The North and Suburbs of Mérida: From Local Charm to Luxury Living

ice skating rink at Galerias Mall in Merida Mexico

North Mérida is a vibrant and dynamic area of the city, with many distinct neighborhoods that offer an array of lifestyle options for those who choose to make it their home. From bustling plazas to quiet residential streets, these neighborhoods have something for everyone. Because the majority of people research Centro, there’s not much information about North Mérida. So, let’s take a look at “The North” as locals call it with unique qualities and a different look and feel. While you’ll find some areas modern and sleek, other areas feel more local and are more characteristic of Mérida. The North and Suburbs of Mérida are also great to explore to discover more about what the city offers.


Altabrisa is a recognizable area due to the popularity of Altabrisa Mall, Star Medica Hospital, and a plethora of medical offerings. It’s both a sought-after residential area and a thriving commercial district. One of the main draws of Altabrisa is its proximity to major shopping centers, medical facilities, and a large grocery store, Soriana Hiper. This makes it easy for residents to take care of their shopping needs without having to venture too far from home.

For those who enjoy spending time outdoors, Altabrisa has plenty of parks and green spaces to explore. A new large park is being planned at this time. But, ground has not broken yet. Overall, Altabrisa offers a high quality of life with its convenient location, excellent healthcare facilities, and ample recreational opportunities in the north and suburbs of Mérida.

City Center & City 32

The City Center area includes a large shopping center with Walmart, banks, restaurants, a cinema, and other retail stores. Many people confuse the name with the center of the city (Centro). Therefore, understand the nuances of the different areas of the city.

Real estate in this area ranges from modern condo complexes and high-rises to spacious single-family homes and gated communities. This is an attractive option for those who want a newer and more contemporary style. Additionally, its proximity to the Periferico makes it easy to travel to other parts of the city or out of town.

City 32 is one of the newest multi-use complexes North Mérida located directly across the street from City Center shopping area. Offering a mix of restaurants, retail, a food court, and a hotel, you’ll find it’s a relaxing spot for coffee or an elegant dinner.

City Center shopping area in Merida during Christmas

The Montes – Montecristo, Montebello, Monterreal, Montes de Ame, Montecarlo

You may have heard this area referred to as “The Montes”. Housing options in The Montes are varied. You’ll find traditional Mexican-style homes; some are referred to as compounds because they take up an entire block. There are small, humble houses. New modern townhouses, high-rises, modern condo complexes, and apartments have a variety of price ranges. The neighborhoods feature green spaces, gyms, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and much, much more. This area is considered the cosmopolitan area of The North and suburbs of Mérida.

The Harbor Mall, Costco, and Galerias

This area is where the most commercial growth is happening including the new U.S. Consulate. There are many high-rise condos, a greenbelt with a pond, park, and walking trail. You can choose from a luxurious lifestyle with upscale housing and modern amenities or a more local lifestyle in colonias such as Xcumpich and Francisco de Montejo.

One of the highlights of this area is its proximity to the beach, a 20-minute drive to Progreso. There are a variety of restaurants, grocery stores such as Chedraui Norte, Costco, and Galerias Mall which has an ice skating rink.

Francisco de Montejo

Francisco de Montejo is a large area consisting of Francisco de Montejo I, II, III, and IV. This area attracts both locals, young professionals, and families due to the location and affordability. Find a variety of gyms, playgrounds, parks, basketball courts, soccer fields, dog parks, and walking and jogging trails. It has easy access to both the Periferico and Calle 60 North/Av. Tecnologico which are great shortcuts to access Centro.

Las Americas

A residential neighborhood that we refer to as a master-planned community. You’ll find neat rows of low-rise homes, mostly white. Not to be confused with Parque Las Americas in Colonia Garcia Gineres (people confuse these ALOT). Las Americas has everything you need from grocery stores to restaurants to shopping to gyms to parks with jogging paths. However, this area is well known for the horrible flooding that occurs when it rains.

flooding in houses and streets in Las Americas neighborhood in Merida Mexico

La Isla

Most popular in this area is the La Isla Mall featuring over 100 stores, restaurants, and a movie theater. A favorite hangout spot for locals and a popular destination for visitors. La Isla features several high-rise condo complexes overlooking a beautiful, landscaped pond with walking path. It’s super kid-friendly with lots of outdoor and indoor activities as well as a state-of-the-art gym.

Temozon Norte

In the La Isla area is Temozon Norte, a popular, growing community known for its modern design and gated communities. It is common to find high-end amenities in the residential areas such as tennis courts, paddle courts, playgrounds, and security. It is ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy the comfort and privacy of a peaceful residential area with high-end amenities and beautiful green spaces.

Cabo Norte

Cabo Norte is designed for upscale living and offers residents a luxurious and modern lifestyle. The community is gated, offering maximum security to its residents. Enjoy a beautiful lake with a jogging and biking path, a soccer field, basketball court, and a playground for children. Cabo Norte is also the location for Casa Elite Senior Living Community, the only one of its kind in Mérida.

Casa Elite

For seniors looking for a comfortable and secure retirement community, Casa Elite offers luxury living with a range of amenities such as a fitness center, swimming pool, and clubhouse. The community is surrounded by beautiful gardens and walking paths, providing a peaceful and tranquil setting.

A variety of housing options are available and includes safety features like handrails and emergency call buttons. Casa Elite also offers a range of social activities. They provide on-site medical services to ensure residents have easy access to healthcare when living in the north and suburbs of Mérida.

couple at La Isla mall looking out over the greenbelt and pond

Mérida’s Suburbs

While the city center offers a vibrant cultural scene, the suburbs provide a quieter, more affordable lifestyle. Discover the benefits and drawbacks of living in the north and suburbs of Mérida as well as list of areas to consider.

One of the biggest advantages of living in Mérida’s suburbs is the lower cost of living. Housing prices are generally more affordable. Additionally, you can get more space for your money. However, remember to factor in transportation costs to shop for groceries and other necessities as well as going into the city for dining and cultural events. While most of the towns have small grocery stores for staples, you will need to come into Mérida for other items.

The suburbs offer the benefit of more space and a quieter environment. You’ll have the option of older homes to newer townhouses with a range of pricing. Ideal for families, many homes have larger yards and more square footage. The suburbs tend to be less crowded. One of the biggest drawbacks of the suburbs is transportation time. If you enjoy going out to restaurants, museums, shopping, or cultural events, factor in the extra time and expense of traveling back and forth.

Keep in mind the suburbs may not offer the same level of convenience and access
to amenities as being inside the Periferico.

Words of Caution

While the suburbs are safe, it’s important to research specific neighborhoods. Take necessary precautions especially in more isolated areas.
Here’s a list of suburbs to get you started. Please note these are ALL located from the west, north, and east of the city. Suburbs or areas south of the city are NOT on our recommended list as they tend to have more crime. You’ll find large developments happening in Kanasin but take special precaution. While the price is very affordable, the safety issues may not be worth it. It’s known as an area for crime and drugs as well as Dzununcan.

Check out these:

  • Dzityá
  • Caucel
  • Gran Santa Fe Norte
  • Xcanatun
  • La Ceiba Country Club (with golf course)
  • Cholul
  • Conkal
  • Yucatan Country Club (with golf course)