Does Mérida have an airport?

Does Mérida have an airport?

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VIDEO – Does Mérida have an airport?  YES, the Mérida Mexico airport is conveniently located within the city. It’s a short ride to Centro and other destinations. You can read more about the Mérida airport on this article OR you can just watch the video for more info.  I’m answering all your questions from beautiful locations in and around Mérida!


Did you know you can fly into Mérida International Airport?

Most people think they have to fly into Cancun and then take the bus or a small aircraft into Mérida.

And you know what?

That’s just not the case.

With more than 2.5M passengers per year (incoming, outgoing, and transit), Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport is located in the city of Mérida Mexico.

A small but modern airport, Manuel Crescencio Rejón International or MID is considered one of the medium-sized airports in Mexico.

Large airplanes such as the Boeing 747 and 777 fly in and out along with smaller aircraft like Boeing 737 and Airbus A320; both domestic and international.

Where Is The Mérida Mexico Airport Located?

Located on the southern edge of the city, about 20 minutes by car or Uber, it is approximately 6 miles from the city center.

But here’s something really interesting. Not only does Merida have an international airport, but it is also one of four airports in Mexico which has an Area Control Center.

The other control centers exist in Mexico City International Airport, Monterrey International Airport, and Mazatlán International Airport.

Mérida controls air traffic over the southeast part of the country; from Central and South America and the Caribbean to the United States and Canada.

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Does Mérida have an airport?