Dear Amy,
I just want to thank you for writing this amazing book. I was at a point in my process where I was questioning my decision to move to Mérida. I was struggling to deal with naysayers, feeling guilty about the family I’m leaving behind and overwhelmed with the enormity of shrinking my 55 years down to just what I can fit in my car. Plus, I’d been denied temporary residency at the consulate in my home state of Michigan (which felt like being rejected by the whole of Mexico).

As it happened, I read the first four chapters of your book on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona to attempt to get residency at the consulate there. The book validated everything I was feeling and gave me a path to move past those feelings! Amazing! I stepped out into the Arizona heat with a renewed sense of purpose. I got my temporary residency visa in Phoenix and came back home renewed and determined!
Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart, I feel so blessed by what you have shared so far. I’m really looking forward to reading the subsequent chapters.

Sincerely, Carolyn A.

Good morning Amy,
I liked the chapters describing each neighborhood and sharing historical stories and landmarks. Much of what I see usually focuses on the new areas up north and the high rises, neglecting the city’s history. I like that you focused on trying to adapt to the culture and not need to
understand it. So many people move here because of the lower cost of living and then expect it to be exactly like their home country. If you’re not flexible and willing to adjust your expectations, you won’t make it long here. This would make a great book for someone who is consid- ering the move to Merida and wants to make sure they’re covering all their bases before they arrive.

Jen O.

I continue to refer to your site for resources and reading various articles/content. I like the fact that you state that things change quickly here. The process today may not be the same process next week. I tell my friends it’s like stepping back in time to the 60s on many levels.
Occasionally, we’re in the 80s. Great job! It was an easy read and very thorough. I laughed over the comments and questions in Chapter 32 Overcoming Obstacles — Moving Despite Negative Feedback. I had all of them and more.

Take care, Charles R.

Mérida was home to me for almost three months in 2021 and I even considered a move to Mérida — it’s that amazing. Amy’s Guide to Mérida is perfect for any woman looking for a safe, friendly and magical place to live, or even for a longer stay. I can’t wait to return with this guide in hand!

Carolyn Ray — CEO + Editor, JourneyWoman

Dear Amy,
I have been meaning to tell you how helpful, concise and beautifully done all your articles and books have been. That being said I have no doubt I will have questions in the future. Many thanks for checking with me. Please continue to do the helpful work you do and keep do- ing it with that beautiful attitude and smile.

All the best, Dolores J.

I really appreciate you mentioning that people who are looking at making this move should take notes and not rely on their memory when discovering what they like or dislike. I would not have thought to do this. I really like how the chapters are broken down into smaller digestible chunks rather than super long-drawn-out ones. I am very much enjoying your book. There are so many things I would not have thought of that you have laid out so nicely.

Tonya P.