Mérida FAQs

I find Mérida completely safe for both visitors and residents. Like any other city of 1,000,000+ people, you’ll find certain areas are safer than others. I always recommend not venturing off the beaten path until you are completely familiar with the city and your surrounding areas. CeoWorld Magazine ranked Mérida as the second safest city in North America in 2019.  Always maintain situational awareness wherever you are. 

Most Mexicans find the idea of drinking tap water somewhat repulsive. Do as the locals do and do not drink the tap water. The tap water comes directly from your tinaco (large tank on top of the roof) and the tinaco may have not been cleaned in some time. 

Cars, taxis, motorcycles, bicycles and street vendor carts jockey for positions on main thoroughfares and one-way side streets. Navigating the routes can be a daunting task. Read more about driving in this article. 

When you find the right one for you. Medical care providers and facilities can be comparable to the U.S. and travel insurance is highly recommended. Find a doctor that is fluent in English to ensure the best experience.

Only the prescription kind.
There are many off-brand or discount pharmacies. I do not recommend purchasing your prescriptions there. Ensure that the packaging is the same to reduce the risk of buying a counterfeit drug.