21 Things People Said to Me When I Told Them I was Moving to Mérida Mexico

Jesus the Duck Man of Merida and Amy Jones of Life in Merida

In the fall of 2019, I announced I was moving to Mérida Mexico. Moving to Mexico was a dream I had since 2006 when I lived in the Riviera Maya located just south of Cancun. But, life had other plans for me along with some curveballs and a pretty drastic roller coaster ride. I began to believe my dream would never come true. I thought I would have to settle for the status quo and remain stuck exactly where I was. Fortunately, The Universe heard my plea and created circumstances to help me fast-track to Mérida in less than 2 years. I made the conscientious decision to stop over-thinking and start listening to my gut.

Let me tell you (and I know you know how it feels) the freedom I felt when I just stopped thinking. My heart and my intuition led the way, step by step. Now, I’m finally in Mérida and I couldn’t be happier. But wait there’s more . . . When I finally came clean about my upcoming move, the information was received with love and joy but also some snarky comments. I’m never sure why people feel compelled to give you their unsolicited advice or commentary however it does make for a good story which I want to share with you. Some of the comments and questions were expected, some caught me quite off guard.

This article was updated in August of 2023.

Here are the 21 Things People Said to Me When I Told

Them I was Moving to Mérida Mexico. 😉


Bienvenideos arch in Merida Mexico

#1 – Why would you want to go Mexico? Mexicans leave Mexico and move to U.S.

Feeling stuck and unhappy, I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact I would never be able to move to Mexico or outside Dallas for that matter. In fact, I began to believe that being happy was something unattainable. I think the old saying “the grass is always greener” comes to mind. I was searching for the place to make me happy and that place has always been Mexico. It was the reward for being semi-depressed and a little escape from my daily grind. Mexico soothed me, cleared my senses, and eased my soul. At my unhappiest in Dallas, I could always go to Mexico even if it was only in my mind. 

It was during a trip to Tulum that I began daydreaming about places where I could breathe and relax into a lifestyle that worked for me. I decided to begin a list of locations and needs to help me escape.  My research included San Miguel de Allende, Ajijic, Lake Chapala, San Cristobal de las Casas and Mérida. After looking at the pros and cons like good internet, great weather, arts, culture, and, of course, the availability of Amazon, I found myself narrowing in on Mérida.

Because the search for happiness can take us anywhere, I found my happy in Merida. In fact, the actual translation of Bienvenido is, “that it is received with pleasure or complacency, especially because it comes at the right time.” And so yes, while some flock to a specific city in the USA for happiness, I found my happy in Merida.


#2 – How are you going to move all your things to Mexico?

Great question! I’ve been about a minimalist lifestyle for quite some time. I sold my house, most of my things, sold some items online and stored very few valuable items  . . . What I was left with fits in a suitcase now and it’s so refreshing!


Blue volkswagen beetle on the street in Merida Mexico

#3 – Are you going to drive?

Again, another awesome and important question. I am choosing to not bring a car nor get a car in Mexico. (UPDATE: I’ve since changed my mind due to our Retirement Tours because we needed one for our clients.)

My modes of transportation in my new home of Mérida Mexico will include walking, swimming (from the one side of the pool to the other to get to my margarita), Uber, and other modes of public transit.  (I write about public transit over here). I rent a car from time to time when I want to cut loose for a road trip or trek over to the beach.  And, in order to go without a car, I made sure to live in Centro, the central part of the city. so I can walk to just about everywhere I need to go. It’s like living in NYC but a little warmer  =)  (UPDATE:  Living in Centro made me very sick. So Angel and I moved North where it’s quieter, less busy, and a cleaner environment.)

So, yes, it’s a totally different life without a car but then again, it’s so nice not to have to worry about gas, car registration, oil changes, air in the tires and you know what  . . . that leaves more time for dancing!


Jesus the Duck Man of Merida and Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#4 – What will everyone think?

Of course, everyone will have an opinion, that’s typical in life, right? And you know what? Everyone is entitled to have one. But know this . . The people that support me are super happy that I went after my HAPPY place and moved to Mérida. I can’t wait for everyone to see this photo of me and Jesus the Duck Man of Mérida!


#5 – Aren’t you scared?

I want to tell you a little secret. The thing I’m most scared of is regrets. Looking back and thinking, “What if I would have, could have or should have . . . ?” Nope, not going to happen here. Not scared, not afraid, and certainly not any regrets. Actually, I’m more scared of finding a turkey pinata dressed up in a tux (I thought it was a vulture at first . . . lol).


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#6 – Don’t worry, if you don’t like it, you can always come home.

When people are referencing home, they are referencing the city of Dallas. Texas. That was my home for 28 years. And I’ll be honest . . . I haven’t liked Dallas for many years. In Dallas, my challenges included divorce, depression, starting a new business that failed, and massive health issues. What I wanted was community and connection and comfort; a place to feel secure and balanced and alive. So right now, that’s what Mérida has for me.  And yes, things change but a place with community, connection, and comfort is what I will always seek as my home.


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#7 – Why did you choose Mérida?

As I mentioned above, I was looking for community, connection, and comfort. Mérida was on the shortlist of 5 cities that offered community, connection, and comfort. The first time I visited, I could feel it in my gut this was the right place. No need to visit anywhere else. It checked all the boxes and then some.


#8 – Where are you going to live?

An important question! Here are my tentative plans: First, I will arrive and stay at a hotel for one week to get acclimated and get a birds-eye view of the city. Then, I will be focusing my search on a short term rental then a long term rental.  Some of the items on my must-have list are being in a central area so I can walk, air conditioning (if you read my article on weather you would totally understand) and of course a pool! The living situation is going to be an adventure and so much fun to try living in different areas and a great way to meet new people and neighbors. I’m so excited!!


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#9 – What are you going to do for a J-O-B?

Money, money, money . . . I mean, how else will I pay for fresh-baked tortillas and nights out dancing?! Thankfully, I have a variety of skills I plan on using.  And, on top of that, I have been an entrepreneur my entire life. My thought was to get to Mérida and maybe fill a niche need. And VOILA! Here’s what I came up with – this site full of valuable help and info.


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#10 – That’s a pretty selfish thing to do.

Alright, so people actually said this to me.  Eeek! Understandably, everyone has an opinion. To provide some perspective, we all have known people who are unhappy in their current city, neighborhood, or area of the globe and decided to move.  Good on them for taking the plunge! And add me to that list =)   I chose a new city and a new lifestyle to go with that city.  Join me on my “selfish” adventures here  =) 


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#11 – What about your family? That’s kind of like abandoning them, isn’t it?

As a mother, I will never abandon my children. They are in Dallas which is about a 4-hour flight from DFW airport to the Mérida airport. Similar flight durations include DFW to Boston, DFW to Vegas or DFW to Chicago . . . you get the point. My boys are growing into their own lives and I am so proud of them. They no longer need diaper changes, burping, or scheduled playdates.  =) And like most adult children, they are always busy with school, friends, work, and all the shenanigans of being in their 20’s.  If they have time for a text to me or a DM or . . . even a phone call (have you ever tried getting a 20 something on the phone?) – I am ecstatic. 


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#12 – Is there anything that would make you change your mind?

Why would I want to? Beautiful sights like this one await me every single day. There’s an adventure around every corner.


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#13 – It’s about time you started living your life.

Wow! That one woke me up. In that case, here’s to me!


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#14 – You are so courageous. I would never have the guts to do that.

Well, thank you! I think it was a little dose of a fire in my belly + careful planning that helped me make the international move. So excited to be living this new life in Mérida Mexico! And P.S. when are y’all coming to visit for a pool party?


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#15 – Do you know Spanish?

I know enough Spanish to get around. And besides, isn’t the best way to learn being totally immersed? Ganador translates as winner. That’s how I feel each and every day after moving to Mérida Mexico.

#16 – Who are you going to date?

This wasn’t even a consideration. I have complete trust that I am where I need to be at any given time. That was part of moving to Mérida Mexico. If love crosses my path, then great. No one in Dallas ever gave me sweet things like this . . . See who I’m dating now on #21. (UPDATE:  The sweet man that gave me this note….we married in October of 2021.)


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#17 – Are you going by yourself?

That’s an understandable question as I’ve seen many articles about solo international travel or traveling solo in Mexico. And the answer is YES. I’m moving to Mérida Mexico on my own. But thankfully, I ended up with a huge group by my side here, omg, say what?? Completely and utterly solo. No one to report to or argue with.  Sounds liberating, doesn’t it?


#18 – What are you going to eat?

Food and lots of it.  I bet you are probably wondering where I will eat? Typically I will buy food from the grocery store such as ground turkey, fresh vegetables, and regional cheeses and cook in my fabulous kitchen. I’ll also grab snacks from the street vendors, tortillas from the tortilleria down the street, and indulge in some of Merida’s most talked-about restaurants.  It’s going to be the BEST food adventure!


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#19 – Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

My current crisis is whether I want to swim in a cenote or head to Progreso to swim at the beach.  That’s the only crisis happening here =)


Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#20 – Are you really sure you want to do that?

Carpe diem y’all.  Life will always have some doubts, right now, I have no doubts about moving to Mérida and creating a new lifestyle.


Angel Rodriguez and Amy Jones of Life in Merida

#21 – What if you fall in love with someone before you leave?

Once I made the decision to move, nothing was going to stop me. Not even love. And just 4 days after my arrival, I met Angel! (UPDATE:  We married in October 2021.) I’ve had another dream that I thought would never come true . . . to build something with someone. That’s what I’m experiencing now. Building a new life, a new business, a new home in a new location. Life’s experiences are so much better when shared . . . don’t you agree?


Moving to Mérida Mexico

In my life, I’ve raised 2 beautiful boys, worked in real estate, helped people move (and pack their house) to move into new homes, and coached people to live their best lives.  This is my new chapter and I’m thankful for the journey on moving to Mérida Mexico. This is my Life in Mérida and I’m so glad you are here. One more thing before I go . . want to see EVERYTHING happening here, come on over to this really awesome group.

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