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Thank you for finding this guide. I’m happy you are here AND doing your due diligence about moving to Mérida. I know the first place you probably looked was Google. The next place I’m guessing was Facebook expat groups. More than likely, you received 100 different answers to the same question. Now, you’re confused and maybe a bit overwhelmed. You might even wonder, “What did I get myself into?” I was there too.

As I searched for information to help with my move to Mérida, my frustration level reached an all-time high when I couldn’t find what I was
looking for. After arriving equipped with what I (finally) thought was solid advice, I found it out of date or just plain wrong. That was the beginning of Life in Mérida™. I began pounding the pavement, so to speak, to find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Not satisfied with simple answers, I took it several steps further to find out the reasons why things were the way they were. Yes, there was an answer from an expat perspective, but what about the local perspective? Wasn’t that just as important?

Life in Mérida™ became a mission to produce factual content, write helpful guides, and be an on-the-ground resource for those seeking answers and clarity about the city they would potentially call home. I focused on obtaining information firsthand from the source, speaking to locals, expats, travelers, and business owners. Constantly at my side was Angel Rodriguez, my incredibly supportive husband. Living in Mérida since 1992, he’s an exceptional resource. He jumped in feet first to become my research assistant. Whenever I had a topic that needed more investigation, Angel would take the driver’s seat to find the answers.

More often than not, there was a fascinating history contained in the answer. This quickly became a rabbit hole illuminating more topics of interest. Needless to say, we both learned so much about the magical city we live in during this process. Angel also had the unique opportunity to receive feedback from locals, travelers, expats, Mexican Nationals, and more. Working as a waiter at La Tratto in Santa Lucia Park for many years, he connected with his customers who shared their experiences. When I wasn’t sure about something, Angel would go into his memory bank or take charge to go out and research until he found the correct information. His wisdom, dedication, and persistence are much appreciated. Life in Mérida™ would not be possible without him.

As you go through this guide, you can read it in order or skip ahead to chapters with a higher priority. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. I’m pretty sure you’ll quickly realize I’m a straight shooter. I’m not going to sugarcoat this process and tell you it’s going to be easy . . . because it’s not. It’s going to be HARD. And, it will be worth every lesson, challenge, disappointment, and even tears you may cry. It will be worth the anxiety and stress. You might even question your decision at some point. That’s all a normal part of the process. The good news is that thousands of expats have successfully moved here. If they can do it, so can you! The best advice I can give you is to trust yourself.

I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first time you’ve moved. All moves are stressful, especially when there are a plethora of unknowns. Moving across town, to another state, or another country, causes anxiety. Keep in mind, that you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s impossible to plan for the unforeseen. You can’t have a solution for every problem or issue, especially when you have no idea what will happen next. Don’t beat yourself up for something you weren’t aware of. Just take a deep breath and get to the next step. Look in the mirror each morning and tell yourself you made the right decision for this time in your life and that you are doing a great job. Believe me, self-talk is a great help, especially if you say the words out loud. I still do it to this today.


After you arrive, you’ll learn that things change frequently in Mérida. Therefore, information is updated as we receive changes. You’ll find helpful links for referrals, recommendations, and service providers in the sections marked RESOURCES. I encourage you to make notes for important information to go back and review areas of concern, interest, or if something needs more investigation.

In Chapter 38, I’ve included the Table of Contents for The All About Mérida Guide. I’m positive you’ll invest in the valuable information contained in it as well. I encourage you to read it before you start the guide as it highlights a few things you might find interesting. Additionally, I’ve included my PERSPECTIVE in some of the chapters. The intent is not to influence but to create a level of understanding from the viewpoint of someone who has done it. After all, what value would the information have if I didn’t reveal my trials and tribulations, successes and celebrations? Hopefully, sharing my journey helps you not feel so alone. That’s the last thing I want when making this incredibly courageous decision.

Some are surprised when I tell them I moved here alone, not knowing anyone. I didn’t know Spanish. I had no idea what I was doing. The only thing I did know was that my intuition told me this was my new home. I could feel it and I trusted myself. Nothing is permanent. If it doesn’t work out, then there’s always Plan B!

I hope you enjoy reading The Move to Mérida Guide and that it answers all of your questions and maybe even some you haven’t thought of. It’s time to focus on what it will take to move from your current city and situation to the beautiful city of Mérida and all the magic it has to offer!

Let’s get started!
Amy Jones


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