What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

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Mérida is a cultural destination of contrasts. From Mayan ruins to European influenced architecture to exquisite gastronomic heritage, Mérida is a quiet and unique paradise. You’re searching for the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico because you are ready to visit.  The beauty of the parks, colorful colonial houses and cobblestone streets lend a sense of quaint charm.

But wait…

What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

Fly direct into Mérida International Airport

Did you know you can fly directly into Mérida International Airport?

Most people think they have to fly into Cancun and then take the bus or a small aircraft into Mérida.

And you know what?

That’s just not the case.

With more than 2.5M passengers per year (incoming, outgoing, and transit), Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport is the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico.

A small but modern airport, Manuel Crescencio Rejón International or MID is considered one of the medium-sized airports in Mexico.

Large airplanes such as the Boeing 747 and 777 fly in and out along with smaller aircraft like Boeing 737 and Airbus A320; both domestic and international.

Where Is The Mérida International Airport Located?

Located on the southern edge of the city, about 20 minutes by car or Uber, it is approximately 6 miles from the city center.

But here’s something really interesting. Not only does Merida have an international airport, but it is also one of four airports in Mexico which has an Area Control Center.

The other control centers exist in Mexico City International Airport, Monterrey International Airport, and Mazatlán International Airport.

Mérida controls air traffic over the southeast part of the country; from Central and South America and the Caribbean to the United States and Canada.

What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

What Is The Airport Layout Like?  

Mérida International Airport consists of a small but modern terminal with several eateries and shops. WiFi is available along with several restaurants in the main airport area.

Here’s the most important part –

Once you enter the gate area, there is only one small snack bar for essentials like water, coffee, premade sandwiches, a variety of drinks, and snacks.

Be sure to pay attention to the signage inside for the location of the restrooms as well.

In this article, you will see the terms “landside” and “airside”. Landside is the public area of the terminal located before security. Airside is the secure area of the terminal that you reach by going through security.

What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

Airport Lounges

Regardless of what airline or class of service, there are lounges that you can enter by paying at the door or through a lounge membership program.

Visit the individual lounge for more details about the lounge itself and to also find out how you can gain lounge access with just an economy class ticket!

  • Caral VIP Lounge
    Location: Landside, upper level, before the security check
    Lounge Access: Pay at the Door
  • Aeromexico Salon Premier
    Location: Main Terminal, Landside
    Lounge Access: Pay at the Door with proof of Aeromexico ticket

Airport Hotels Nearby

  • Hotel Hacienda Inn Aeropuerto
    Location: 2km from the airport but no airport shuttle
  • Holiday Inn Express Merida Centro
    Location: 4.5km from the airport but no airport shuttle


What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

Services, facilities & things to do on a layover

Airport Hours

The airport is closed from 12:30 am to 3:30 am.

ATMs / Cash Machines

Need cash? An ATM located on the ground floor, operated by Santander, is available. Fees may apply, so be sure to have details when traveling internationally. You may also want to notify your bank of your travel plans.

Currency Exchange

Globo currency exchange is located on the ground floor at the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico.

Duty-Free & Shopping

There are a number of shops that sell everything from souvenirs to shoes to sunglasses and luggage. Convenience stores are located on both floors.

Food & Drink

Food concessions throughout the airport operate on varying schedules. At the time of this update, there are no 24-hour dining options, so if you are having difficulties in the airport overnight you should purchase water and snacks early.

Luggage Storage & Lockers

Not available

Luggage Wrapping

Secure Wrap is located on the ground floor (landside).

Electronics Charging

There are limited options for charging. The cafes have a few outlets and some can be found on the ground floor.

Rest Zones

There are no dedicated sleeping areas, quiet areas, or rest zones.


Not available.


As of January 2019, the following airlines serve Merida airport:

  • Aeromexico
  • American Airlines
  • Cubana
  • Interjet
  • Magnicharters
  • Mayair
  • United Airlines
  • VivaAerobus
  • Volaris

Transportation to and from the airport

Car Rentals

Car rentals are available at the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico through the following three companies, who all have offices on the ground floor.

Companies include:

  • Europcar
  • Executive
  • Hertz
  • National

Shuttle Buses

ADO Bus provides a comfortable shuttle bus service. For fares, routes, and schedules, visit the ADO website.


Taxis are available on the ground level of the airport. Remember, Uber is NOT available at the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico.

I like to fly directly into Mérida. I take into account these important considerations:

  • Savings on the cost of airfare
  • Time spent transferring to the ADO station
  • Waiting for the bus
  • The time it takes to get from Cancun to Mérida

When I add up the extra time, it is worth the slight increase in airfare to save time, effort, and energy.

Cancun International Airport is a popular choice for visitors to Mérida

If you are unable to fly directly into Mérida, the most popular choice is Cancun International Airport (CUN).

Take note . . .

Cancun is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean and the point of entry to the “Mundo Maya”.

Every year millions of people visit Cancun and the Riviera Maya and the number of visitors is likely to increase rapidly thanks to the new mega-resorts already in construction all over the area.

Major international airlines, as well as charter airlines, have direct or connecting flights to Cancun every day. Now more than ever Cancun Airport International is easily accessible from almost every major city in the world.

With first-class shops, restaurants, and services, Cancun Airport is one of the easiest most convenient airports to fly to and from Mexico.

Cancun is a tourist resort that receives the highest number of visitors in Mexico.

Cancun Airport is constantly growing and expanding

The fact is that since its construction back in the early 70’s the increasing number of visitors each year makes it almost impossible to keep pace and to accommodate everybody all the time.

Therefore, the airport keeps growing and adding new services to accommodate new travelers.

In addition to that, Cancun International Airport has many of the facilities you only find in major airports around the world.

From an easy and smooth arrival to an efficient and quick departure, Cancun International Airport works very hard to provide the best services possible.

Few places on earth cause as much amazement as the Riviera Maya.

Where is Cancun International Airport?

Cancun International International (CUN) is located outside the city of Cancun at kilometer 22 of the Cancun-Chetumal highway.

Most of the airports in Mexico are located outside the main cities except for the airports where the cities have expanded around the airports.

CUN is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean averaging about 800,000 passengers per month in high season.

It has all the facilities of a major international airport with signs in various languages. There are two buildings, the MAIN terminal, and the FBO terminal.

What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?


Most of all, both terminals have arrival and departure concourses.

The MAIN terminal is used for domestic and international scheduled flights from major airlines such as American Airlines, AeroMexico, Iberia, etc.

The FBO terminal is used mainly for chartered airlines/flights and private planes.

But that’s not all. Facilities and services at the MAIN terminal include:

  • Banks
  • Duty-free shops
  • Convenience stores
  • A beauty parlor
  • VIP lounges
  • Business center
  • Food court, restaurants, and bars
  • Video arcade
  • Tourist information booths
  • Lockers
  • Medical services
  • Car rental agencies
  • Money exchange facilities

Unfortunately, the FBO terminal is limited with only essential services compared to the MAIN terminal.

Finally, in both terminals, there are airport representatives with information about the airport and the location of all the facilities.

Other airports close to Mérida International Airport

Campeche International Airport

The Ing. Alberto Acuña Ongay International Airport is located in the city of Campeche.

In 2017, the airport handled 178,675 passengers, and in 2018 it handled 165,185 passengers.

This airport handles national and international air traffic of the city of Campeche. Airports and Auxiliary Services operate it, a federal government-owned corporation.

Cozumel International Airport

This international airport is on the island of Cozumel in Quintana Roo, located close to Playa del Carmen.

It handles national and international with hundreds of thousands of tourists on a year-round basis.

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What is the Nearest Airport to Mérida Mexico?

Final thoughts on the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico

The city of Mérida is located in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Founded in 1542 by Spanish conquistadors.

Many visitors every year come to see this gorgeous location built with stones from Mayan temples and pyramids on the site of the Mayan city of T’ho.

But the bottom line is this –

Mérida International Airport is most definitely the nearest airport to Mérida Mexico!

For more information on life in Mérida:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeinmerida/