The 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read 

Stack of the folded Newspapers in Mérida Mexico Newspapers

My goal for this site is to provide ALL the answers to your questions about Mérida. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mérida is a very special place. From culture to gastronomy to history to friendly people, it’s a large city with a small town feel. My intention is keeping you connected, whether you live here or are planning your first visit to Mérida. One of the best ways to get to know what’s happening is by keeping up with current events, history, and publications you may or may not know about. Here are the 3 Best Mérida Mexico Newspapers You Need to Read right NOW! 

Mérida Mexico Newspapers

Excellent sources of information for both locals and visitors is found in Mérida. The Yucatan is rich with history and tradition. Learning about this beautiful culture is just part of the wonder of discovering Mérida.

The Yucatan Times, Yucatan Today, and Yucatan Magazine are the main publications in the city. The first two have mass-printed distribution throughout the city. You can find them in hotels and restaurants. Yucatan Magazine is printed quarterly. All three have informative websites and Facebook pages updated regularly. You’ll also find helpful information on MID CityBeat which is available exclusively online. You can also join a plethora of Facebook groups for information as well. But, there are times when information provided is not correct or up to date.


The Yucatan Times

Mr. Raul Curmina Ponce de León and his wife, Silvia, created The Yucatan Times as an English news website and launched on December 4, 2010. After operating for two and a half years, a group of investors purchased the online newspaper, beginning a new era. Expanding their team of editors, they are now able to update information daily on their website and social media platforms. Printed and online publications target the English-speaking community in the Yucatan and other regions of Mexico.

Their Mission:
“To serve the English-speaking community in the Yucatan Peninsula with information and advertising services
that exceed the expectations of both readers and customers.”

They excel in providing “the most important regional, national, and international news of relevance to its readers”. It’s also a valuable resource for travelers all over the world who are looking at the Yucatan region as their next travel destination or place of residence. The corporate values established by this local news source speak to their high level of communication and integrity. Innovation, trust, teamwork, honesty, and objectivity are their cornerstones.

The Yucatan Times newspaper cover featuring Mayan Ruins one of the Mérida Mexico NewspapersWhat I like about The Yucatan Times

Their newspaper-style weekly publication details events, local news, and other items of interest.  The website provides a plethora of information regarding tourism, history, entertainment, local and international news, and articles on just about anything you want. I suggest picking up some old copies as well as some of the information never goes out of date such as cenotes, wildlife, haciendas, and more.

In the “columns” search bar, you can type and search about Mèrida. It has a wide variety of information from current events, history, news, and other areas of interest. There is a drop-down in the Lifestyle Section specifically geared towards Expats. The publisher of The Yucatan Times is also publishes San Miguel Times. So, if you’ve ever been there it might look familiar.

Yucatan Today

The news shared in Yucatan Today is valuable. Full of history, things to do and see, and even wonderful advertising from vendors you may need now or in the future. Each issue is in English and Spanish. Notably, this helps me learn Spanish faster as I can read an article in both languages. This year Yucatan Today celebrates 35 years in publication.

Co-founder Judy Abbott states, “During these 35 years, we’ve seen many changes, not only in Mérida and the entire state, but also with technology and everyday life, which prompted the birth of Yucatán Today online. This is where you will find the archives of years of unabridged articles and information. With no space limit like with printing, online is the real encyclopedia. With these varied audiences of readers that use Yucatán Today, we aim to not only share all there is to see in Yucatán but to also help each of them understand, appreciate, and adapt to the Yucatecan essence and culture: the reason they came here in the first place. We don’t want to see the Mayab turned into a Disney World or plastic Mexican show. Our monthly articles always offer insight into Yucatecan traditions and ways of life. Have you read about why knives are stuck in the ground or chairs are turned upside down to ward off rain before a wedding or party? Or about how cenotes are not exactly underground swimming pools? We’ve had the time to cover it all.”

35th anniversary of Yucatan Today magazine cover image one of the Mérida Mexico Newspapers

What I like about Yucatan Today

Relevant articles, great advertisting, and MAPS! Yes! You can find maps of:

  • Centro
  • Downtown
  • Paseo de Montejo & Prol. Montejo
  • Yucatan Peninsula
  • Mérida City

They also include a great “where to eat” section as well as an events guide.

Yucatán Magazine

Yucatán Magazine delivers news and information both online and in print from their base in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. From their website:  “…a resource for curious readers looking for news, information and inspiration about living in Mexico. We are the most trusted English-language platform for foreigners and expats in Yucatán, and their preferred source when making plans to live here. For a decade we have satisfied the appetite for local lifestyle and culture by promoting Yucatán’s wonders and its creative community. Our readers are people who are excited about the possibilities this region brings and prepared to invest here.”

Their platform includes:

  • Online daily content aimed at the Peninsula lifestyle.
  • Glossy, quarterly magazine, available at select locations or digital subscription.


What's New and Welcome Back Issue of Yucatan Magazine one of the Mérida Mexico Newspapers

What I like about Yucatán Magazine

They offer “relevant, illuminating … or at least worth two minutes of your time” news. They provide meaningful stories, context to observations, and spell out social and economic trends to help make plans and decisions. The quality of the print magazine is coffee table worthy with beautiful covers and fascinating feature stories. Their presence on social media (for me, Facebook) is a breath of fresh air. From short stories to reporting relevant news to archaeological finds, Yucatán Magazine does a brilliant job of covering it all. It’s definitely one of my favorite Mérida Mexico newspapers.

Other Resources for Mérida Mexico Newspapers

Here are some other resources you might find helpful –


British born and raised in Mexico, Matthew Harrup founded Mexperience in 2002. He is the editor and he also writes for the website. Mexperience provides information for many locations all over Mexico to connect people seeking travel and lifestyle opportunities, to relevant services, as well as offering professionally created content presented in a trusted environment to an engaged audience.

Discover Mexico through articles and features written by people who know Mexico intimately. Explore Mexico beyond the cookie-cutter and find experiences to enjoy that reflect the true spirit of Mexico, are the mantras for their readership.

What do I like about Mexperience? 

They offer a vast amount of information on immigration including personal services and printable guides. Mexperience has become a trusted and reliable resource in Mexico from tourism, to living, to travel, to immigration. The intention to create the best, most robust site with high integrity is apparent in their content and offered services.

I have personally used their transition services to help with my temporary visa. I’ve found them to be responsive, professional and friendly.

Yucatan Living

Even though it appears new content has not been added for a few months, you will still find an amazing amount of information on their website. Be sure to look at the date the article was posted to ensure that the information is still current. UPDATE:  new editors have just taken over the site and plan on updating information.

What do I like about Yucatan Living?

Its calendar of events in Mérida is still on point!

Final thoughts on the best Mérida Mexico newspapers

As you can see, there are multiple sources for news, information, resources, and other practical items you may need. I hope this article provided you with a comprehensive list of places to go to find more of what you are looking for. Of course, I have my own Facebook Group to provide resources for visiting or moving to Mérida. As an American ex-pat that has moved here, I can offer a ton of guidance on every aspect of Mérida’s life.

My readers have enjoyed downloading the Mérida Visitor’s Guide (grab this freebie at the bottom of this article) before their trip here. They’ve also told me that they liked my article on tipping, laundry, Uber and important advice on the drinking water here.