The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

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My goals for this site and this article are to give ALL the answers to your questions about Mérida. Mérida is the special place I live in the Yucatan Peninsula. Keeping you connected, whether you live here or planning your first visit to Mérida. One of the best ways to get to know a town is to take a look at their newspapers.  In this article, I cover the 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read right NOW! 

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

This page contains affiliate links which I make a small commission from so I can buy a coffee at my favorite local coffee shops in Mérida!

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read

Excellent sources of information for both locals and visitors is found in Mérida. The Yucatan is rich with history and tradition. Learning about this beautiful culture is just part of the wonder of discovering Mérida.

The Yucatan Times is the main publication with mass-printed distribution throughout the city. An informative website and Facebook page updated regularly. You’ll find both MID City Beat and Yucatan Expat Life available exclusively online. You can also find MID City Beat and Yucatan Expat Life on Facebook. Bookmark those sites to peruse. Then,  come over to the Resident & Visitor Group over here. 

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

The Yucatan Times

Mr. Raul Curmina Ponce de León and his wife, Silvia, created The Yucatan Times as an English news website and launched on December 4, 2010.

After operating for two and a half years, a group of investors purchased the online newspaper, beginning a new era. Expanding their team of editors, they are now able to update information daily on their website and social media platforms. “To serve the English-speaking community in the Yucatan Peninsula with information and advertising services that exceed the expectations of both readers and customers.” is the mission statement of The Yucatan Times. This printed and online publication targets the English-speaking community in the Yucatan and other regions of Mexico.

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

They excel in providing “the most important regional, national, and international news of relevance to its readers”.
The Yucatan Times is also a valuable resource for travelers all over the world who are looking at the Yucatan region as their next travel destination or place of residence.

The corporate values established by this local news source speak to their high level of communication and integrity. Innovation, trust, teamwork, honesty, and objectivity are their cornerstones.

What do I like about The Yucatan Times? 

Their magazine-style publication is found in many hotels, restaurants, and tourism-related establishments. You can pick up a copy that details events, local news, and other items of interest monthly.

Their website provides a plethora of information regarding tourism, history, entertainment, local and international news, and articles on just about anything you want. In the “columns” search bar, you can type and search about Mèrida. It has a wide variety of information from current events, history, news, and other areas of interest.

There is a drop-down in the Lifestyle Section specifically geared towards Expats. The Yucatan Times is the most comprehensive news.

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

So upon moving here to Mérida, which is what you might find the locals calling The White City, I’ve found the Yucatán Times to help me get out of my house the first few weeks I was here and find some entertainment and fun events to meet new people.

I’ve also discovered two more news sources on the area . .

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

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Yucatán Magazine

Yucatán Magazine delivers news and information both online and in print from our base in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.

Their platform includes:

  • Daily content at, aimed at the Peninsula lifestyle.
  • Glossy, bi-monthly Yucatán at Home magazine, available at retail and by print or digital subscription.
  • Facebook page with over 22,000 followers (more than any other English-language news media in Yucatán).
  • Yucatán Magazine Roundup and Yucatán at Home newsletters have over 4,500 subscribers.
  • Work hand-in-hand with clients selling properties or promoting their brands.

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

What do I like about Yucatán Magazine? 

They offer “relevant, illuminating … or at least worth two minutes of your time” news. They provide meaningful stories, context to observations, and spell out social and economic trends to help make plans and decisions.

MID City Beat

Started in April of 2018 by Stephanie Carmon, MID City Beat is an online magazine dedicated to reporting on the coolest places and stories in Yucatan. Several specialty writers contribute to an array of articles including Arts & Culture, Food & Drink, and Health & Beauty.

MID City Beat provides quality articles, videos, and recommendations of what to check out from the latest events, what’s hot in the culinary, arts and culture scenes that will give you ideas on how to spend your time when you visit or live Mérida, Yucatan.

Stephanie Carmon states, “This city is alive with cultural traditions, a culinary scene that wows world-renowned food critics, bohemian places to chill and high-end classy clubs to sip on a martini mixed by a professional mixologist. Every day and night of the week you can find something interesting to do. With this website/blog, we can give insight to foreigners and Mexicans alike on things worth doing here in this Ciudad Blanca!”

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

What do I like about MID City Beat? 

It is fun, fresh and just the right amount of funky. The photography is beautiful, the information is on point, and well-written articles. Stephanie and her team cover a wide variety of topics that are informative, relevant, and sexy!

My favorite articles? Weekly Columns and Spotlight Sections (most excellent!).

Additional resources for news in Mérida

After living here, I discovered 3 more resources that you might also find helpful –


British born and raised in Mexico, Matthew Harrup founded Mexperience in 2002. He is the editor and he also writes for the website. Mexperience provides information for many locations all over Mexico to connect people seeking travel and lifestyle opportunities, to relevant services, as well as offering professionally created content presented in a trusted environment to an engaged audience.

Discover Mexico through articles and features written by people who know Mexico intimately. Explore Mexico beyond the cookie-cutter and find experiences to enjoy that reflect the true spirit of Mexico, are the mantras for their readership.

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

What do I like about Mexperience? 

They offer a vast amount of information on immigration including personal services and printable guides. Mexperience has become a trusted and reliable resource in Mexico from tourism, to living, to travel, to immigration. The intention to create the best, most robust site with high integrity is apparent in their content and offered services.

I have personally used their transition services to help with my temporary visa. I’ve found them to be responsive, professional and friendly.

Yucatan Living

Even though it appears new content has not been added for a few months, you will still find an amazing amount of information on their website. Be sure to look at the date the article was posted to ensure that the information is still current.

What do I like about Yucatan Living?

Its calendar of events in Mérida is still on point!

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

The Mazatlan Post

Founded in 2018, The Mazatlan Post is all about Mazatlan, Mexico as well as things of concern for current and future ex-pats. At times, their translations are a bit elementary but the information is still interesting and relevant. It has some good information about Mérida as well.

What do I like about Mazatlan Post?

Daily posts on their website and Facebook page provide great news.

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

Final thoughts on the best Mérida Mexico newspapers

As you can see, there are multiple sources for news, information, resources, and other practical items you may need. I hope this article provided you with a comprehensive list of places to go to find more of what you are looking for. Of course, I have my own Facebook Group to provide resources for visiting or moving to Mérida. As an American ex-pat that has moved here, I can offer a ton of guidance on every aspect of Mérida’s life.

My readers have enjoyed downloading the Traveler’s Rolodex (grab this freebie at the bottom of this article) before their trip here. They’ve also told me that they liked my article on tipping, laundry, Uber and important advice on the drinking water here.

The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read