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This Guidebook features the Must-Have, Essential Items for the BEST Experience in Mérida! 

The compilation of thousands of hours of research, interviews, personal trials and tribulations so you will have the best experience! This guide contains important and current information you need to prepare and visit Mérida. 

The Problem

Frustrated when you can’t find the information you are looking for as you get ready to visit Mérida? Believe me, I know how you feel because it happened to me too. Finally, you found some expat groups and are getting some “advice”. As the old saying goes, ask 10 people a question and you will get 10 different answers. Who to trust? Where to turn? What is the right information?

The Solution

I’ve spent thousands of hours of real research while in Mérida – verifying, vetting, and validating information because I’m here. While I do offer a personal perspective, I also provide unbiased information for YOU to make the best choices. 

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This is definitely NOT your regular packing list.

Mérida is VERY different from other destinations in Mexico (and that’s a good thing)!

~ 14 practical & purposeful items

~ 2 – 3 items on this list might surprise you

~ Plan your every day carry to be prepared


You’ll have access to my private page of recommended products!



**$1 of every purchase goes to local organizations in need.**

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One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not having a business plan.

This simple but important tool is the foundation of your business. (I cannot stress that enough, as you will see.)

Take some time to formulate your plan, ask questions, do research and investigate. Yes, this will take time, energy and effort.

However, it is time well spent that might help you avoid some mistakes and mishaps and may even save you money.

At the end of every year, usually in November, I will update my business plan for the next year. I like to see my accomplishments and you will too!

Reviewing your business plan reveals challenges, unknowns, and room for improvement. Carefully read the entire business plan first before entering any information.

I would never consider starting a business without careful research and, of course, a business plan. 

**$1 of every purchase goes to local organizations in need.**

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As a survivor of both family and marital emotional trauma as well as a three-time survivor of cancer, Amy Jones has risen above it all.

In her inspiring and true account, Amy reveals an intimate look into her personal life that provides a brutally honest, raw and authentic view into the deep secrets she carried for years.

Amy exposes the significance of the stories we tell ourselves; stories that we tell so many times that we begin to believe them whether they are true or not.

Amy’s painful honesty unveils the state of mind, emotions and lifestyle that led to her feeling overwhelmed, unworthy, unloved and out of balance.

Through relevant situations, quotes and reflections, she provides insight into how to identify and compassionately respond when we experience a situation that causes our lives to fall apart.

With unflinching belief that things are never as they seem, Better for Being Broken, shows you how to overcome obstacles, challenges and hurdles as well as how to find the courage to hit the reset button; starting the process of putting your life and the broken pieces back together.

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Break Through Featuring Amy Jones: Powerful Stories from Global Authorities that are Guaranteed to Equip Anyone for Real Life Breakthroughs.

Forward by Johnny Wimbrey:

“Think back to the hardest, darkest times of your life. What were you going through? How did you break through the difficulties and barriers you faced? How did you finally reach the success you knew you deserved? 

Why do I ask this? Why do I care about the bad times and failures in your life? 

I care because how you handled the bad times tells me the type of person you are. I care because the choices you make when you face failure and the lessons you learn as you break through define you.

I am honored to be joined by the men and women who have made deliberate sacrifices to contribute chapters to this book. Les Brown, Nik Halik, and every one of our other authors will inspire you with their stories of how they broke through their failures and barriers.”



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The information contained in this publication came about due to the feedback, observations, & information I gathered while speaking to over 1,000 people on the topic “Getting Rid of Possessions, It’s Harder Than You Think”. This program was created specifically for Senior Access/Generations Group at Methodist Health Systems in Dallas, Texas.

During this series, there were some common threads:
#1 Being organizing means something different to everyone.
#2 Clutter means something different to everyone.
#3 People will justify keeping almost anything if it has sentimental or perceived value.
#4 Higher value is typically placed on items that have a high level of emotional attachment.
#5 People tend to keep things out of guilt or obligation.

These are the common threads that I’ve experienced working with thousands of clients as well. Typically, it is only when someone is forced to make a change that they will do it. Becoming open, willing and able to accept advice, help, & solutions creates a healthier course for positive actions & transformation. Getting organized can help you begin your international move to make it a reality vs. a dream.

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After forming SUMMUS Catering Service with Angel Rodriguez and Amy Jones, we discovered people wanted to know more about what happens behind the scenes.

For me, the little touches like microgreens, sauces and decoration really set a dish apart. These are easy things that everyone can do if they just know how and have the right ingredients.

There’s nothing better than setting a beautifully plated course in front of a guest and hearing them sigh with delight. For me, food is an artistic expression of love and happiness.

I want to share some of the details I do to help you and your guests feel the same way.

I look forward to sharing my kitchen and little secrets that can make all the difference!

Chef Roman Lazaro

**$1 of every purchase goes to local organizations in need.**

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Yucatán, Mexico, is one of the most family-friendly vacation spots you can imagine.

In this guidebook Cassie shares fun activities, trips and experiences that the whole family will enjoy.

If you want to know which beaches are the best, how to make the most of a trip to an archaeological site or how to visit a cenote with your kids, the answers are all here.

If you want more, and want to dig deeper into this amazing state, then how about haciendas, caving, ziplining, and camping on deserted beaches?

Cassie even goes into how to feed kids while travelling in Yucatán.

Photos to accompany the guidebook will be available on

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Are you considering a move overseas?

Have you thought about moving to Mexico, maybe even to Mérida, Mexico’s safest city?

Writer and editor, Cassie Pearse and her family did just that, leaving the UK for Mexico in 2016.

In this book, Cassie explains why and how her family made this move before sharing everything she’s learned about life in Mérida in order to help your family’s move as smooth as possible.

From how to find a house and furnish it to choosing schools and helping your kids settle into their new life, this book has you covered.