Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

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Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work in a foreign country? Has it crossed your mind that working in Mérida Mexico could be a reality? Sunny skies, tropical breezes, and a relaxing lifestyle create the perfect environment to find potential jobs in Mérida for an expat.

Increasingly attractive benefits can transform and enhance your life:

  • Subsidized healthcare for qualified foreigners
  • Lower cost of living
  • Personal safety
  • Financial security
  • Outstanding medical services

Sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

For the most part, advanced technology and improved infrastructure contribute to the growth of Mexico. That means Mérida continues to grow as well. With so many advantages, it’s time to consider working in Mérida Mexico. To help you out, here are 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat. 

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

Learn About jobs in Mérida Mexico . . . Legally!

In short, there’s only one way to work in Mexico legally.

The requirements are clear.

You’ll need a temporary or permanent visa along with a work permit, in most cases.

If you are planning to start your own business in Mexico, you may need a work permit. Exceptions?  If you are offering online services only OR if you offer services based out of your home country. Work permits are granted to people who are sponsored by companies in Mexico. Another way to obtain a work permit is through foreign companies with operations in Mexico.

The good news?

If you have a specific skill set, it could be easier to obtain a work permit. Particularly, one that is in short supply.

Before applying for a work permit you should know:

  • Many local jobs still require a working knowledge of or fluency in Spanish.
  • Finding a job in Mexico is more challenging than finding a job at home.
  • Keep abreast of market needs, visa requirements, language skill demands, and other factors.
  • Culture impacts how you access opportunities and apply for jobs in Mérida.
  • Building professional and personal networks are the key to establishing yourself.
  • Start with ex-pats and then expand your reach to encompass the local community.
  • Developing an internet-based business may be an easier option and transition.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

The federal law in Mexico which places foreigners at a disadvantage

The Federal Labor Law (La Ley Federal de Trabajo) outlines the requirements of employers. They must give preferential treatment to Mexicans.

  • In every business or establishment, at least 90% of the workers must be Mexican.
  • In the technical and professional categories, all of the workers should be Mexican.
  • Medical doctors who work for companies must be Mexican.
  • Once hired, the requirement of employers is to select Mexicans over non-Mexicans for positions and promotions when they are similarly qualified.
  • In the event Mexicans are not available within a specialty, the employer can hire foreign workers temporarily. The percentage hired cannot exceed 10% of workers within that specialty. These foreign employees are then required to train Mexicans in that specialty as their replacement.

The provisions above do not apply to directors, administrators or general managers.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

Utilize Various Strategies When You Are Searching About Jobs In Mérida

Searching for strategies about Jobs in Mérida are similar to ones you would utilize at home.

Consider the following:

  • Industry associations can help you find opportunities in your field.
  • Check job listings in local newspapers; newspapers are still heavily used in Mérida.
  • Search online employment sites; Monster, GlassDoor, Indeed, etc.
  • Utilize social media:  Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Contact temporary work or staffing agencies online or onsite.
  • Check out local online forums and bulletin boards.
  • Asking local expats can be a great source for opportunities.
  • Do your homework to understand the culture.
  • Ensure your online presence and profile are current.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

13 of the Best Jobs In Mérida for ex-pats

1-Jobs In Mérida in a Mexican company

You’ll be more successful if you work in an industry where employers typically hire outside help. For example, science, medicine, IT, and teaching, especially at the university level. On the whole, these are the industries where you’re more likely to get a job.

Fields that include ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching posts are also popular choices.

If you’re approved by the government to work, the Mexican company will sponsor your work permit. While working in Mexico, you must be able to show proof that you can support yourself. Therefore, you will not need public assistance from the Mexican government.

2- Working for an American company from Mexico

Many large multi-national corporations have offices or manufacturing facilities in Merida. If you are an employee of one of them, you can request to be assigned to that location. Keep in mind, it will only be for a specified period of time. You’ll report to local management to carry out the responsibilities according to your specialization. Typically, your company takes care of the necessary legal paperwork and the logistics of the move.

3- Telework

Many expats telework from their homes. Remote company employees are one example. Entrepreneurs with local, national, and international clients are another. You may explore working for a company as a health coach, teaching English, or other specialty areas. You could also establish your own digital company. Consider providing business consulting or writing services.


Digital nomads are a highly trending workforce.

4- Sell Real Estate

Obviously, real estate is a popular option. Since many businesses in this industry are run by ex-pats.

  • Spanish fluency is not mandatory.
  • A real estate license is not required in Mexico.
  • At the present time, anyone can call himself or herself a real estate agent or broker.

It takes time to develop relationships in a real estate business. Having cash reserves to draw from is important. You may explore getting licensed in your home state. By establishing a working knowledge, you’ll also have a foundation for the basics and fundamentals.

5- Community, Social, or Religious Work

Sharing your knowledge and experience helps local communities. In addition to that, you’ll gain unique and authentic access to the local ways of life, culture, and language. Areas for volunteers in Mexico also include marine, wildlife, environment, and social programs. This type of work is generally done on a voluntary, unpaid basis. Under these circumstances, you can remain in Mexico on a tourist visa for a limited time. It’s not necessary to apply for a work permit.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

6- Teach English TEFL/TESOL

The popularity of teaching English is just as prevalent today as ever. Learning and speaking English is essential for Mexicans who want to study for a professional qualification. If you want to be employed as an English teacher in a reputable school or language center, you’ll need a TEFL/TESOL certification.

TEFL/TESOL certifications are Teaching English as a Foreign Language/Teaching English as a Second Language.

In 2009, the Secretariat of Public Education launched the Programa Nacional de Inglés en Educación Básica (PNIEB). Importantly, the aim of this program is to increase the English proficiency of public school students by offering English classes. This includes pre-primary to the end of secondary school.

7- Casual Work

A word of caution . . . 

Casual work translated is working in Mérida without proper permission otherwise known as illegally. Some foreigners choose to work on a casual basis. However, immigration service does not turn a blind eye to this as they have in the past.

And here’s another problem . . .

Spot checks are being carried out in “cash-heavy” businesses. Foreigners setting up as vendors in local markets or stores are at risk. Expect to be deported if you are caught.

The solution?

If your work only takes a few days to a few weeks, this might be a circumstance where you could work without a permit.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

8- Start Your Own Business

Starting a new business could be the best decision you’ve ever made. Keep in mind, starting any business is hard. Consequently, you’ll still have many of the same issues. It’s possible you could have even more than in the US.

But the truth?

Due diligence and finding a niche are key elements of success. Remember to include business financing as well. Finally, properly execute a well thought out business plan. Since NAFTA, many of the restraints placed on Americans have been erased. Consequently, you’ll find many seeking to operate or invest in businesses in Mexico.

However, ensure you follow the proper steps.  Most importantly, stay in compliance with the Mexican rules and regulations established.

Remember, you’ll have to pay taxes in Mexico just as you do in the U.S. or your home country.

9- Buy an Existing Business

Oftentimes, ex-pats come here and set up a business. Once ready for full-time retirement, some people consider selling their business. For the most part, Mérida is a tourist and retirement destination. Subsequently, most of these businesses are tourism-related. For example, a number of bars, restaurants, hotels, real estate, and relocation services are owned by ex-pats.

The likelihood of success increases exponentially owning your own business. Self-employed people report being the most satisfied. The biggest advantage? You work in a relaxing and beautiful environment with a lower cost of living.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

10- Open a yoga studio

Ever dreamed of opening your own yoga studio? Mérida could be the perfect location to make your dreams a reality. With the increasing number of people in Mérida, specialty services are constantly sought after.

What’s the magic formula?

People don’t just want to take a yoga class. They want to connect with like-minded people in the sanctuary of a safe space. People love to be part of a community. Ask questions, take notes and listen to what people want. This helps you create a business that fills needs and desires. A yoga business can be immensely rewarding. By making a difference in people’s lives through holding space, helps their mental and physical wellbeing.

11- Personal Driving Service

The need for transportation for both tourists and locals is increasing daily. Many people who live here don’t have cars.

The inside scoop?

Demand for personal drivers is rising. Purchasing a vehicle in Mérida is easy and inexpensive.

The best part? It keeps you constantly engaged with others. You’ll also stay informed about why people choose to visit or move to Mérida.

The silver lining is you can drive when you want, as many trips as you want and the hours that are best for you. The trick is using GPS to avoid traffic. You’ll want to ensure passengers have a quick and safe trip.

12- Create an Airbnb “experience” 

Airbnb is a popular online marketplace. This unique service offers a variety of lodging and tourism experiences all over the world. It has a well-known and trusted reputation as well as providing excellent customer service. You can also find local experiences in many cities that provide participation in a unique way.

Here’s the good news –

With your special knowledge and unique skills, designing and hosting an Airbnb experience might be the perfect solution for you.

Unlike a typical tour or workshop, experiences offer a deep-dive into the local host’s world. Participants feel the host’s passion. They also gain access to local places and communities that guests couldn’t find on their own. The cool thing is to create lasting connections and treasured memories by hosting an Airbnb experience.

13- Offer personal and professional services

Another unique way to generate income is to offer professional and personal services. At times, the laid back lifestyle and culture don’t move at a fast enough pace. Think about how you would feel if your computer crashed. Maybe you’ve needed something in a hurry and couldn’t get out to get it.

By now you’ll have realized convenience-craving consumers are always looking for specialty services to help them with a multitude of tasks. Remember, you’ll also need a work permit to offer these services legally.

Here is a list to start your creative juices flowing:

  • Mobile pet grooming
  • Pet sitting
  • Personal chef (one time or regular basis)
  • Tax prep (with the right qualifications)
  • Organizing
  • Shopping (clothing, groceries, errands, etc) with delivery
  • Tutoring
  • Business plan consulting
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Travel management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Computer or electronic repair
  • Foreign language translation
  • Temporary employee/business help
  • Antique or specialty cleaning
  • Copywriting, editing, and proofreading
  • Handyman
  • House sitting
  • Vendor management
  • House painting
  • Interior decorating
  • Dog walking
  • Web design
  • Child care
  • Eldercare
  • Companionship
  • Event planning
  • Catering
  • Private driving

For more ideas, head over here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lifeinmerida/

Additional items to keep in mind when considering working in Mexico

  • If your business is registered in the U.S. (or your home country), you’ll still have to file taxes with the IRS.
  • When you work in Mexico in local currency, you’ll need to file taxes in Mexico.
  • You don’t need to pay taxes in both countries so determine which makes the most financial sense.
  • A different country means different tax laws and banking practices, so do your homework to avoid surprises.
  • You can drive in Mexico with the license from your home country
  • Carry copies of your passport, tourist card (FMM) or residency card with you at all times.
  • Develop your cultural intelligence by understanding the cultures and being open to different perspectives on life.

Final Thoughts on Jobs in Mérida for an Expat

What could be better than working in an environment where you feel relaxed every day?

It’s easier than you think when you follow the rules and work in Mexico legally. Mérida has a steadily increasing economy with a low crime rate. At this time, more and more foreigners are moving to Mérida for retirement. The reality is many of them still want to work.

The bottom line:

Gaining permission to start working in Mérida Mexico is straightforward. You’ll also find working with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures is both educational and beneficial. Now, make it happen. Reach out to anyone and everyone you know for insight, wisdom, and introductions to discover more information.

Want to work? 13 Jobs in Mérida for an Expat