15 Unmistakable Signs Moving to Mérida was on the Horizon for Me

Amy Jones in Santa Lucia Park in Moving to Mérida

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Does the thought of starting over excite or scare you? Have you considered moving somewhere completely different? Does that terrify you? Cause cold shivers? Or does it feel exhilarating? I imagined what it would be like to move to Mexico and start over beginning in 2006. However, the thought became a dream. I began to think it would never materialize. There are moments in life when making a dramatic change feels right. Yet, I put my move to Mexico on pause for many years. When I finally arrived in Mérida, I felt peace, joy, and ease. Through my experience, trials, and tribulations, I’ve composed this list of 15 Unmistakable Signs Moving to Mérida is on the Horizon.

This article was updated in Februay of 2023.

15 Unmistakable Signs Moving to Mérida is on the Horizon

ONE:  Are you bored with life?

Day after day, waking up with the same habits and going through the motions. Different day, identical routine.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Something better has to be just around the corner but what is it?

  • Feelings of joy…diminished.
  • Sounds of life…dulled.
  • Lights…dimmed.

I found myself in a never-ending battle. Things that once brought joy and freedom became non-existent. We’ve all had dreams that didn’t come true. Goals that weren’t accomplished. Life can bring disappointments and unmet expectations.

But, I never thought I was missing something. Maybe you think you are missing something. What is it that’s missing? The only thing I knew for certain? Life was just plain blah.

Here’s a wild guess . . .

Nothing is exciting any longer.

Other people seem to have a different experience. They look refreshed and elated. What is their secret?

Ready to turn up the volume and get energized?

Amy Jones standing in front of a pond in Addison Texas

This was my “happy place” in Addison. Walking around this pond daily was one of my coping mechanisms.

TWO:  Do you feel an urgency for something more?

We all arrive at that point in our lives when we look around and think there’s more to life than where I am right now. Isn’t that one of the main reasons people have a mid-life crisis? Notably, they’ve spent the majority of their lives working hard to support themselves and their families. Yet . . . .

Let’s face it . . .

We all do it. Time focused on getting ahead, obtaining a promotion, and working for money to buy things, houses, cars, and vacations. And, once those goals have been obtained, then what? Does it bring the immense satisfaction of success? Joy? Happiness? Contentment?

There is only so much pleasure that can be derived from these accomplishments. Yes, life is about achievements but what about the things that feed our soul?

  • What about the dreams you’ve had?
  • Have you longed to do something different?
  • Are there ideas you’ve put aside because they were impractical at the time?

I can remember that feeling in my gut when I had to make a practical decision vs. pursuing a passion. The older I got, the more I realized I didn’t want to repeat that feeling.

Ready to dive back into following YOUR dreams and desires?

THREE:  Are you ready for an adventure AND no regrets?

Fear can be a huge motivator OR it can be a reason to stay status quo. I love this example from Neale Donald Walsch, “FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real”. Why do we give so much power to fear? Fear keeps us from doing so many things. I always tell my clients to go ahead and take yourself to the place of fear.

For this reason –

Go through the exercise of what is the worst thing that could happen if you do it? What is the worst thing that could happen if you don’t do it?

Deep down, you know it’s true. Most people reply they would regret it if they didn’t at least try. Have you ever been in THAT place? Looking back at the decisions you’ve made and regretting not doing something?

Amy Jones of Life in Mérida in a sun hat standing in front of a colorful wall in El Barrio Cafe in Centro

Daily life here is an adventure and I’m curious to learn more about my new home after moving to Mérida.

Interestingly, even though I adopted a “no regrets” mantra, I still was not consistently pursuing my dream of moving to Mérida. It should be noted, we learn so many valuable lessons from experiences in life, especially when we fail. Fear, failure, and regret cause so much anxiety and stress. Most of what we fear never materializes in the first place. So we’ve been afraid of nothing. Fear leads to regrets.

Ready to boldly face fear and failure IF they ever rear their ugly heads?

FOUR:  Can you feel a change is coming?

Whether you do something now or later, you know that you can’t continue the path you are on. But, the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know, isn’t it? Another fear we have is the fear of change. Many times, we talk ourselves out of change because of the unknowns. However, if we are honest life is full of unknowns. Plans, dreams, and ideas can change in an instant with a health issue, life situation like divorce, or employment status.

How many times have you planned for something when life threw you a curveball and took you down a different direction?

My original plan of moving once my youngest graduated from high school was nipped in the bud when I was diagnosed with cancer in his senior year. I made a full recovery by the following year. Then, a year later, my dad was diagnosed with cancer. I realized at that point, there would ALWAYS be something that was going to come up, no matter what.

You’ve heard this a million times . . .Venturing out into the unknown can feel frightening. The older we get, the more we fear change.

But as we all know, the only thing constant is change. 

Change is something that is impossible to stop.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about making a change for a while. The lack, unhappiness, frustration, and negativity has taken a toll. Life doesn’t bring you the fulfillment you once felt. Nonetheless, even if you are completely happy with where you are, you may be ready for a new and different chapter in life.

Ready to embrace change and look at it as an adventure?

FIVE:  Are you DONE with your current lifestyle and routine?

Go to work. Come home. Go to work. Come home. On a fundamental level, all of us know that life is meant to be enjoyed. There is more to life than working to pay the bills. There will always be people to take care of. It’s a never-ending process in the cycle of life.

Most people put everyone else’s needs before their own. Then the inevitable question, “When will it be my turn?”

Don’t even try to deny it – Surprisingly, something greater IS out there than just “getting by to get by”.

Now, “getting by” isn’t doing it for you any longer. If you’re honest, it’s actually slowly and methodically crushing your soul. For most women and many men, reaching a point of DONE means completely beyond the point of no return.

Fact –

I don’t know about you but it takes a lot for me to be DONE with a situation, a relationship, or a person. Intrinsically, I’ve always seen the good, the potential, and the positive aspects of everyone. Eventually, there comes a time when good is mediocre, there is no potential and positive is a pipe dream. Chance after chance after chance to be better, to get better, and to do better. I finally woke up one day and realized I saw the potential where there wasn’t any. What a wake-up call that was.

Most importantly, that was the exact moment when the lightbulb💡 of realization illuminated.

Ready for a shift, a shake-up, and a shimmy into something different and new?

And moving to Mérida might be on the horizon if. . .

SIX:  Is your quality of life a priority?

We’ve heard about quality of life over and over again.

  • What does quality of life even mean?
  • How do you measure it?
  • How do you know when you have it?

For this reason, you know your quality of life is not all that it could be. I believe, if you ask the majority of people around you, they will tell you it is about experiencing satisfaction and joy in all aspects of your life.

Recognizing the decline in my quality of life in Dallas was really hard. My business was thriving and my professional life was completely satisfying. But my personal life? Well, not so much. I had gotten into the habit of doing the majority of things I did by myself.

Eating out, going to the movies, and dancing were once very enjoyable. I relished trips to the grocery store because I love to cook. Day after day, month after month, year after year, being single was starting to take a toll on me. Cooking for one, carrying in the groceries, eating alone at the house…I saw that life was better when shared with someone else.

But after a few unsuccessful relationships, I was considering just being single for the rest of my life and just living with it.

Angel Rodriguez helping Amy Jones carry suitcases into an Airbnb house in Merida Centro.

Angel helping me move into one of my short term rentals in Centro. Having help is incredible and definitely increases my quality of life.

Sacrifice is part of life and along the way, we’ve made sacrifices; little ones here and there. Sometimes bigger ones for our children and our families. Sacrifices that have chipped away at our joy, happiness, and contentment.

Relationships, health, environment, communication, connection, work, free time, hobbies, creativity, safety, and security are all contributing factors.

Eventually, we reach a point in life, where we look up and think, is this all there is? Making sacrifices and compromises? And then what?

  1. How many good years are left?
  2. Do you still have good or decent health?
  3. Isn’t it time to pursue that feeling you’ve been longing for?

Ready to discover how to increase quality of life both outside and inside? 

SEVEN:  The thought of completely starting over feels exciting

Life can be tedious, or it can be an adventure. Often times, it is both. It is a rare occasion when we have an opportunity to start over, especially in another country.

Courage, bravery, and gumption as my Meemaw used to say.

When you think about what you are about to do, pick up your current life and trade it in on a new one, how does it make you feel? What thoughts come to mind?

If you are 51% excited and 49% scared, then the odds are in your favor. All it takes is that tiny little bit to be more than vs. less than.

That’s when it hit me. ..

I knew to begin a new chapter in life, after all, might be terrifying. But I also recognized it might also be the best thing I could ever do.

Ready to let go and feel the excitment and exhilaration?

EIGHT:  Everyone is self-sufficient and life goes on 

This is REALLY important.

The #1 reason people say they will not make a change or a big move such as moving to Mérida is that others need them. In some cases, this might be true. In most cases, it is not.

Bear with me here and let me explain. I may touch a nerve and, if so, I apologize. At the very least, my goal is to give you something to think about and consider.

For some people, their identity is closely attached to their parents, children, extended family, or friends, even their jobs or status in life.

Amy Jones and her two sons sitting at the bar in a restaurant in Addison Texas.

My two sons and I on Mother’s Day 2019. They are self-sufficient and have their own lives.

Because of this, they put themselves in one of these positions:
a) Taking care of everyone around them sometimes to the detriment of themselves
b) Wait on everyone else to live their lives before they live their own

No doubt about it –

How many times have you put your needs, desires, and dreams after someone else’s?

Let’s face it, exciting things happen with or without you; friends get married, babies are born, and legendary parties are thrown. You already miss some of it or catch selected moments on social media.

We’ve all said –

“I will do x, y, or z when my kids are out of school.”


“After my parents move into assisted living, I will have more time for myself.”

First and foremost, take some time and really investigate this point. Insight is powerful and enlightening, helping you to discover the underlying reason(s) why you are waiting to move instead of doing something now.

Ready to live life and not use others as an excuse?

NINE:  Some form of retirement is in the future or working is virtual

It’s obvious, if you are tied to a specific location for work, you will have in-depth preparation involved. Planning and research may include a brand new job or a retirement alternative.

A retirement alternative is the option I chose. For me, owning my own business meant retirement would be many years away. No matter how much I saved, there was always an emergency depleting savings and retirement funds.

Once I began researching the cost of living for moving to Mérida, I realized how much money I could save by moving sooner rather than later. I then thought about starting a new business, one I’ve dreamed about for many years.

Amy Jones sitting on the patio of La Tratto Restaurant in Santa Lucia Park in Merida Centro.

I can work from any restaurant, location, or establishment as long as I have my laptop and a wifi signal.

It hit me like a ton of bricks . . .

When I put all those plans and dreams on paper, it made financial sense. This visible proof also gave me the courage to do it now.

If you are mobile or a digital nomad, you’ll have more flexibility. If you are in some form of retirement, close to retiring, semi-retired, or retired, it may be easier for your transition.

Apart from this, picking up and leaving the life you know can be stressful when there is a job involved. The silver lining is there are many online options, work opportunities, and even possibilities for opening your own business.

Maybe you’ve always had a dream to open a yoga studio, a Spanish school, or a non-profit organization. Begin to think outside the box to give yourself more choices,

Ready to think outside the box for work and retirement possibilities?

TEN:  There are no expectations of the process

Usually, when we finally make the decision to change, we craft a detailed step-by-step plan. While it’s normal and smart to have some details in place, there are many unknowns.

It’s a familiar story and it usually goes like this –

You tell yourself that you need a perfectly styled design to make you feel secure and comfortable. You justify it will help you get from point A to point B and then to your final destination.

BUT what happens when something goes wrong? Does an adjustment need to be made? Is more flexibility required?

We all have a tendency to get discouraged and disappointed. These feelings start to creep in slowly and then they escalate over time. Self-doubt follows and, before we know it, we are questioning whether we made the right decision.

It should be noted –

Feeling vulnerable and uncertain will happen. The key is how to handle it along the way.

But the truth is, as you release expectations, you open yourself up to many, many possibilities. Perhaps there is something amazing and wonderful that you didn’t even consider but are finding out about it along the way.

You may even find things that were part of your original plan don’t work. As you take steps toward adjusting, allowing, and manifesting positive outcomes, your perspective will increase dramatically.

Ready to accept you’ll never have all the information you need to know and will allow the process to flow without control?

ELEVEN:  Visualizing moving to Mérida is a daily “thing” 

Begin and end every day with visualizing living in Mérida. Bring into focus your feelings, look at pictures, and envision aspects of your new life.

In addition to this, decide very clearly on your direction.  Making a clear decision alleviates confusion. You may want to make a vision board or keep a separate journal to record your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

Setting intentions is a powerful part of the process. Concentrate on what you desire then leave the details to the Universe.


Amy Jones sitting poolside of a colonial home in Merida Centro.

Visualization is a part of my day, every day.

The strong yearning you feel will give off the vibration to attract the right thing at the right time. This allows you to feel joy now instead of making your joy dependent on a certain outcome in the future.

You’d be right to subdue subconscious thoughts from creeping in. We all have that inner voice that tries to talk us out of things.

Stop saying, “I’m not good enough. I don’t deserve this. This can’t be real. I’m being selfish.” Make the conscientious decision to stop those thoughts in their tracks.

You’ve got this –

Don’t overthink your decision. Your brain will talk you out of what your heart wants, every single time. it has a trick way of doing that. Our gut tells us one thing and our brain tells us another.

Ready to visualize, create the intentions, and manifest a new life that includes moving to Mérida?

TWELVE:  Things are lining up for moving to Mérida Mexico

Many, many times, once we make a decision to do something, especially something BIG, things just seem to line up automatically. Manifesting, visualizing, or the Law of Attraction. I believe the Universe wants to give us what we want when we come into alignment with it.

In essence, it takes two things:  1) patience and 2) the ability to GO when the light is green.

How many times have you hesitated when everything seemed to line up? You look back on it and, sometimes, have regrets.

Good news, your gut told you to move forward. Bad news, your head took control and talked you out of it. Sometimes you know where you want to be but don’t have any idea of how to get there.

Kendal Inman of Jungle Keva Tulum and Amy Jones in a clothing store in Tulum, Mexico.

A chance encounter in Tulum with Kendall Inman of Jungle Keva Tulum started my journey of moving to Mérida.

Obviously, once you make the initial decision, the Universe will start to provide people, answers, and experiences to help you move forward. Become aware of how this feels in your body. Remember the sense of lightness and openness to help create momentum.

Just the thought of it creates a tingle of exhilaration. You have faith that good things will continue to happen. You have the outlook that things are good and they are true. I have the underlying acceptance that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at any given moment. Trusting in the Universe to put me where I need to be along with the people I need to meet is wonderfully liberating.

Ready to start making decisions; small, positive, and impactful actions that get one step closer to a goal?

THIRTEEN:  Questions I considered before moving to Mérida

  • Why am I still here (in my current location, city, situation, job, etc.)?
  • What is keeping me from moving NOW (sooner vs. later)?
  • How can I prepare for the upcoming change?
  • What matters most to me right now?
  • Do I truly want a new life by moving to Mérida?
  • What’s the worst that could happen?
  • How much time do I need to put my plan into action?
  • What is my biggest fear about this life change?
  • Do I think I deserve to be happy, joyful, and content?
  • What’s the best that could happen?
  • Does the thought of staying the same cause more anxiety than the thought of doing something new and different?
  • What would be my biggest regret if I didn’t do it?
  • How many “good years” do I have left?
  • What would be my biggest joy if I did it?
  • Am I ready to increase my quality of life in a place I love?

51% ready? That’s all it takes . . . 51%.  

FOURTEEN:  Believing that the first priority is YOU

Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. You know you will make the best decision on moving to Mérida given the information you have at the time.

Often, making no decision at all is often worse than making the wrong decision. We’ve heard the term analysis paralysis. This is definitely NOT you.

But wait . . . there’s more –

I believe there is no such thing as a mistake. There are only experiences that create learning opportunities.

Be aware that tending to your basic needs is critical during this time. You may need extra sleep. You might need to adjust your diet. Exercising may need to be an important part of your day.

Deep down you know it’s true. Stress relievers like yoga, swimming, or meditation can help tremendously. Healthy and consistent habits provide a foundation to deal with change; keeping you focused on you.

Amy Jones in a swimming pool of a colonial house in Merida Centro.

Relaxing in the pool is a necessary daily habit to recharge my batteries and escape the heat of Mérida.

Give yourself credit for the incredible and amazing things you’ve already accomplished. Look back and compliment yourself on the decisions, adjustments and changes you’ve made in your life.

Big news –

You will be your own best cheerleader. That’s one of the best things you can do for yourself. I constantly say, “WOW – You’ve done a great job. I’m proud that you’ve made some really great decisions. And, these decisions could have been better but look what you learned from that.”

Feel confident and self-assured will help you move forward with determination and laser focus.

Ready to take the advice of the flight attendant and put the oxygen mask on first?

FIFTEEN:   You found this article

You’ve googled til your heart’s content and you’ve finally landed here and I’m so glad you found me. You’ll also find more valuable information here in our group.

The reason I wrote this article and started this site?

I’ve done it. I’ve been where you are, know what you’re going through, and understand all the doubts you’re having.

For many years, 14 in fact, I put my life on hold. I waited for my two sons to get out of high school. Then, I helped my dad and his wife sell most of their things and downsize. Subsequently, I spent time doing the same thing for my clients year after year.

Finally, I looked up one day and said, “When will it be my turn? When will I make my dream of moving to Mérida come true? How much time do I have left to enjoy life? If I don’t do it now, when will I do it?”

Amy Jones and her two sons at the Radisson Hotel in Addison, Texas before Moving to Mérida

Celebrating Christmas 2019 before I left for Mérida on Christmas Day.

Believe me –

I was called selfish and caught flack from people about leaving. However, I also received many words of encouragement. Then, I found out many people have wanted to do what I’ve done but haven’t had the courage to do it.

I don’t think I was courageous at all. Really, I just think I was tired of feeling blah. After reflecting, I recognized I was just going through the motions and continually thought there has to be something more to life.

Everyone around me was doing their own thing, living their own life, having their own experiences. No one needed me. I was present but I wasn’t truly present.

A dull film covered my vision of life until I reached a point where I knew I had to do something different. On the spur of the moment, I booked a trip to Mérida in September of 2019. It was a city on my radar but I had never been there.

I arrived, settled in, and ventured out. I happened upon Santa Lucia Park and the magical essence of it drew me in. Walking into the center of the park, I noticed the incredibly tall trees. They created a beautiful canopy over the park.

I walked between two of the trees and closed my eyes. Taking a deep breath, I felt like my feet were growing roots and planting into the ground. I focused on this feeling and vision. I knew I had found my home.

When I arrived back in Dallas, I established a timeline of March 2020 to make my move to Mérida. However, the Universe had other plans. Situation after situation and opportunity after opportunity pointing toward moving to Mérida by the end of 2019 became completely transparent.

My intuition told me to move sooner (at the end of 2019) vs. later (March of 2020). The message was loud and crystal clear and I listened. I sold my home, found a friend to take over my car lease, prepared paperwork, and other necessary tasks.

This decision did not make practical sense and I had to jump through some hoops to make it happen. Looking back on it now, I’m so glad that I did.


Shortly after moving to Mérida, the COVID-19 issues arose. I realized this would have affected every single part of my plan if I would have kept to my original timeline.

In conclusion, I share this with you as an example to pay attention, listen closely, and ACT when your intuition tells you to. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we know the reason and sometimes we don’t.

Now, I know the reason my intuition told me to GO when practicality told me to WAIT. Most importantly, if I can do it, anyone can!

Ready to put a plan into action and do it NOW?

Amy Jones and Angel Rodriguez at Murcielago in Merida Centro in Moving to Mérida

My boyfriend, Angel, and I celebrating one month together in January of 2020.
We got married in October of 2021!

Final Thoughts & 25 Tips on Moving to Mérida

“Life might be difficult for a while, but I would tough it out because living in a foreign country
is one of those things that everyone should try at least once. My understanding was that it completed a person,
sanding down the rough provincial edges and transforming you into a citizen of the world.”
– David Sedaris

Home will be a new place

  • with differences such as: language, currency, and lifestyle, just to mention a few

Challenges will be the same

  • whether you move locally or internationally
  • You will still lose your glasses, misplace the cord to your computer or drop your phone.

Everything will be new (and fresh)

  • friendships, grocery stores, paying bills, and living
  • Take your new life adventure in stride.


  • takes on a new form with variety
  • Explore what’s best for YOU and let your friends and family KNOW what’s best for you.

Guilt is inevitable and wanes over time

  • Lack of availability or believing you are being selfish contributes to feelings of guilt.
  • Keep in mind, this is all about YOU!

You may not be able to visit friends and family as often as you would like

  • For a frame of reference, how often do you see them now?

Managing expectations

  • Part of the process; not only yours but others as well.

You’ll become a local quicker than you think

  • Before you know it, people will be asking for your help and advice.

Emotions will run high

  • At times, then they level out.
  • Give yourself permission to be sad, angry, frustrated, and overwhelmed.

Connections with friends and family may intensify or fade away.

  • It’s part of the evolution.

Ask for help when you need it.

  • Adjustments to anything new can be a challenge.
  • A new culture and new language will be even more so.

Expect life to get messy, at least for a while.

  • With a major upheaval in life, this is inevitable.
  • Remind yourself it’s temporary, the dust will settle, and the chaos will become calm in time.

Establish a routine

  • Morning coffee in the pool, journaling, meditation, or walking.
  • Having items on a schedule will help create balance and stability.

Write down lessons, reflections, and perceptions.

  • Getting things out of your head will help you process, adjust, and adapt in a healthy way.

Accept ANY change is hard

  • Implement coping mechanisms to assist you when times feel tough.
  • Look back on the reasons you decided to make this change.
  • Remember what you were coming from and where you wanted to get to.

Break tasks down

  • Smaller action items help you so you don’t get exhausted or stuck.
  • Just like eating an elephant, do it one small bite at a time.

Take it one day and one step at a time

  • Don’t overload yourself with too much too soon.

Spend time every day reflecting

  • On what you learned, what you could have done differently, and celebrate your accomplishments, large and small.

Take a break when you need a break

  • It’s ok to say no, cancel appointments, or just stay at home.
  • Recognize when you need time and space to recharge your batteries.

Create nourishing and beneficial habits

  • Starting over can truly mean starting over in every aspect of your life.

Staying in gratitude

  • Helps you stay grounded.
  • End every day grateful for at least one thing or person and the lesson, help or insight.

Focus on the journey and not the destination

  • So many times, we miss what is right in front of us trying to get to the finish line.
  • Slow down and enjoy the ride.

Be open to new opportunities

  • Friendships, connections, work, and volunteering.
  • You never know what might happen just by being open to something new.

Trust yourself and the process

  • Every single occurrence in life happens for a reason.
  • Trust you are exactly where you are supposed to be at any given moment and the decisions you need to make.

Enjoy your new life

  • Experience you are creating.
  • You’ve given yourself the greatest gifts of freedom, joy, happiness, surrender, and pleasure.

Moving to Mérida has been an amazing experience, although it has come with a few challenges at times, it has been well worth the adventure. I hope this article gave you insight on moving to this beautiful city and you’ll find the rest of this website helpful if you choose to move here.