Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences


Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences
Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences
Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences


Learning the layout of Mérida & the city is confusing for many. Mérida has countless small neighborhoods called Colonias & Fraccionamientos. Each of these has their own set of street numbers.

We help you learn Mérida, the Periferico, small cities outside the Periferico, larger streets & avenues. Receive detailed information about the grid system of Mérida, how streets are designed, & how to find exactly what you are looking for.

We provide lots of local tips & secrets so you don’t get lost.

NEIGHBORHOODS (Centro & North)

You’ve probably heard alot of expats talk about Centro. But, do you know about North Mérida?

We show you the differences between living in Centro & the North. This helps you distinguish what is most important to you when choosing where you want to rent or purchase a home.

This experience is combined with the real estate appointment.

You’ll receive a short questionaire so our realtor can show you a few houses or apartments within your parameters.


Designed after the Champs-Élysées in Paris, the Paseo de Montejo is the grand boulevard at the center of the city & is the heart of Mérida. Located at the end of this magnificent avenue is the Monumento a la Patria sculpted by Rómulo Rozo.

This tour includes the history of Mérida from ancient to modern times. We share some of our favorite restaurants, shops & museums located in the Paseo de Montejo area.

Witness the past wealth & glory from a time when Mérida was said to have more millionaires than any other city in the world.

Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences
Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences
Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences


We take a tour of El Faro del Mayab, the newest state-of the-art hospital dedicated to expats & foreign travelers. Our personal hospital tour guide answers any questions & concerns. You’ll see the contrast between foreign hospitals & a local hospital. The tour features all parts of the hospital from private rooms to the E.R. to medical scanning & testing.

For the pharmacy experience, we visit 3 types of pharmacies for comparison. Not all pharmacies require a prescription for medicine. We ask that you have a list of your prescriptions available. At each pharmacy, you’ll be able to get current prices & other information.


Mérida has a wide variety of grocery stores from recognizable chains such as Wal-Mart & Costco to local chains such as Chedraui, Soriana & Aki. On this tour, we visit a few grocery stores to help you become familiar with what types of products they carry. The closest grocery store may not be your favorite or carry what you need.

Mérida also has small local tiendas found in every neighborhood. These are little corner mom & pop shops that carry basics. It’s great to find these in close proximity to your house or apartment. It’s great to find where these are located in your neighborhood to become familiar with these time saving locations.


Some neighborhoods in Mérida have markets where you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, juices, flowers & even meat, chicken & seafood. Delicious restaurants & cocina economicas (small local kitchens) are found in a few of these markets.

Each market has a unique ambiance & personality. Lucas de Galvez is a famous market where you can get lost among hundreds of vendors.

We visit Slow Food Yucatan, a popular market for expats & locals alike. Bring a shopping bag if you want to purchase something.

Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences
Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences
Mérida Experiences Learning Experiences


While Mérida has a wide variety of places to shop, it’s not guaranteed you will find everything you want or need. When planning your move, it’s important to know what you can replace & what you can’t replace as well as the cost.

You may have items that are absolute necessities while others can be left behind. We show you the places to shop for household items, linens, & even appliances.

We ask that you bring a list of items you’re considering bringing & leaving so you can search for possible replacements. You may find it’s easier to bring what you have. On the other hand, you may choose to leave items behind.


In Mérida & the surrounding area, there are many housing options that are fully furnished. This includes houses & apartments. While a furnished home is budget-friendly, you may find having your own things is more comfortable. It’s a personal & important choice.

At times, the furniture can be uncomfortable or you may need additional pieces such as a bedside table or lamp so that you have exactly what you want & need for your level of comfort.

Learn about local recommendations for hand-crafted furniture, what time of year is best to purchase large items & how to shop on a budget.


One of the best things about Mérida is the close proximity to the beach. From Centro, Progresso is about 45 minutes & from the north, about 25 minutes.

Progreso is a cruise ship stop & while it’s a popular beach & tourist destination, it never feels crowded or chaotic.

On either side of Progreso lie many more beach towns such as Chelem, Chuburna, Chicxulub, Telchac Puerto, & more.