Mérida Mexico on a Budget: Our Guide for the Best Tips

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Whether you are a history buff, foodie, lover of the arts, collector of hand-made crafts, or are looking for a relaxing vacation experience, Mérida should be on your list. As the capital of the state of Yucatán, it serves as an important city attracting a wide variety of people from all walks of life. While Mexico has suffered from negative news, many people visit Mérida on a regular basis. What if you could visit this wonderful city on a budget? Sound good? Read Our Guide to Mérida Mexico On A Budget for tips, tricks, and hacks for your trip to Mérida.

This article was updated in February of 2023.

Our Guide to Mérida Mexico on a Budget

Located in the Yucatan peninsula, Mérida is a vibrant and culturally rich destination. It has an extensive history found in museums, city tours, art galleries, restaurants, monuments, and other attractions.

Why is Mérida a little known city?

Tourists frequent coastal and beach destinations. Even though Mérida is close to the beach, it is not directly on the beach.

The best things about visiting Mérida are the many events, locations, museums and things to do on any budget. Frequent and free community events, local food, and public transportation make it easy to navigate the city, learn about the culture and, most importantly EAT!

Travel to Mérida via ADO from Cancún

  • Tip #1 The most budget-friendly way to get to Mérida is to fly into Cancún.
    Since Cancún is a popular destination in Mexico, many airlines offer low fares especially if you fly during the low season.
  • Tip #2 Consider visiting during the low season just after Easter until late September. You will be able to take advantage of lower pricing on accommodations during this time.

News flash –

Low season is also HOT weather, so be prepared!

  • Tip #3 The best days to fly are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I’ve found these days will have lower airfare. Use a fare-finder tool on Expedia or Southwest Airlines to find the best fare for your location.
  • Tip #4 If you decide to visit in January, you can take advantage of a variety of free concerts, plays, circus acts, dance performances, lectures, and more during the annual Mérida Fest. Unless it rains most events are well attended.

Let’s see exactly how this works . . .

  • Tip #5 Once you arrive in Cancún, you can take the ADO bus directly to Mérida. With three different levels of service, you can review all to compare pricing and schedules. Most people will also tell you that the lowest level of service is quite basic and not that great.

Spend a few more dollars to get the mid-range or higher level of service. It’s worth the extra money to save aggravation and a possible bus breakdown which has known to happen on the cheapest level of service.

How to prepare for Mérida’s hot weather

Think about this for a moment –

Mérida is inland. This means you will experience both heat and humidity. It’s no surprise, weather in Mérida is slightly different than other coastal and beach destinations.

Therefore, it gets mucho calor as locals say with an average daily temp of 97 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 to 95% humidity.

  • Tip #6 Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen AND mosquito spray as the mosquitoes in Mérida are super pesky little guys! These two items can be pricier than the U.S. and your favorite brands may not be available.

Most importantly, remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. For this reason, you might consider drinking water with a high PH and electrolytes added. Notably, you’ll find many different bottled water brands in most grocery stores, averaging $18 pesos per 950 ml bottle.

Merida Tours and Services Guide by Amy Jones of Life in Merida

Mérida’s Centro is walkable to many restaurants, events, and shops

Staying in Centro may be a little pricier than staying on the outskirts. News flash:  you’re able to experience Merida Mexico on a budget better from a central location.

You’ve heard the advice a million times – 

The closer you stay to the things you want to do, the more you will enjoy your vacation.

  • Tip #7  Plan 5 – 6 months in advance and visit during low season. Expect to pay from $40 – $60 nightly for a one-bedroom, one-bath house.
  • Tip #8 In Mérida, you can find options that advertise a bedroom or guest house with shared living and kitchen space.

yellow two story house with white ironwork in merida mexico

I love the bright yellow color of this house! It reminds me of Izamal, one of Yucatan’s magic cities.

Let me explain –

This wonderful option offers a budget-friendly stay as well as allows interaction with the host or other guests. Plan 5 – 6 months in advance and visit during low season. Expect to pay from $26 – $50 nightly for a one-bedroom, one-bath with shared spaces.

Remarkably, you will find your new favorite spots within walking distance. You’ll also be able to hop on and off a bus quickly.

Trust me, it is well worth paying a little more to stay in Centro. I’m a huge fan of Airbnb in Mérida Mexico however there are many choices for accommodations.

Markets in Mérida offer fresh ingredients

Do you want to know the best way to travel frequently on a budget? It’s easy when you rent a house and cook delicious meals at home.

Don’t even try to deny it –

Dining out can be one of the most expensive costs of traveling.

Without a doubt, cooking at home ultimately will save quite a bit of money. When exploring your accommodations, send the host a message to inquire about the kitchen and amenities.

In addition to chatting with your host, read feedback from other guests for valuable information.

That’s right, I’ve learned so much by chatting with locals. Each person has a unique perspective and interesting ideas to offer.

tostadas, ceviche, and cheese empanada in a cocina economica in Santiago Market in Merida Mexico

From the Santiago Market, different types of food from the cocina economicas are very delicious.

Mérida offers a variety of hostels in Centro

If you are adventurous, you may try staying at a hostel. There are some wonderful hostels listed on Airbnb where you can see reviews, photos, and the location.

It’s worth noting some of the luxury hostels in Centro have WiFi, swimming pools, and free breakfast.

As a rule, I highly recommend vetting your hostel on multiple internet sites for reviews and recommendations.

  • Tip #9 For a hostel in Centro expect to pay between $8 – $20 USD. Remember, in a hostel, you may or may not have access to a kitchen. At these prices however it may be worth eating out every meal!

Historic hotels in Mérida have modern conveniences

Hotels, especially historic hotels, are quite fascinating in Mérida. For instance, you will find a diverse variety with a vast range of prices.

By contrast, hotels range from new and modern to older with an antique look and feel.

One of my favorites is the historic Gran Hotel de Mérida located on Calle 60 #496 in Centro. It was Mérida’s first hotel. Grab a latte at Starbucks, have gelato, and people watch in Parque Hidalgo.

The central location is within walking distance, short Uber, or quick bus ride to many of the things to do, see and experience in The White City.

  • Tip #10 Before booking a hotel, I recommend researching it on multiple internet sites. Don’t rely exclusively on the hotel’s website for information. Utilize Google, Trip Advisor, Airbnb, VRBO, and other sites that provide reviews to learn about historic hotels for your Mérida Mexico budget.
  • Tip #11 The nightly rate ranges from $45 – $65 depending upon the season.

If you decide to stay at the Gran Hotel de Mérida, ask for a room towards the back of the hotel away from Calle 60 which is a busy street.

Get to know Mérida by walking or using public transportation 

Whether you know it or not, walking or taking public transportation helps you experience the culture from a local viewpoint.

Seeing the neighborhoods and people who live here is an important part of traveling and your time in Mérida.

  • Tip #12 I love to walk and that is my first choice to get to where I’m going. I find amazing and wonderful things when I walk but I have to be aware of the uneven and sometimes precarious sidewalks.
  • Tip #13 Public transportation is readily available in Mérida. Depending upon where you are, you will have choices between buses, vans, or Uber.

But let me share one more thing –

Time is very precious to me. I’m not one to spend time waiting for a bus or trying to figure out the best route to get from Point A to Point B (even if it does save a little money).


Self guided tour guide for Merida Mexico neighborhoods by Amy Jones of Life in Merida

Yes, Uber is available in Mérida

  • Tip #14 When the walk is too far, it’s too late or too hot, I opt for Uber. Most of the time it will cost me between $2 – $4 U.S. to get where I am going around Centro.

Now hold on a minute, I know you’re thinking a few dollars adds up over time.

But check this out . . .

Waiting on a bus, time spent starting and stopping then finally reaching your destination can take between an hour to an hour and a half. You’ll spend $2 – $4 U.S. on an Uber or $8 pesos on a bus. Ultimately, it is up to your tolerance level and Mérida Mexico on a Budget.

Compare the cost of taking Uber from Centro vs. taking Uber from Altabisa, for example. If you have planned things in Centro, take into consideration the time and cost of travel.

  • Tip #15 For more information about public transportation in Mérida, read this article.

Cocina economicas are perfect for Mérida Mexico on a Budget

Personally, I’ve been able to visit super yummy cocina economicas all over town. Talk about the best thing for your Mérida Mexico on a budget!

Urbano 30 cocina economica and cafeteria in Merida Mexico

An example of a modern cocina economica in Centro.

Check out some of the neighborhood markets and ask for recommendations from people you talk to. In short, these are places you may never try on your own.

My favorite cocina economicas?

Parque Santa Ana on the corner of Calle 60 and Calle 47. and the Santiago Mercado on the corner of Calle 57 and Calle 72. Both of these markets are featured by numerous YouTubers so they will look familiar. Eat at the spots with the most people.

  • Tip #16 Yucatecan regional classics are panuchos and salbutes topped with cochinita pibil (pulled pork) or relleno negro (pulled turky in a black sauce).
  • Tip #17 Add a Chaya drink with pineapple or limon.

Chaya is a local herb similar to spinach. It is used in a variety of ways and recipes from soup to drinks and medicinal purposes just like we would use spinach.

  • Tip #18 A taco from Wayan’e is a must when you are in Mérida. There are three locations; google which is the closest to you when you are hungry for tacos from this famous stand. My favorite location is Calle 15 X 18A y 20 in Colonia Itzimná.

Local tip – 

Be sure to go up to the counter to view all the wonderful fillings available at the moment. Be sure to try the huevos con chaya and the castacan (pork belly) which is their specialty. Two of the taco makers have been at this location since 1995.

Happy Hour in Mérida Mexico

Here’s the kicker . . .

Many cantinas and local dive bars offer happy hour with botanas which means snacks.

Chemas cantina in Merida Mexico

Little neighborhood bars like this one often offer botanas when you order beer. 

Depending on the establishment, botanas can range from a small snack to a more filling small appetizer.

  • Tip #19 If you ask any local where the best botanas are, they will most definitely tell you about Eladio’s. This famous botanas bar is located on Calle 59 #425 x 44 in Centro. They have happy hour specials with botanas, entrees, a wide variety of drinks and music. It is an experience not to be missed!
  • Tip #20 A smaller establishment with snacks, character, and live music is La Negrita Cantina on Calle 62 #415 x 49. Arrive early to get a table in the large open-air courtyard.

But one thing’s for sure . . .

After these yummy snacks and food, you need dessert!

Merida Driving Guide by Amy Jones of Life in Merida

Famous Yucatecan desserts

  • Tip #21: Just a couple of blocks from La Negrita, you will find Pola Gelato on  Calle 55 #467D x 62 y 64. Milk-based and sorbet-style, dairy-free gelato is hand-made with local ingredients.  Regional flavors are also the primary focus but also include traditional gelato favorites like stracciatella. Available in a dish or a hand-made waffle cone and one scoop is budget friendly. Try a shot of espresso on top!

Here’s the secret –

It’s impossible to visit Mérida without buying pan or pan dulce (bread or sweet bread) from a panaderia.

So it’s no surprise, there are plenty of panaderias in town.  BUT one of the most exceptional is the one facing the Monumento A La Patria on Paseo de Montejo y Calle 27A.

  • Tip #22 A must visit is to Panificadora Montejo on Paseo de Montejo just before it turns into Prol. Paseo Montejo. You’ll find an impressive selection including a refrigerated section with custards and other desserts. Depending upon your choices, expect to pay between $8 pesos to $40 pesos.

To make your selection, grab a tray and tongs. Place your items such as mil hojas (flaky pastry dough with custard filling and rich black and white icing), pan dulce, vanilla muffins, or croissants, on the tray and then take it to the counter. Your items will be wrapped up when you pay.

  • Tip #23 Another must-have is a Marquesita. You will find Marquesita carts all over the city but in case you don’t see one, there is a shop on the Paseo de Montejo between Calle 35 y 37.

Let me warn you – 

This is a taste you’ve never had before. One is perfect…two is too many (take it from me who has had two…no Bueno!). These yummy treats are made to order.

They are a mix between a crispy crepe and a waffle cone. Rolled up with Edam cheese and another filling of your choice like cajeta (a caramel sauce), honey, chocolate, jam, peanut butter, or Nutella, you can see why one is a great idea and two is not!

Marquesitas dessert from street food cart in merida mexico

Free entertainment in Mérida

The amount of free entertainment in Mérida is so extensive that you can literally find a free event every single day of the week. Read this article about the Neighborhoods in Mérida for more information.

  • Tip #24 Since 1965, Santa Lucia Park on Calle 60 x 55 hosts the Yucatecan Serenade every Thursday at 9:00 pm. This is an open-air event with live music and local history; exhibiting traditional costumes and dancing from Ballet Folklorico.

Most definitely, this is a night that I would splurge a little on restaurants located in the passageways close to the stage.

A range of delicious choices include:

  • La Tratto (Italian) has the best views
  • Bryan’s Burger Bar (American)
  • Apoala (Traditional Yucatecan)
  • Ki Xocolatl (Desserts, Drinks & Chocolate)

Here’s something really interesting . . .

Make a reservation to sit outside at any of the restaurants in the park for approximately 8:00 or 8:15. Santa Lucia Park will start filling up with people around 8:30. By arriving early, you will be able to enjoy your dinner and the show!

There is never a rush to finish your meal so the waiter can turn the table. Take your time and linger as long as you like. That means remember to tip your waiter accordingly (15 – 20% is a good tip).

colorful red dresses worn by dancers performing at a street carnival in Merida Mexico

Colorful costumes are part of the beauty of the dancers and the shows found mainly in Centro. 

  • Tip #25 For entertainment, food, and shopping with small local vendors, attend the Noches Mexicanas on Calle 56A at the intersection of the Paseo de Montejo. This enchanting event occurs every Saturday from 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm. You will find unique artisan vendors, local food, music, dancing, and entertainment.
  • Tip #26 Another great location for entertainment, food, and shopping is the Plaza Grande between Calles 60 and 62, between 61 and 63. People from Chiapas walk around and sell embroidered linens and clothing. Numerous restaurants and food vendors surround this area and the entertainment is non-stop.

Both of these locations offer opportunities to purchase items perfect for Mérida Mexico on a Budget. Beautiful places to experience the heart of Mérida. You could literally spend the entire day in Plaza Grande.

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Mérida was taking a photo in front of the colorful Mérida sign. Many locals and tourists alike line up to have a photo op at Plaza Grande.


  • Tip #28 There’s only one way to experience an authentic re-enactment of a Maya tradition. Check out the Pok Ta Pok Mayan Ball Game located in front of the Catedral de San Ildefonso at the Plaza Grande. This event occurs every Saturday at 8:30 pm. I definitely recommend arriving early to get a good spot in front to see the exciting warriors play this unique game.
  • Tip #29 If you are here on a Sunday morning, don’t miss the Mérida BiciRuta on the Paseo de Montejo. Every Sunday 8:00 am – 12:30 pm the Paseo is closed off for biking, walking, and community connection. Rent a bike at Bici Mérida on Paseo de Montejo at Calle 56 495B. Hourly rentals are available. Moreover, this is a really fun way to spend your Sunday morning.

Mérida features culture, art, and history

  • Tip #30 While you are on the Paseo de Montejo, check out the east side where artists set up their offerings from paintings to jewelry to home accessories and other hand-crafted items.

You can find many deals here between 9:00 am – 2:00 pm at the Artists on the Paseo. Be sure to ask how they came to live in Mérida, many have interesting and engaging stories.

  • Tip #31 Visit Museo Casa Montejo at Calle 63 #506 to see an authentic colonial mansion. This stately restored 16th-century house-turned-museum features art exhibitions and cultural events. Entry is free and they offer guided tours for those interested in the history of the house. For other museums, read this article for a complete list.
  • Tip #32 For everything you could ever want under the sun, the Lucas Galvez Market probably has it. Undisputedly, this is the largest market in Mérida where you can immerse yourself in everything local; culture, incredible foods, and hand-crafted goods. Find rows of spices, hammocks, hand-embroidered clothes, flowers, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, pets, household items, shoes, shoe repair, jewelry, and more.

Notably, that means you need to leave a Hansel and Gretel breadcrumb trail so you don’t get lost in the chaos of this enormous market. Lucas Galvez Market is located on Calle 59A between 67 and 69. It is open every day from very early in the morning until late afternoon. Some vendors stay open later.

  • Tip #33 Take a final photo op sitting in the white chairs found all over Mérida. Santa Lucia Park has huge ones that many people love. What are these chairs?

The answer might surprise you . . .

As part of Yucatecan culture and identity, it is very rare to find in other Mexican states an abundance of “sillas tu y yo” or “you and me chairs”. In addition to that, the origin of these chairs is unknown. Some say the design was taken from the “butacas confidentes”, the name of similar chairs in France during the Renaissance. Notably, they were created to allow couples to court and face each other but not touch in more conservative times past.

In Mérida, you will find culture and individuality; a beautiful city with a unique quality. Influences from both Latin America and Europe provide a backdrop for this guide to Mérida Mexico on a budget.

Most certainly, there is something for everyone with many things that are free or almost free. I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and enjoy your stay in Mérida;  a hidden gem in the Yucatán peninsula.


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