services. Similar to a second-level hospital, a clinic provides the same services but only for one specialty. You’ll also find clinics that specialize in obstetrics. There are also clinics that specialize in cancer treatment. But, that’s ALL they do…that one area of specialty.

Keep in mind, second-level hospitals provide services for multiple specialties. However, if you only need treatment, for one thing, it is worth exploring the option of going to a clinic instead. For instance, for a gall bladder removal, your doctor can quote you a price for the surgery in a Hospital de Tercer Nivel, third-level hospital, or a clinic. The surgery is also performed by the same doctor, in two different places has two different fees.

It is worth your time, energy, effort, AND your budget to be completely informed and equipped with all the necessary information. In summary, making educated decisions is imperative. Usually, your doctor is also associated with clinics where he or she can practice. Moreover, if you choose to go to the clinic route, your doctor can also recommend the best clinic for your procedure.

Included is a list of which you should be able to find a Mérida Mexico hospital or clinic.
However, this is not a comprehensive list.

Mérida Mexico Hospital room in Faro del Mayab

Hospital Faro is designed to help patients feel better and bring the outdoors inside. 

Why do people seek medical services in Mérida?

In a Mérida Mexico hospital, there is excellent health care as well as incredible savings on the same procedures as in the U.S. and abroad. In fact, a number of procedures including orthopedic, bariatric, cosmetic, and Lasik eye surgery are much, much more cost-effective even after adding airfare and accommodations.

PLUS: you’re in a beautiful, relaxing, culturally diverse location where you can recover, rest and relax after your procedure.

Many people including retirees find it increasingly difficult to afford health care in the U.S. due to rising health care costs, decreasing insurance coverage, and economic factors.

Expatriates living or traveling in the Yucatan are also eligible for all available medical services.

Not surprisingly, dental treatments and services are also very popular among ex-pats primarily because of pricing, high level of quality, state of the art equipment, and English-speaking staff.

Additionally, Faro del Mayab, a brand-new specialized private Mérida Mexico hospital. This hospital builds on the city’s medical tourism infrastructure. The private full-scale hospital and medical facility is also a part of the Mexico City-based Médica Sur Network; the only hospital chain in Mexico with a strategic alliance with the Mayo Clinic in the U.S.

Even so, many patients coming to a Mérida Mexico hospital aren’t from other countries. They are also from neighboring states, coming out of necessity because of the quality of service, state of the art equipment, and a vast range of health issues treated.

hospital monitor for blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen level in a Mérida Mexico Hospital

Hospitals and clinics have state of the art medical equipment. 

Are there emergency services in Mérida?

Undoubtedly, it is ALWAYS recommended to have your medical history with you. More often than not, it takes time for doctors or facilities here to obtain records from your practitioners back home. It is also better to be safe than sorry, especially if there is an existing issue.

Conduct due diligence and be prepared prior to your arrival such as getting in touch with AMEXCARE
to inquire if your insurance covers you while in Mexico.

Research and locate the hospitals in Mérida, Mexico, and clinics close to where your accommodations are located. If you have a medical issue, also be sure to find the clinic or hospital that can treat you. The worst thing you can do is need a hospital or clinic and not be able to find one due to panic or an emergency situation. In that case, a clinic may also be a better choice than a hospital in the event you have a specialized problem.

You’ll also find private hospitals in Mérida, Mexico like StarMedica and Clinica Mérida will accept anyone who can pay. Don’t take it for granted that your medical insurance will also cover emergencies or procedures while you are out of the country. You may also want to explore travel insurance as well.

Likewise, expats living or traveling in the Yucatan are eligible for all available medical services; insurance is not required. If you do end up needing emergency services, don’t panic. More than likely the prices are also probably less than what you would pay out of pocket for the same services back home.

Need to Go to the Merida Mexico? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Emergency rooms are also called Urgencias. 

How do I pay for medical services in Mérida?

Please note: All doctors, hospitals or medical facilities, public or private, will require full payment for services to be rendered, in cash or by credit card, at the time of service. For instance, most are NOT able to bill your US insurance company for payment. Rather, they will also give you receipts for your payment so you may request reimbursement from your U.S. insurance carrier; be sure to get an itemized bill. There have been many cases of U.S. citizens not allowed to discharge from a local Mérida Mexico hospital until payment is made in full.

Importantly, if you believe you are being charged unfairly, contact the Mexican government consumer rights protection agency, PROFECO at or call 01-800-468-8722 and ask for an English-speaking operator. Medicare and Medicaid will generally NOT cover medical expenses incurred outside of the U.S. For more information, please visit and

As a rule, many policies do NOT cover the costs of air ambulance service. Additional insurance that will cover air ambulance/medevac service is also strongly recommended for all travelers. It is also a good idea to get a 24/7 phone number from your insurance carrier.

What hospitals are in Mérida?

In the following list, you will find some of the most important and well-known hospitals in Mérida. Remember, this is NOT all the hospitals in the city. Many other medical facilities can be found in the surrounding areas.

CHRISTUS MUGUERZA – Hospital Faro del Mayab

Phone: +52 999 689 4500
Location: Calle 24 s/n x 7 y 7A – Col. Santa Gertrudis Copó (97115)
Level: Third Level Hospital (Also a walk-in clinic)

A new (2019) state-of-the-art hospital with experience both in the U.S. and Mexico through the Christus Muguerza medical institution affiliation. A specialty of the hospital focuses on medical tourism and seeking to obtain international certifications to validate the insurance policies and procedures of expats.

Services: 24 HR Emergency, Cardiology, Checkups, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, General Medical Consultation, Gynecology, Hemodialysis, Hemodynamics, Hospitalization, Imaging, Laboratory,
Mammography, Maternity, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Operating room,
X-rays, Physical Rehabilitation, Magnetic Resonance, Tomography, Trauma, Orthopedics, Ultrasound

map of Mérida Mexico Hospital with the location of Hospital Faro del Mayab

Hospital Faro del Mayab is a short distance from Mérida Centro. 

If you’re interested in touring Hospital Faro or other specialty tours, review our list and send me an email:

Centro de Especialidades Médicas or CEM Sureste

Phone: +52 999 920 4040
Location: Calle 60 #329-B x 35 – Centro (97000)
Level: Second Level Hospital (Also a walk-in clinic)

A small hospital with doctors’ offices, an Emergency Room and other facilities. It is located close to several hotels including Fiesta Americana, NH Collection & City Express Plus (both in Paseo 60), Villa Mercedes, and conveniently across the street from the Hyatt Regency. CEM is also specifically available for tourists and visitors, although it serves locals as well.

Services: 24 HR Emergency, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Hospitalization, Operating Rooms, X-ray, Labor rooms, Recovery Room, Ultrasound, Adult intensive unit, Neonatal intensive care unit, and pediatric, Endoscopy and Gastroenterology, Pediatric Surgery.

Star Medica

Phone: +52 999 930 2880
Location: Calle 26 #199 x 15 y 7 – Col. Altabrisa (97130)
Level: Third Level Hospital (Also a walk-in clinic)

Star Medica is part of a national Mexican chain of hospitals. Located on the upper floors are offices of various specialists while lower floors are the hospital. A responsive Emergency Room with English-speaking doctors closes at hand. Moreover, this hospital in Mérifa Mexico is also becoming more familiar with ex-pat clientele.

Services: Emergency room, Surgery and rehabilitation, Tocosurgery (Surgery in Pregnancy), ICU and recovery, Nursery and neonatal intensive care, Blood bank, Imaging, Clinical Laboratory, Cardiology, Pathology, Endoscopy, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Interventional Radiology, Hemodialysis, Inhalotherapy, Cardiovascular Center.

Clínica de Mérida

Phone: +52 999 942 1800
Location: Av. Itzáes #242 – Col. García Ginerés (97070)
Level: Third Level Hospital
Website: www.clinicadeMérida

Originally started by a group of doctors, Clinica de Mérida has grown to be a very comprehensive hospital. For Centro, it also has the closest Emergency facilities of a Tercer Nivel (third-level hospital). Moreover, the hospital is also familiar with dealing with ex-pats and many of the doctors speak English.

Services: Blood Bank, Diabetes Education, Centre for Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Sports, Osteoporosis Center, Cardiovascular Diagnosis, Sensorineural Diagnosis, Dialysis and Hemodialysis, Electrodiagnostic, Tomographic scintigraphy, Clinical Laboratory, Extracorporeal lithotripsy, Hyperbaric Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ambulance Service, Helical Computed Tomography, Intensive Care Unit, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, General Emergency, Pediatric Emergency, Vaccination Center.

Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA

Phone: +52 999 926 2111
Location: Calle 54 #365 x 33A y Avenida Pérez Ponce – Centro (97000)
Level: Second Level Hospital

Founded in 1984, the Medical Center of the Americas (CMA) is a private hospital affiliated with Mercy Hospital in Miami, Florida

Services: Blood Bank, Cardio CT, Physiological Nursery, Diagnostic Imaging, Hemodialysis, Hospitalization, Laboratory, Maternity Packages, Physical Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Operating Rooms, Magnetic Resonance, Preventive Screening, Ambulatory Surgery, Coronary Care, Intensive Care, Infant Care, Emergency Adults, Pediatric Emergency.

Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad

Phone: +52 999 942 7600
Location: Calle 7 #433 x 20 y 22 – Fracc. Altabrisa (97130)
Level: Third Level Hospital

A highly specialized hospital run by the Mexican government with subsidized services if you are part of Seguro Popular. This is the National Health System which is currently under review and being restructured.

Services: Cardiovascular and pulmonology, neuroscience, hematology and oncology, intensive care for adults and children, internal medicine, nephrology, transplants, blood bank, laboratory.

Hospital General “Dr. Agustín O’Horan”

Phone: +52 999 930 3320
Location: Av. Itzáes x Av. Jacinto Canek s/n – Centro (97000)
Level: Third Level Hospital

A hospital run by the government which takes people from first and second level hospitals in Merida, México. Services are also subsidized if you are part of Seguro Popular (see above). A teaching hospital which also runs many government programs.

Services: Blood Bank, Transplants, Hemodialysis, Hospitalization, Laboratory, Outpatient surgery, laboratory, Gynecology, Intensive Care, Infant Care, Emergency Adults, Pediatric Emergency.

Dialing instructions for phone numbers in Mérida

The area code for phone numbers in Mérida is 999. MOST people use WhatsApp for communication. 

  • When using your cell phone enter the plus sign + then 52 (country code) then the phone number
  • For example:  +52 999 689 4500 when calling a Mérida Mexico Hospital

medical filing system on a white shelf in a Mérida Mexico Hospital

Not surprisingly, you’ll find hospitals use different ways to organize patient files. 

U.S. Consulate Specialists List

The following list is provided from the U.S. Consulate’s website and you can check there for more information. The U.S. Consulate is very supportive of Mérida Mexico hospitals, medical service providers, and specialists.

Medical Emergencies

Dr. Juan José Falcón Arias (Some English/Spanish)
Location:  Centro de Especialidades Médicas or CEM Sureste
Calle 60 #329B x 35 – Centro (97000)
Phone: +52 999 920 4040 EXT 116


Dr. Jorge Carlos Bolaños Ancona (Some English)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 8385


Dr. Sergio A. Villareal Umana (English/Spanish)
Location:  Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 6348

Dr. Salvador Padilla Morales (English/Spanish)
Location:  Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 2367

Dr. David Arjona Canto (English/Spanish)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 4487

Dr. Joaquin Jimenez Noh (English/Spanish)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 4976

Dr. Carlos Wabi Dogre (English/Spanish)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 6255


More on Dentists in this article as well as the Best Dentist in Mérida


Dr. Roger Enrique Perez Perez (English/Spanish)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  + 52 999 925 9976

Dr. María Rosa Rivero Vallado (No English)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:   +52 999 925 8406

Dr. Carlos Alayola Montañez – Orthodontics Specialist (English/Spanish)
Location:  Calle 60 No. 387B y 43 – Centro (97000)
Phone:  +52 999 923 5380 or +52 999 928 5939


Dr. Hugo Laviada Molina (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999  925 8233


Dr. Francisco Rivero Maldonado (No English)
Location:  Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 4776

General Surgery

Dr. Miguel Fernandez Martinez (English/Spanish)
Location:  Star Medica
Phone:  +52 999 943 7070

Dr. Luis Alberto Navarrete Jaimes (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 920 0949


Dr. Catalina Aldana de Mendez (English/Spanish)
Location:  Star Medica
Phone:  +52 999 943 2694

Dr. Manuel Mendez Arceo (English/Spanish)
Location:  Star Medica
Phone:  +52 999 943 1344

Dr. José Pereira Carcano (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 6819

Dr. Luis Jesus Rodriguez Bolio (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 3998

Internal Medicine

Dr. Sergio A. Villareal Umana (English/Spanish)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 6348

Dr. Antonio Briceño Vargas (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 0868


Dr. Ruben Dario Vargas García (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 7508


Dr. Delio Ceballos Bojorquez (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 8333 or +52 999 925 5499



Dr. Adolfo Baqueiro Díaz (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 3253

Dr. Alberto Caceres Peniche (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 4152

Dr. Alejandro Millet Molina (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 6944


Dr. Luis Mario Baeza Mezquita (English/Spanish)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 2154

Dr. Felipe Eduardo Camara Arrigunaga (English/Spanish)
Location:  Star Medica
Phone:  +52 999 943 6202 or +52 999 943 7202

Dr. Herbe Rivero Maldonado (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 920 1658

Dr. Eduardo Muñoz Menendez (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 4865

Dr. Javier Pasos Novelo (English/Spanish)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 2009


Dr. Miguel Baquedano Sauri (English/Spanish)
Location:  Centro de Especialidades Médicas or CEM Sureste
Phone: +52 999 925 5034

Dr. Juan José Castellanos Dorbecker (English/Spanish)
Location:  Star Medica
Phone:  +52 999 943 2991

Dr. Sergio Ivan Díaz Esquivel (No English)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 4278


Dr. Gregorio Cetina Sauri (English/Spanish)
Location:  Medica Itzaes Especialidades
Av. Itzaes #252 x 29 – Col. García Ginerés (97070)
Phone:  +52 999 925 7056

Dr. Carlos Lara Navarrete (No English)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 2920

Dr. Enrique Ortegón Ruiz (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 9944


Dr. Nicolas Hernandez Flores (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 925 8218

Dr. Javier Torre Bolio (English/Spanish)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 8589


Dr. Roberto Carrillo Ruiz (English/Spanish)
Location: Calle 15 #251-1 x 36 y 38 – Fracc. Campestre (97120)
Phone:  +52 999 944 7347 (Afteroons 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm)

Dr. Arsenio Rosado Franco (English/Spanish)
Location: Av. Colon 199A x 24 – Col. García Ginerés (97070)
Phone:  +52 999 920 1644


Dr. Jorge Carlos Aviles Rosado (English/Spanish)
Location: Centro Médico de las Américas or CMA
Phone:  +52 999 926 2745

Dr. Jorge Navarrete Fernandez (English/Spanish)
Location: Clínica de Mérida
Phone:  +52 999 920 1986


yellow toy ambulance on a white wooden table on Mérida Mexico hospital

While hospitals do use ambulances, it’s possible they will take you to the closest hospital (not necessarily the one you want to go to). 

What are the medical traditions in Yucatan?

Namely, the study and practice of medicine date back to the early sixteenth century in the state of Yucatan.

According to The Yucatan Times, “The first hospital in the city of Merida, Yucatan was founded almost immediately after the Spanish conquest, on May 18, 1562. Years later, it became a hospital and convent, and in 1625 it was also named “Hospital San Juan de Dios”.

The Church of la Mejorada was inaugurated on January 22, 1640. From 1688 to 1694 the building was used as a hospital by the Franciscan Friars.  Catholic priests were in charge of the hospital during the eighteenth century. Then in 1833, Dr. Ignacio Vado Lugo from Nicaragua came to Mérida to visit his friend Mr. Thomas O’Horán, lawyer, magistrate, and senator. Correspondingly, Mr. O’Horán also convinced him to stay and teach medicine.

State Governor, José Tiburcio Lopez Constante, enacted the decree officially founding the School of Medicine on June 10, 1833, and named Vado professor of prime cathedra of medicine. On February 6, 1906, Hospital General “Dr. Agustín O’Horan” was inaugurated by President of the Republic, General Porfirio Díaz. Importantly, it is also in the same location where it can be found today.

The 100th anniversary of the founding of the School of Medicine was celebrated in 1933 with the first Peninsular Medical Congress. Today, the city of Mérida has one of the most prestigious medical faculties in Mexico, which also belongs to the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán (UADY).

Final Thoughts about Mérida Mexico Hospital 

By now, you’ll also be able to answer that question with all the information provided in this article. The history of Mérida Mexico hospital and expert care in Merida along with the continual evolution of educational programs, state of the art equipment, and the intent to heal, help and assist those in need of medical procedures. To conclude, if you need to go to a hospital, I hope this article on Everything You Need to Know About Going to a Mérida Mexico Hospital has been helpful to you.

Admittedly, it is also important to mention that Mexico is ranked as the second destination in the world for medical tourism. The state of Yucatan is also considered the most successful state in Mexico in terms of health, education, and safety. In that case, these are just a few of the reasons I chose to make Mérida my home. If you want to know more, join me in my group:

For more information about Mérida’s medical programs and resources, visit

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