Mérida Mexico Dentists: Locals (and Expats) Reveal Their Favorites

Mérida Mexico Dentists

Mexico is quickly expanding into the dental tourism industry. Proximity to the U.S.,  high quality of services, and affordable treatments are just a few of the many advantages. Mérida Mexico dentists will tell you their patients come from all over the hemisphere and sometimes from around the world.

Why? In Mérida, you’ll have a great dentist with excellent quality. Most importantly, the price is right. For those reasons, Mérida is considered a dental destination. Notably, many people come to Mérida not only from the U.S. and Mexico but from neighboring countries like Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Take note:

  1. Source: 5 Facebook expat groups based on others’ recommendations
  2. Frequency: dentists which had the MOST recommendations
  3. Information: the list is current according to the published date
  4. Language:  all the dentists listed are fluent in English
  5. Communication:  a phone call or message via Whatsapp is best

Mérida Mexico Dentists

Most highly recommended Mérida Mexico dentists by locals and expats

Dr. Guillermo Trujillo
Whiteline Dental

Location:  Calle 17 #69 Local B y C x 12 y 14 – Col. México (97125)
Phone:  999 135 4778
Website:  www.whiteline.com.mx

NOTE:  If you make an appointment with Dr. Guillermo, please tell him you found him via the Life in Mérida website! 

Dr. Jesus Sanchez and Dra. Claudia C. Flota Gallareta
Yucatan Dental

Location:  Calle 53 #518B x 64 y 66 – Centro (97000)
Phone:  999 924 9895
Website:  www.yucatandental.com

Dra. Navarro and Dra. Rodriguez
Mérida Dentist

Location:  Calle 23 #341 x 34 y 36 – Fracc. Montecarlo (97130)
Phone:  999 429 1673
Website:  www.meridadentist.com

Dra. Alfa Oliver
Confort Dental

Location:  Calle 24 #97g – Itzimna (97100)
Phone:  999 289 4584
Website:  Facebook Page

Dr. Javier Cámara Patrón
Quality Dental

3 Locations in Mérida
Location:  Calle 17 x 8 y 10 – Col. García Ginerés (97070)
Location:  Calle 26 x 7 y 15 – Altabrisa Med Plaza (97130)
Location:  Calle 50 x 51 y 53B – Fracc. Francisco de Montejo (97203)
Phone:  999 233 5331 (WhatsApp – same number for all locations)
Website:  www.qualitydental.mx

Dr. Ernesto Gomez
Evolution Dental Care

Location: Av. Colon #201 x 22 y 24 (97070)
Phone:  999 240 9946

Dr. Reyes Gonzales
Periodoncia Merida

Location:  Calle 4 #119 x 15 y 13 – Fracc. Montecristo (97133)
Phone:  999 142 7309
Website:  www.periodonciamerida.com

Dr. Roberto Sosa Milke Cirugia
Dental Surgery – Maxilofacial

Location:  Avenida Itzaes #242 Interior 328 – Col. García Gineres (97070)
Phone Number:  999 925 1015
Website:  Facebook Page


Dental Tourism In Mexico

Why Mérida is a dental tourism destination?

  • Procedures are inexpensive:

    Briefly, savings average two-thirds less than in the U.S. from 60% to 70% on most procedures. Notably, several factors will affect the price of the procedure. Type of treatment, quality of material used, and prosthesis brand will alter cost. Required pre-surgery procedures will increase the cost as well.

  • Based on current information:

    Not surprisinly, the actual cost will vary per patient.  Dental care is unique to each individual. It’s impossible to determine the exact price for all treatments. With this in mind, dentists need X-rays and history to determine options. Many times more than one option is possible which affects the actual cost.

  • Mexican dentists have lower overhead:

    Interestingly enough, the government subsidizes many dentists’ education. Therefore, when the student graduates, they usually repay the government through one year of free service. It’s also important to note, high-priced mandatory malpractice insurance is not required. The cost of living is substantially less resulting in inexpensive labor and payment for assistants. But consider this, since real estate is cheaper so is overhead, operating costs and office rents.

  • The equipment is new and modern:

    DOMS, a dental supply distribution company located in Mérida has been growing exponentially recently. Subsequently, the dentist chairs, trays, drills, and high-tech equipment on display in the DOMS office are found in the U.S. and Canada. The same equipment can be found in the local dentists’ offices as well.

  • State of the art technology and hygiene standards:

    Above all, most of the dental clinics use state of the art technology and follow OSHA regulations for hygiene standards. The Mexico Dental Association, the professional organization, is a member of the World Dental Federation. Thus ensuring a standard system of quality control and assessment.

beige dental chair in a dentist's office

Some approximate pricing examples*

  • Full mouth restoration procedures: $8,900
  • Full denture with acrylic teeth:  $250 – $965
  • Porcelain crowns:  $350
    *At the time this article was written.

Here’s the thing –

Many dentists are also trained in the U.S. and the UK resulting in highly experienced dentists.

  • A wide range of dental procedures is offered:

    Due to the large number of highly skilled dentists aided by state of the art technology, a wide range of dental procedures are available in Mérida. Namely, everything from veneers, orthodontic treatment, dental implants, dental crowns and caps, dental bridges, dentures, full-mouth restoration, and much more.

  • Personal Attention From Your Dentist:

    It all comes down to this:  the level of care and attention you receive is incredible. Apart from this, it is not uncommon that the dentist will spend time with you in his office either before or after, sometimes both, your procedure.

Your dentist may be on-call after your procedure for any questions or concerns if required. For example, I’ve heard that one dentist told a client that his number one rule is to treat every client as if they were a member of his family. Family in Mérida is the most important aspect of the culture so this speaks volumes!

The most important part:  You will never be rushed out of the door so the dentist can see their next patient.


Popular Services with Mérida Mexico Dentists

  • All on 4 Dental Implants
  • Full Mouth Restoration
  • Dental Bridges
  • Tooth Crown
  • Dental Implants
  • Bone Graft
  • Dentures
  • Porcelain Veneer
  • Root Canals
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Sinus Lift

Dental Differences Between The U.S. And Mexico 

  • Nitrous oxide is not permitted in Mexico:

    Besides novocaine, dentists can also prescribe something to relax you, such as Valium or Xanax. You may also request a fast-acting sedative.

  • Many dentists do not have offices in upscale buildings:

    Because people are cost-conscious, a simple office makes it possible for dentists to offer lower prices. With this in mind, furniture typically is less modern, and the walls may be a bit bare. Without a doubt, dentists want everyone to be able to afford their services.

  • Ease of making an appointment:

    Typically, you can get an appointment within a week to ten days and sometimes even sooner. More popular, English speaking dentists may take a bit longer. If you are coming for dental treatment and vacation, book at least a month in advance. Unquestionably, speak to your dentist about your particular needs so you can plan accordingly.

  • Paying for your procedures:

    Cash is usually preferred. However, varies by the dentist. Ask what payment they prefer. If credit cards are accepted, also inquire if there is a processing fee (3%-4%) added.

  • Consider the time of year:

    If you come as a dental tourist, the high season is also a busy time. A large number of Americans and Canadians also arrive from December to March.

  • Dental insurance:

    In most cases, insurance companies don’t cover much, if any, of the procedures. Subsequently, you do not need dental insurance for procedures in Mexico.

  • The dentist does all the procedures:

    In the U.S., dental assistants do most of the procedures while the dentist only does the drilling and building. In Mérida, all the procedures are done by trained, experienced dentists.

Mérida Mexico Dentist

  • Dental records:

    Dental records, including X-rays, belong to the patient. Only the patient can request their dental records. Be sure to bring all your medical and dental records with you. Unfortunately, obtaining your records from your home country once you are in Mexico may be difficult if not impossible.

  • Dental school is subsidized in Mexico:

    This contributes to lower costs. The point is dentists focus on school vs. working multiple jobs and taking classes at the same time.

Mérida Mexico Dentists: 13 Things to Know Before You Go 

  1. Credentials should be available and visible

    It is also your right to know the dentist has the proper training and certifications.

  2. Procedure guarantees 

    Many times your dental work has a guarantee. Of course, this is important to know all the details as well as if a future appointment will be included.

  3. Membership with the American Dental Association

    This means dentists also have a valid dental license and pay their ADA dues. A word of caution:  it doesn’t mean that the ADA pre-screened them or monitors their dental work. Anyone with a valid license can be a member.

  4. Water filtration systems

    Don’t worry about the water. It is also filtered to keep it safe and potable. Consequently, if you still have a concern about the water, check out this article.

  5. A popular dental destination among seniors

    First and foremost, some seniors can save up to 80% on major dental procedures like dental crowns, implants, and root canals. The best part is you’ll find the lowest prices with the highest quality of dental work. Indeed, some professionals also offer a further discount to seniors.  Ask. It won’t hurt and may save you a few more dollars.

  6. Mérida Mexico dentists use the same materials as U.S. dentists

    From porcelain crowns to metal posts and dentures, dentists use exactly the same materials in your mouth as you would if you received dental care in the U.S. If the material they are using is ever in question, they will also spend time with you to put your mind at ease. Don’t move forward with a procedure until you are 100% comfortable.

  7. The same procedures available in the U.S. are available in Mérida

    If you’re traveling for dental procedures, it’s important to know that you can get the same treatment options. Remember, getting a quote over the phone will be next to impossible. Each patient is different; requiring unique and personal treatment. It’s unfair to attempt to get a price prior to the dentist knowing your present status.

  8. Cosmetic dental procedures are available for lower costs

    Costs for simple procedures like whitening are usually quoted in a range. At times, your dentist may find another issue and will then need to inquire as to what kind of options you want to explore.

  9. Filling prescriptions at a lower cost

    When you take in your prescription, the pharmacist will look at it and will fill it on the spot, if available. You keep the actual prescription with you in case you need to fill it again.

    Pharmacies in Mérida are quite different than the U.S. and other countries.

  10. Explore travel insurance

    Flights, hotels, and other items may be covered for a nominal cost. It’s also good to be prepared. You might inquire if any complications from medical procedures are covered. It’s better to know up front than to have to deal with it in case of an emergency.

  11. Procedures may require multiple trips

    It might also be more cost-effective to remain in Mérida vs. traveling back and forth. You can find many options for accommodations from hotels to Airbnb locations. It is easy, safe, convenient, and inexpensive to stay in the city if need be.

  12. Thoroughly vet your dentist

    Ensure they are trained and reputable. Do thorough research, read reviews, ask for recommendations, and testimonials from other patients.

  13. Mérida Mexico dentists don’t sacrifice customer service

    Keep this important fact in mind – You will also be treated like family when you decide to have dental work done in Mérida!

Traveling To Mexico For Dental Work

Americans have been traveling to Mexico for dental work for over 20 years

“About 90 percent [feel] the dental care they had received in Mexico had been good or excellent,” according to a report commissioned by Families U.S.A., a Washington advocacy group for health-care issues.

What exactly does this mean? As a result, Americans are happy with their dental treatment in Mexico.

dentist looking at tooth xrays

The best part – You receive quality, highly-skilled treatment at a fraction of the price.

You’ll also find professional dental clinics in Mérida with state of the art technology and high-quality care. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the right dentist and enjoy your time in Mérida with a new healthy smile. Either way, I hope this article provided just a bit of insight into finding Mérida Mexico dentists.

One more thing . . .wanna chat? Come hang out in my group for residents and visitors.

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