Is there a Starbucks in Mérida Mexico?

Starbucks in Mérida

It is common, when traveling, to search for creature comforts from home. One of those comforts for many people is Starbucks. I would even dare say, it is one of the first things people search for. Is there a Starbucks in Mérida Mexico? Absolutely! There are actually 12 Starbucks in Mérida! First, I’ll tell you all the locations of the Starbucks. Then, I’ll list some of the other amazing coffee shops you must try. Did you know Mérida has over 100 coffee shops? Yes, coffee is definitely a “thing” here.

And, no matter what the weather, people drink coffee all year long.

This article was updated in May of 2023.

Starbucks in Mérida Mexico Locations

  • Hidalgo Park – Calle 60 between 59 y 61 (Centro)
  • Paseo de Montejo – close to Wal-mart but on the opposite side of the street (Centro)
  • Itzimna – Calle 31 on the corner of 20, close to Gran Chapur (Centro)
  • Altabrisa Mall  – Calle 7 (Altabrisa)
  • Urban Center Merida – Calle 18 close to the corner of 22, located in same plaza as Chedraui Super Selecto (Monterreal)
  • Gran Plaza Mall – Calle 75 (Montes de Ame)
  • Prol. Montejo – outside Gran Plaza Mall (Gonzalo Guerrero)
  • Calle Av. Correa Rachó – close to Monumento a las Haciendas (Montebello)
  • The Harbor Mall – Prol. Montejo (Zona Industrial)
  • City Center – Calle 30 (San Ramon Norte)
  • La Isla Mall – (San Vicente Oriente)
  • Faro Hospital – Calle 24 (Santa Gertrudis Copo)
  • Plaza Gran Santa Fe – Calle 23 between 72 y 70 (Caucel)

Now, you know all the Starbucks in Mérida Mexico. Let’s look at some other cool, local spots in both Centro and The North neighborhoods that I highly recommend.

Cup of coffee with floral foam design in white mug with a pastry in the background Starbucks in Mérida

Must-Try Coffee Shops in Merida, Mexico

If you are a coffee lover or looking to explore the scene, you must know that coffee shops are a BIG deal for locals! There are over 100 coffee shops in the Merida area, all serving up delicious roasts.

If you are planning a trip to the city or if you are a Mérida local, trying out some of the city’s cafes is absolutely a must. From boutique cafes to places that are perfect for coworking, here is a list of the coffee shops you absolutely need to visit!

Coffee Shops in Mérida Mexico Centro

1. Bengala Kaffeehaus

📍 Calle 60 X 55 Y 53 – Centro, 97000
Bengala Kaffeehaus is known for their coffee, tea, and breakfast! Situated just 1 mile from Paseo de Montejo, Bengala Kaffeehaus is a must-try next time you are in Mérida. There is plenty of outdoor seating, and even plugs to charge your devices. Also, the flat white is a local favorite.

2. Café Crème

📍 Calle 41 at the Corner of Calle 60 – Centro, 97000
Café Crème is a French restaurant and café, and it’s a go-to spot for locals. Boasting 200+ reviews on Trip Advisor, it is clear a popular option for travelers also! Not only do they have amazing coffee, but they also have a tasty selection of pastries and a wonderful breakfast menu. Feel the European inspiration the moment you walk in the door.

3. Orgánico Bar de Café & Cocina

📍 Calle 53 No. 502-D Por 60 y 62, Centro, 97000
Orgánico bar de café & cocina not only has great coffee, but they also offer a café-style cuisine! The best part? They have vegetarian and vegan options, which can be tough to find in Mérida. Although it looks like a hole in the wall, the food and coffee are excellent! Also, being centrally located, it is absolutely a must-try shop!

4. OMG Cafe

📍 Avenida Colon, Calle 21 x Calle 6 y 8, Garcia Gineres, 97070
OMG is highly rated – and for a good reason. Being ranked #1 of 36 for Coffee and Tea in Mérida is quite the accomplishment. They boast 200+ reviews on Trip Advisor and locals rave about the coffee and breakfast. Also – they offer vegetarian and vegan options, so it has something for everyone.

5. DILAN Coffee

📍 Calle 47 #531 x 70 Centro, 97000
DILAN Coffee is a favorite amongst locals. It’s a smaller venue so it has a very cozy feel. Also, the service is impeccable. One local said it felt like “friends making coffee for friends”. Definitely a place not to be missed!

Starbucks in Mérida

6. Manifesto

📍 Calle 59 No. 538, Centro, 97000
Manifesto is a cute little shop right near Centro. If you are on a tour and looking to get a break from the heat, this is definitely the place to take a quick break. But it’s not just a shop, it’s a toaster house. Sit back with a nice cup of coffee and order one of their delicious sandwiches while experiencing impeccable customer service. Also – you can bring your laptop and get some work done. Or if you are in a hurry, you can order from them online.

7. Latte Quattro Sette

📍 Calle 47 #475 x 54 y 56, Centro, 97000
Latte Quattro Sette was named one of the ‘most Instagrammable’ places by Vogue Magazine Mexico & Latin America. Visitors describe it as a “gem”, and once you step foot into the venue, you will understand why! They have great music, and you will hear everything from 70s soul to 90s boy bands and everything in between. If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing place to spend some time, this is the shop for you!

8. Marago Coffee

📍 Paseo de Montejo x 39 y 41, Centro 97000
If you are looking for a cute spot to do some people watching, Marago Coffee is the place for you! Located on Paseo de Montejo, it is the perfect place to sip a cup of joe at their outdoor seating area. Also – the coffee is absolutely phenomenal.

9. Estacion 72

📍 Calle 72 y Colon, Garcia Gineres, 97070
If you are looking for a great spot to meet up with friends, Estacion 72 is the place to go. They have plenty of space and their coffee is also delicious. Also – it is a great spot to get some work done. They have huge windows with lots of natural light pouring in throughout the day. Of course, this atmosphere makes one feel very productive.

10. Kadus Café

📍 Calle 60 #326 x 25 y 23, Alcala Martin, 97050
Kadus Café is proclaimed as “Instagram worthy”. This mean that everything is so aesthetically pleasing, you will want to share the experience with your friends and family. Kadus has two locations, both featuring a relaxed environment and a welcoming staff. It’s a great place to get some work done during the day or do some homework after school. Also, they are pet friendly.

Cup of coffee with wooden coffee spoons on a wooden bar Starbucks in Mérida

Coffee Shops in Mérida Mexico Norte

1. Merci

📍Calle 39 y 14, Colonia Montes de Ame, 97115
While Merci not only has great coffee, they also have amazing food. If you’re headed for breakfast, definitely make a reservation. Really good service and menus in English. They even serve English Breakfast Tea, as I discovered on my most recent visit. Located in San Angelo Square, you’ll find the location modern and clean.

2. Dalia

📍Calle 39 y 14, Colonia Montes de Ame, 97115
Also located in San Angelo Square. I love this review of Dalia from Trip Advisor, “If you want a great espresso coffee and better food than the other restaurants in the north of Merida, go here. They have a Mexico City-trained barista who knows what a real cafe latte is and how to make it perfectly. Their food is also beautifully presented. The restaurant has a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. We love it!” Need I say more?

3. Petit Delice

📍Avenida Garcia Lavin #352, Colonia San Ramon Norte, 97117
Located in Victory Plaza, Petit Delice is an authentic European bakery. Offering great coffee and wonderful pastries in a stylish atmosphere. Pastry Chef Celine, classically trained in France, presents beautiful food made with love. A little something different for a taste of Europe in Mexico.

4. Kii’wik Cafe Boutique

📍Avenida García Lavín #313, Colonia San Ramon Norte, 97117
Kii’wik combines American, European and Yucatecan dishes with a delightful twist. Fresh coffee (I recommend the cortado). A wonderful place for breakfast. The offerings are a wonderful blend of local fare and Kiiwik’s signature spin. One of their specialities is a gluten free muffin made with Chaya and pumpkin seeds.

5. El Orden del Caos

📍Calle 30 x 13 y 15, Colonia México, 97125
A relatively new cafe that’s different from others. It’s a great place to work, have a meeting and use your laptop. They even have whiteboards to capture your great ideas. They offer great coffee and food. Worth a visit, especially if you’re a digital nomad or remote worker. A very different alternative to Starbucks in Mérida Mexico.

espresso machine making coffee Starbucks in Mérida

Final Thoughts on Is there a Starbucks in Mérida Mexico?

If you are planning a trip to Mérida or if you live in the city, check out these spots and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear about your favorite coffee shops and I’ll add them to this list in the near future.

If you are interested in learning more about Life in Mérida, check out Mérida Retirement Tours. I am very passionate about this city and have developed a deep love for it. I hope that you will enjoy this city as much as I do!

Mérida, Mexico has previously been named the American Capital of Culture, highlighting the Yacatan capital’s many abundant riches. For travelers looking to explore the area, the city has a ton to offer. While historical and unique, Mérida also has tons of modern activities, shops, and things to do . . . a city where there is something for everyone!