21 Reasons to Retire in Mérida

Thinking about retiring in Mérida? This article, 21 Reasons to Retire in Mérida, will help start the process for you and give you some important information, resources, and tips. When you are ready to book a Retirment Tour, contact us for more information.

21 Reasons to Retire in Mérida

  1. Safest city in Mexico
  2. Safest city in Latin America
  3. Second safest city in North America
  4. 2020 population approximately 1,000,000
  5. Estimated 10,000 expats from U.S. & Canada
  6. Condé Nast: Mexico’s Most Creative & Affordable City
  7. Two-time recipient of the prestigious Cultural Capital of the Americas designation
  8. Ease of flying into & out of the city
  9. Budget friendly for all types of expats
  10. Outstanding health care
  11. State of the art hospitals & medical facilities
  12. Low cost of living
  13. Close to the beach
  14. Supportive expat community
  15. Affordable goods & services
  16. High quality of life
  17. Gastronomic destination
  18. Rich with culture & heritage
  19. Colonial inspired city & architecture
  20. Cultural & artistic events
  21. Historical sites & cities closeby

Retirement Considerations

1) Listen to your gut – During my research trip to Mérida (also my first visit), my gut said, “This is your home.” I’m grateful I listened.

2) Be realistic – I began downsizing & getting rid of things well before my move. I didn’t try to do it all at once (too overwhelming, even for me).

3) Create a deadline or timeline – I put a date on the calendar on my fridge. Every day I had to look at the date to remind myself to keep on track.

Keep in mind, when conducting your research, the more on-site knowledge you have, the better equipped you are when you get ready to make your move.

List Retirement in Mérida Pros & Cons

1) Cost of living:  rent, purchase, medical expenses, food, etc.

2) Quality of life

3) Family or friendship responsibilities

4) Destination options (are you considering other locations?)

Hotels & Other Local Recommendations

We recommend you stay in Centro to experience the heart and soul of Mérida.

Hotel Casa Lucia

Located across the street from Santa Lucia Park, we have a great rate here. Contact Jeanette Marin via email at: ventas2@diplader.com  Be sure to tell her you want the Life in Mérida rate with Amy Jones.

City Express Plus 

This hotel in Paseo 60 is great and only 2 blocks from Paseo de Montejo.  Good wifi connection with shopping, ADO station, and restaurant options on the ground floor.

Find more hotels & other recommendations HERE.