Essential List of Must-Have Products in Mérida

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This article will continue to grow as I find more useful products for you. I also want products others have found useful as well. If you have a product you love, contact me and let me know what it is and why you recommend it. Each one of us has different experiences here. Let’s help make this community strong by sharing all our favorite things on this Absolutely, Positively, No-Doubt-About-It, Essential List of Must-Have Products in Mérida.

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#1 Personal Fan

I don’t want to lead you on in this article and make you scroll through all the products before you get to my #1. I recently purchased this product and it has been a true lifesaver from the heat in Mérida. WOW! It is rechargable, quiet, 3-speed and super comfy. I wear it when I go shopping, when I am washing dishes (don’t touch it with moist or wet hands) and any time I’m having a hot flash. It is an Absolutely, Positively, No-Doubt-About-It, Essential, Must-Have Products in Mérida. 

At the time of writing this article, my personal heat index is off the chart. You may ask, “Didn’t you know Mérida was hot?” Well, of course I did BUT . . . .my personal mantra is that if something is 51% great and 49% not so great, then I’m probably going to give it a try. For me, the heat in Mérida for a few months is completely tolerable with a few tips, tricks and tools. 

After receiving wise advise from friends, I know how to adjust for the intense heat of the summer:

  • No going out of the house between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Using Rappi or other home delivery services when needed.
  • Jumping in the pool frequently.
  • Taking multiple showers a day.
  • Never, ever leaving home without my personal fan, a definite Must-Have Products in Mérida. 


#2 Vicks Vapor Rub

Growing up, this was a remedy for a cold and stuffy nose. Now, it is the #1 product I use as a mosquito repellent. It is part of my every day carry list and I never pack without it. Of course, there are certain time when the mosquitoes are worse than others, especially during rainy season. However, I keep this little travel size with me at all times just in case I become a meal for a little biting creature. Works great for all kinds of annoying flying insects too.

My second most challenging thing about living here is mosquitoes. Most people will tell you they aren’t so bad. But for those of us who are a mosquito feast, the bites are quite real. I am a mosquito magnet all year long. Of course, some months are worse than others like rainy season. However, I promise you . . . if there are mosquitoes anywhere in Merida, more than likely they are swarming around my ankles. 

  • If you don’t like the smell of Vicks, it now comes in a lavender fragrance (quite nice).
  • I also carry the inhalers in my purse.
  • For some reason, the smell helps my anxiety when I’m in Uber DiDi or InDriver. 


#3 Mesh Laundry Bags

Mesh laudry bags are on my Absolutely, Positively, No-Doubt-About-It, Essential List of Must-Have Products in Mérida. I can’t tell you how many items I’ve ruined with the wacky washers and dryers in my Airbnbs. What I like about these particular mesh bags is that they come in a variety of sizes and shapes as well as a sturdy mesh fabric. Pink is my favorite color so that adds a little something extra for me. 

One of the things I’ve found that have hundreds of uses . . . wellllll maybe not hundreds, but let’s say alot! Not only are these great bags for packing, they are also wonderful to use for:

  • Washing delicates.
  • Great for baseball hats.
  • Separating fruits & vegetables in the fridge. 
  • Traveling (I like to unpack but I don’t like to place my undergarments directly in the drawers or cabinets. I prefer to keep them in the mesh bags. 
  • Organizing. 


#4 Pillow Protectors

Okey dokey – true confession time. I’m just a tiny bit OCD about cleanliness, especially when it comes to pillows and sheets. I actually travel with my own pillows. But, if you find this is not something you want to pack, then these pillow covers do the trick nicely. I religiously take these with me. And, I know what you’re thinking . . . have I ever left them at the hotel or the Airbnb. Of course I have however I set a little reminder for myself now when checking out to remember to grab these important items. 

Like most of the products I recommend on this must-have products in Mérida list, I prefer items that have multiple uses. These pillow covers are no different. Here are some things I use them for:

  • I place all of my dirty clothes in these bags when I check out of my hotel or Airbnb. 
  • I have extras that I use specifically for travel. When not traveling, I store extra blankets, sheets and other linens in them to keep them dust free.
  • They make great storage bags for out of season clothes as well. Fold the clothes, place in the bags and store in your suitcase for the next season. 


#5 Spray Hand Sanitizer

This is one of my favorite brands and they offer a variety of fragrances. As you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of smell.

Choose from one of these yummy combinations:

  • Lavender and Aloe
  • Coconut and Lemon
  • Peppermint and Citrus


Hand sanitizer is more of a “thing” now than in the past. While I do believe in good germs, I also believe in good hygiene as well. You will definitely want to carry this little gem not only for a quick germ killer, it also works great to take the sting out of insect bites. I use it frequently for mosquito and fly bites. And it smells great! When you find other types or brands of sanizer that work for you, add them to your Must-Have Products in Mérida. 


#6 Witch Hazel Spray

Thayer’s Witch Hazel can soothe:

  • Rashes such as heat rash or allergic reactions.
  • On cuts and scrapes.
  • Soothe bug bugs and stings. 
  • Scalp irritations. 

Other fragrances include: coconut, cucumber, and lavender. It even comes unscented if you prefer. 

Not surprisingly, I’ve had to adjust my skincare routine for the humid climate of Mérida. Another fragrance I love is roses so the combination of the soothing witch hazel and roses calms both my skin and my mind. I use it in the morning and in the evening after showering and under my moisturizer. It’s made a huge difference in my skin’s appearance.


#7 Mayan Air Conditioner

You’ll find vendors all over the city that sell Mayan Airconditioners (smile). They are made of both plastic (more durable) and sandalwood (smell better). I keep this as part of my every day carry and truly never leave home without it. 

Prices range from $100 mx to $200 mx 


#8 Reusable Bag

Many stores here do not offer plastic bags any longer – most of the grocery stores, in fact. Purchase a colorful bag to save the environment and protect your purchases. If you frequent the Slow Food Market, this is a must! 

This type of bag is very study and durable. You’ll find a variety of sizes, shapes, color combinations, and handle styles. 

Prices range from $40 mx to $100 mx. 


#9 Storage Baskets

Colorful baskets not only provide a beautiful accessory they are also practical. I also love purchasing items from local vendors to help them out too.

Use them to store:

  • Beach towels for the pool.  
  • Extra blankets, pillows or bath towels.
  • Dirty laundry (not wet or damp, of course).


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