How do you pronounce Mérida?

How do you pronounce Mérida?

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VIDEO – Unfortunately, about 2/3 of people misprounouce Mérida. Want to feel like a local and say the name of the city correctly? It’s pretty easy when you follow this:  MEH – ree – duh (the accent is on the e so it will have more force when you pronounce the first syllable).  Watch this video to learn more.


I can honestly say after being around locals since 2019, this is something that they wish more people would pay attention to. It’s really not hard to correctly pronounce Mérida. It just takes some practice and focus. Not pronoucing it correctly can also be a bit of an insult. The culture here is very formal and respectful. It’s not like other beachy tourism destinations where anything goes.

Locals love to help and they want you to enjoy your time here. They also want to show you their enchanting city full of history, gastronomy, activities, and culture. They are very proud of their state. Actually, I think that’s one of the reasons why I love it Mérida so much. Yucatecos are so proud of what they have – very similar to Texans.

People that aren’t from Texas, who love it as much as Texans, say, “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could.” That’s how I feel about Yucatan. Additionally, you’ll find many, many expats feel the same exact way.

So, now do you understand why it is so important to learn How to you pronounce Mérida?


How do you pronounce Mérida?